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ABELMOSCHUS manihot This species is often used as an architectural specimen in the garden reaching 4-5 feet by late summer. Large, 5", soft yellow petals surround a throat of deep purple. Large, palmately divided, hairy leaves and long seed pods add interest. Loves full sun and hot summers.
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ABUTILON (Flowering Maple) This genus of the mallow family are extremely heat tolerant. Great for your container or in the ground, flowering non-stop all summer until a killing frost. Full sun, evenly moist soil and weekly fertilization. Some can be overwintered as house plants.
'Biltmore Ballgown' A spectacular heirloom variety, featuring yellow blooms with bold crimson veining. Bell shaped flowers resemble an evening ball gown that dance below dark green leaves.
'Dwarf Red' Upright grower 18-24" with small bright red flowers, heavy bloomer.
'Heronswood Lipstick' A delightful sprawling upright habit with beautiful midsized flowers in a lovely shade of magenta-pink.
megapotamicum 'Chinese Lantern' Trailing variety with 1" red, yellow and black bell shaped flowers. Dark green leaves mottled with yellow. Good substitute for vinca vine or ivy.
NEW! 'Paisley' Large, growing up to 3 – 4 feet in one season, with big bold, green and gold variegated leaves, nice sized bright orange blooms.
'Thompsoni' Maple-like leaves are dappled with cream and a profusion of apricot blooms. 18-24"
'Victory' Sprawling habit, 1 1/2" trumpet shaped , bicolored, red and yellow flowers. Heavy bloomer. 3-4'
'Savitzii' Upright growing 2-3', grown mostly for its incredible foliage. 4 by 5" leaves almost entirely white with just a central splash of green. Pale apricot flowers.
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AGASTACHE (Hyssop) Simply some of the best plants we grow. Colorful spikes are displayed all summer long above aromatic foliage. These die-hards handle heat and drought conditions so well they hardly break a sweat. Tubular florets are loved by hummingbirds and butterflies. Technically perennials, but tender enough that we offer them here with our annuals. Full sun, average to dry soil.
'Astello Indigo' Widely adapted, 20" plants thrive in cool or hot weather. Long lasting, deep blue flower spikes July-October. Disease resistant leaves with "root beer" fragrance; Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner.
foeniculum 'Blue Spike' (Anise Hyssop) A classic plant for both the herb garden and the border, with erect branches of mint and licorice scented leaves ending in fuzzy spikes of lavender flowers. 2'
kudos series Kudos’ is a dwarf series of Agastache that are very well branched, bloom all summer and are almost fully resistant to downy mildew. H 17-20". Offered in 'Ambrosia', creamy coconut, pale orange and light rose pink spikes, colors change constantly, 'Coral', 'Gold', 'Mandarin' and 'Silver Blue'.
'Morello' Amazingly huge, dense spikes of deep burgundy rose that bloom from spring through fall. Showy, dark foliage in cool temperatures will extend the beauty. Good mildew tolerance. H 27-33"
NEW! sunrise series Bright, two-lipped flowers and bracts on tall spikes above lemon-scented foliage. Offered in 'Rose' and 'Salmon Pink'. H 18-24", spread 18"
'Tutti Fruitti' Rosy-pink blooms. Foliage smells like bubble gum. 2-3'
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AGERATUM houstonianum A popular bedding plant, native to Mexico, with small, puffy clusters of flowers produced all summer until frost. Attracts butterflies. Full sun to part shade, average soil.
'Aloha Blue' Fluffy puffs of lavender-blue flowers are densely clustered above dwarf, uniform, 5-6" plants.
'Blue Horizon' Tall, sturdy stems good for cutting. Lavender blue flowers. 24-30"
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ALOCASIA Most get quite large, glossy, heart shaped leaves with bold veins and are very dramatic in appearance. They can be grown either in containers or garden beds enjoying rich, moist, fertile soil in partial shade.
NEW! 'Sarian' A large growing hybrid with very large arrow shaped, slightly ruffled held up on 4' stems and has yellow / gold veins.
NEW! 'Stingray' Growing to about 30" in one season. Inward curving leaves on long graceful stems resemble that of a gliding stingray.
