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BACOPA sutera cordata megacopa series A popular trailing plants for hanging baskets. This new series has a well-branched habit, larger flowers and improved heat performance. Available in Blue, Pink and White. Partial shade to shade and soil that does not dry out.
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BANANAS One of the easiest and fastest plants to grow for big bold tropical effect. They work well in large containers or right in the ground. Prefer a sunny location in fertile, rich, moisture retentive soil, they are best planted in a protected area so the leaves don’t get tattered in the wind. Full sun.
ensete ventricosum 'Maurelli Red Abyssinian' Growing upright in a vase shape to a height of 4-5' in its first year, but ultimately attaining a height of 12-15'. The dramatic bold leaves are a deep lustrous burgundy, washed with dark green.
musa zebrina 'Blood Leaf Banana' Big, broad leaves are splashed with burgundy on a fast growing plant. 4-6' in one season. Ideal in large containers.
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BEGONIA A popular bedding plant prized for its beautiful flowers and leaves, its wide variety of color and ability to thrive easily. Here at Andrews you will find begonias in some of our hanging baskets, they do very well in shade and part shade. It is important to grow them in a good soil with plenty of good drainage, and a low Ph.
'Autumn Embers' A new rhizomatous begonia having beautiful medium sized puckered leaves in a warm, rusty-pumpkin color. Compact growth.
'Canary Wings' Canary Wings has bright foliage that changes from yellow to bright chartreuse, with abundant ruby-red flowers, throughout the season on a plant that continues to perform all Summer long. H 12-18"
'Coco Enchanted Evening' Large, single, shrimp pink flowers resemble hibiscus blossoms, appearing in clusters on a large, upright plant with dark cocoa brown foliage. It is impressive in mixed shade containers, as a houseplant or in garden beds. Keeps blooming, even during the winter indoors. H 2' tall.
'Coco Enchanted Sunrise' Large, salmon-orange blooms contrast beautifully with the dark chocolate leaves and lime-green veins. Elegant in mixed shade containers or garden beds. It is also a fabulous houseplant and even blooms during the winter. H 2'.
dragonwing Large, vigorous plants with a trailing habit and lots of clusters of small wing-like flowers. Available in scarlet red and pink. Grows in sun and shade!
NEW! 'Fragrant Falls Peach' The fully double blooms are highly perfumed and remain fragrant whatever the weather. Long lasting color, flowering throughout summer and well into autumn. Semi-trailing. H 12", spread 12"
'Gryphon' Exotic and tropical! The large, deeply cut leaves are lined and marbled with silver on 14-18 in. plants. Easy care and low water plant. Can be wintered indoors.
NEW! 'Iconia Unbelievable Lucky Strike' Lucky Strike, semi-double blooms are a blend of orange and yellow, dark blue-green leaves are narrow and pointed, framing the flowers nicely. Upright habit.
NEW! 'Iconia Unbelievable Miss Montreal' The large 3" blooms are fully double in shades of creamy-white edged with pink, well-branched and prolific flowering from spring through fall. The plant has a mounded but semi-trailing habit so it grows well in hanging baskets or large containers. H 10-14" x 12" W.
'Ina May' Very attractive large, dark green serrated leaves with persistent pink flowers. H 15-18".
maculata x 'Wightii' Stunning polka dotted bat-wing begonia. Dark green foliage with dramatic silver spots and clustered white flowers with golden eyes. H 20-30".
NEW! portifino collection The dark foliage of this series contrast nicely with the double blossoms of 'Sunrise' with yellow centers and bright orange outer petals and the double blossoms of 'Hot Orange'. Semi-upright plants are well branched plants proven to perform. H 12-20"
rex hybrids Fabulous foliage plants for mixed containers. Bright filtered light deepens red leaf coloration while lower light enhances their metallic sheen. Easily grown as a house plant.
'Devils Paradise' A delicious combination of silver and raspberry on spiraled star shaped leaves. 12-15"
NEW! 'Dibs Cherry Mint' Attractive serrated heart shaped leaves are rose with grayish green edges and a hint of black. H 10-12"
'Escargot' Swirled snail-shell leaves are dark green with a broad silvery band in the center. Very cool looking 15" broad and high.
'Fedor' Unique silver foliage with dark veins.
NEW! 'Fireworks' Deep metallic, paisley purple bands encircle an iridescent silver-white center that is undeniably striking. Great pink flowers add to the appeal. This is a TERRA NOVA® virus-free clone. H 10" X 18" W
'Lime Marmalade' A delightful reversion of Marmaduke with solid chartreuse foliage. Hard to miss in a shady location. 12-14"
NEW! 'Magic Colors Zumba' Vibrant colored leaves, green with deep green to black veins adds interest to shade combinations.
'Magma' Two tone silver foliage with pink flowers.
'Marmaduke' Neon green maple shaped leaves, speckled with burgundy. 12-14"
'Paso Doble' Large leaves beautifully colored with two tones of pink surrounded by a white and green edge.
NEW! 'Red Bull' The leaves are a bright metallic red. The leaf margin is wavy and will sometimes be a little darker than the rest of the leaf. 8"
'Salsa' Leaves are etched with silver, green, and burgundy in a rich and dazzling pattern. Quite compact at 8".
'Shadow King White' A wonderful selection with light silver, almost white leaves with just a dusting of green along the veins. A unique and useful foliage accent plant.
'Spitfire' Silvery green, center of leaf flushed iridescent purplish pink, with a dull pink border along the leaf margins. Very exotic.
'T Rex Ruby Slippers' Deep ruby red leaves are super glossy with a saucy, little black stripe on the mid rib.