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ALSTROEMERIA (Peruvian Lily) These flowers which resemble miniature lilies are a must for your containers or in garden beds, in full to partial sun locations. All summer bloomer, also makes long lasting cut flowers.
'Colorita Fabiana' Large flowers, pale butter yellow with garnet markings, continuously blooms from early spring till early winter. Compact plants, H 12-15"
'Inca Collection Mix' We are offering an assortment of colors for this fabulous plant: Peach, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow. H 12-20"
NEW! 'Little Miss Zoe' A dwarf yellow-marked red flowering Alstroemeria with variegated, cream to pale yellow and green foliage. H 8-12"
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ALTERNANTHERA An unusual and striking foliage plant with narrow, small colorful leaves. Great companions to bold colors your mixed containers. Easy to grow in full sun or part shade.
brasiliana 'Purple Prince' Plant this compact Alternanthera with ruby-red to burgundy-maroon leaves and stems from spring through fall, in your best hanging baskets, tall flowerpots, tubs, and annual beds. A heat-lover. H 10-16", spread <2'.
ficoidea 'Red Threads' Deep rose burgundy foliage on a compact form with small, finely cut leaves. Perfect for edging a container or border. H 4"
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ALYSSUM lobularia maritima A valued bedding plant with small leaves, a dense, mounded growth habit with fragrant flowers produced all summer to hard frost. Perfect for edging, low beds, and planters. Regardless of variety, Alyssum continues to be a best seller year after year. Full sun to part shade.
clear crystal series This series delivers superior vigor, larger flowers and stronger garden performance. Available in lavender, purple and white. H 6-10" and 12" spread.
'Deep Lavender Stream' An ideal alyssum for mixed containers. Fast growing and floriferous, ball shaped plant with a wonderful honey scent. Plants are heat tolerant and grow throughout the summer. Lavender colored flowers. H 12"X12"
'White Knight' Fragrant clusters of white flowers bloom all summer; a vigorous, rounded variety that is heat tolerant, and ideal for mixed containers and hanging baskets. H 6", Spread 18".
'White Stream' Plant this sweet smelling alyssum in containers, hanging baskets or as a ground cover. A heat-lover, fast growing display of profuse, dainty, white clusters of flowers. H 12" and 12" spread.
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AMARANTHUS Very showy plants with brightly colored, velvety leaves and dense clusters of flowers. They make a bold statement in the garden, and make delightful cuts both dried and fresh. Amaranthus thrives in sun and average to poor soil.
caudatus (Love-Lies-Bleeding) Flowers that bloom in narrow, drooping, tassel-like, panicles.
'Dreadlocks' Long knotted ropes of claret red drape almost to the ground, lending a dramatic touch to your garden. H 3-4'
'Pony Tails' This unusual plant produces dense, drooping ropes of bright red flowers. Light green foliage. 3'
gangeticus 'Carnival' A striking foliage plant with new leaves unfurling to fiery shades of yellow and red. On maturity the leaves turn bronze. Long spikes of purple flowers are produced in late summer. 4'
'Hopi Red Dye' Used by the Hopi Native American tribe as a ceremonial food dye to make red cornbread. Huge upright, dark maroon flower heads on dark red stems and leaves. Super impact! 3-5', Heirloom.
hypochondriacus 'Chinese Giant Orange' Bright orange flowers and a commanding height! An excellent food source, the greens are delicious and high in vitamins and minerals, the seed is a popular grain. 6-8', Heirloom
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AMMI (False Queen Annes Lace) Ferny, fresh green foliage complements the large pure white. A graceful weaver from May-June. Sun to part sun.
'Dara' Attractive 3-5" lacy umbels atop strong stems. Flowers in shades of dark purple, pink, or white. Highly productive with 7-15 stems per plant. Long lasting in bouquets.
visnaga 'Green Mist' Subtle hues of spring green tint the large white lacy blooms that flower for a long time in summer. 3-4'
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ANGELONIA augustifolia Being native to Mexico and the West Indies this is a sun and heat-loving plant. Abundant spikes of small, orchid-like flowers are produced over neat clumps of narrow leaves. Easy to care for, this is a no-brainer.
angelface series Bred for superior performance, large flowers and an upright branching habit. Sweetly fragrant. Blooms all season. Great cut flower. Offered are 'Steel Blue' with silvery blue flowers and 'White'. H 18-24"
archangel series Bushy plants with large, gorgeous flower spikes in vibrant colors. Blooms are three times bigger than other varieties! Available in Blue-Bicolor, Cherry-Red, Pink, Purple, Raspberry, White and NEW for 2020, Coral. H 12-14"
super series The super series is perfect for long season color. Each classic, whimsical flower spire will be 16-20" tall atop well branched vigorous plants. Makes an outstanding cut flower as well. Available in Blue and White. H 30-40"
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ANIGOZANTHOS (Kangaroo Paws) Native to southwestern Australia, these unique blooms look similar to a kangaroo paw. Great cut flowers. Likes full sun and well drained soil.
big roo series Tall growing green strap like leaves and tubular blooms. Available in vibrant Red and Orange. H 30-36"
'Joe Joe Red' Bright tufts of red fuzzy flowers, compact growing to a height of 12- 15”.
kanga series Mid sized fuzzy flowers. Available in Burgundy, Pink and Yellow. H 18-24"
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ANISODONTEA 'Elegant Princess' (Cape Mallow) Cup-shaped, hibiscus-like, pink-lavender flowers, on tall, bushy, robust plants with silvery leaves. Mixes well with others to add height to a container. Heat tolerant, no deadheading necessary. H 18-24"
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ARCTOTIS (African Daisy) Native to South Africa, these bushy plants have basal rosettes of foliage and bear striking daisy-like blooms. Thrives in the heat of summer. Dead heading keeps plants tidy and encourages long blooming. Full sun. 12"
grandis (venusta) Velvety, silver foliage highlights its large, white daisies with a silvery blue tint.
'Opera Fire' Large, showy flowers have single daisies with long, red-orange petals atop silvery grey foliage. Blooming in spring, then again in summer. H 6-8"
'Opera Rose' A low clump of gray-green lobed foliage and soft lilac-pink flowers with a darker central eye. Blooms continuously spring through frost. H 12-18", Hardy to 25 degrees F
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ARTEMESIA Grown for their silvery-green foliage and for their aromatic, culinary, and medicinal properties. Flowers are not showy. These plants are a good choice for rock gardens and other sunny, dry landscape sites. Grow in well-drained, fertile soil, in full sun. Most species take hard pruning, which will help keep plants compact.
mauiensis 'Makana Silver' Foliage is silvery, soft and feathery, quickly growing into a billowy mound about 24" tall and 36" wide. Will make an exceptional accent in the garden or containers.
stellariana 'Silver Bullet' FANCY, yet UNFUSSY. Silvery foliage. Plant as an accent/texture in combination in all container types and landscapes. H 6-10", trails to 24".
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ASARINA procumbens 'Iberian Trails' A wonderful genus of drought tolerant annuals. (See also Annual Vines.) This variety has greyish green, fuzzy foliage trailing vigorously over the edge of containers. 1½”, soft yellow, yellow snapdragon-like flowers all summer. A subtle beauty. Sun to part shade.
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ASCLEPIAS (Butterfly Weed) Also referred to as milkweed, named for its milky sap. Many different species exist. An important nectar source for many insects and butterflies larvae.
curassavica Striking flower clusters! Attracts butterflies and makes a great cut flower. Blooms all summer in full sun. Quite heat and drought tolerant.
'Silky Deep Red' Clear scarlet outer sepals begin in a balloon shape and open around yellow upright petals. H 28"
'Silky Gold' Flowers are a solid golden yellow. 30-40"
fruiticosus 'Narrowleaf Cottonbush' (Swan Plant) Also known as Gomphocarpus fruiticosus. The star-shaped, white with pink, pendulous flowers, later turn to lime-green seed pods, which are fabulous for flower arranging, fresh or dried. Ideal nectar source. 3ft.
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ASTER callistephus chinensis 'Standy Mix' An array of pinks, purples, reds, and whites of 4" cushion flowers, double tubular petals. The China Asters are valued for their strong stemmed, long lasting flowers. H 30", Full sun
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