NEW! 'T Rex St Nick' St. Nick' has large, exotic leaves with a jolly red centers surrounded by emerald green and white polka dots, with a dense shrubby habit and lovely pink flowers. H 16" x 16" W
NEW! rise up collection Great branching , followed by unstoppable flower power in both sun and shade, with an abundance of medium sized flowers. Semi-trailing in both hangers and pots. 'Aloha Gold' and 'Coral Reef' H 12-16" x 12-16" W
semperflorens (Wax Begonias) Shiny leaves and smaller flowers than their cousins. These small mounded plants do well in partial shade. The dark leaved varieties will tolerate full sun better than the green leaved ones.
'Senator IQ Mix' Beautiful contrast between flower and foliage. Dark leaves to accent the flowers, mix includes Rose, Scarlet and White. Repeat blooming. H 12"
super olympia series Broad compact plants with green leaves, blooming spring to frost. Offered in mix, red, rose, and white.
'Shine Bright White' Plants are very well-branched with unbeatable flower power, thriving in hot and humid summer climates. Shine Bright begonias will perform well in both sun or shade. H 12-16" X 12-16" W
'Sophie Cecile' Blue green deeply cut leaves with pretty pink flowers.
'Sparks Will Fly' Unique dark bronze foliage and dazzling tangerine blooms that mature to yellow in the Fall. Mounded habit. 18"x18". Shade.
NEW! spring fling series Elegant color for patio pots with its dark foliage and tight, upright habit. Offered are 'Buttercup' and 'Pink Tulip'.
top hat series This robust variety produces a perpetual supply of huge (8"+) single flowers combined with green leaves and an upright, tight mounding habit. Appealing in beds, mass planting, containers and mixed combinations. H 16-20" X 20-24" W. Available in both white and pink.
tuberhybrida (Tuberous) Tuberous begonias, with their large, tropical looking leaves and flowers are a choice plant for pots and baskets. Shade to part sun.
betulia series The series boasts an extra long flowering season of vibrant flower colors. Excellent branching and a high tolerance to pests and diseases, including low mildew susceptibility. Available as 'Candy Pink', 'Bright Pink' and 'Red'.
elator series Enormous double flowers on bushy plants. Ideal for beds and containers. Available in a wide range of colors, some flowers have fringed edges.
'Mistral Pink' Cascading sheets of rosy pink blooms cover the dark green pointed leaves. A lovely shade and heat tolerant plant that blooms all season long. H 10-12" x 14-16" W
non-stop series The name says it all! A green leaved variety with small leaves and double to semi double flowers. Offered in orange, deep rose, deep red, white and yellow.
nonstop mocca series A dark leaved variety with double to semi double flowers. Offered in 'White' and New for 2019, 'Deep Orange'.
NEW! waterfall series Encanto Orange, Encanto Pink and Encanto Red are well-branching trailing plants, very tolerant of bright locations. Full sun to part shade.
NEW! 'Viking XL Red on Chocolate' 2019 AAS Flower Winner. A brand new begonia with large, uniquely colored dark leaves that remain intense throughout the season. Covered with vibrant red flowers, this plant retains its shape well and does not become rangy. H 28-34"
whopper series Whopper Begonias offer super-sized performance! They are a big, vigorous plant which will fill out any beds and large containers equally well. Give Whoppers plenty of room to grow. Available in Bronze leaf- 'Red' and in Green leaf- 'Rose' and 'Red'. Mounded habit, 32" x 22"
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BELLS OF IRELAND moluccella laebis Large bell-like sheaths of translucent green surround small white flowers. Full sun, average soil. A distinctive cut flower. 2'
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BIDENS A vigorous plant with finely cut foliage. This real treasure is covered with enchanting brilliant flowers from spring until a heavy frost. An ideal plant for weaving color amongst others in planters or hanging baskets. Full to part sun, average soil.
NEW! 'Bee Bold' Upright habit with large red and yellow bicolor blossoms. H 14-20"
NEW! 'Bee Happy' Vigorous, upright, Bee Happy produces new bi-color flowers to grow over the top of used-up flower heads, so it always looks fresh and colorful. H 10-14"
NEW! 'Pop Star' An extremely compact form with a mounding habit. Its flowers, which are larger than most bidens varieties, lie directly above foliage.
NEW! 'Pretty in Pink' A compact variety decorated with an abundance of pink flowers with purple stripes.
'Sun Drop' Compact with beautiful yellow daisy flowers at the ends of stems from spring until fall.
NEW! 'White Delight' 'White Delight' offers white daisy-shaped flowers with a yellow center. Grows 14 inches tall and wide.
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BOUVARDIA ternifolia Simply a dream come true for your hummingbird friends! Long, tubular scarlet red blooms in 2" clusters on arched stems. A light pruning will keep it aflame and your hummingbirds around! Sun or part shade. 12-15"
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BRACHYSCOME 'Radiant Magenta' Also known as the Swan River Daisy, this compact variety will make a fragrant addition to rock gardens, containers or as a cut flower. H 7", Sun
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BRACTEANTHA 'Dreamtime Jumbo Yellow' (Strawflower) Tougher, more weather tolerant, much larger flowers on a compact well shaped plant. A perfect choice for full sun containers. H 10-12".
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BROWALLIA (Sapphire Flower) Long blooming shade plants with funnel-shaped flowers held above dark green foliage. Absolutely gorgeous and much underused. They prefer enriched soil and partial shade to shade.
americana series This species boosts masses of small but showy 1/2" flowers with a bushy habit. They will bloom profusely throughout the summer. They require no deadheading, although you may use shears to shape the plant. Offered in 'Sky Blue' and 'Snow White'. Grows to 12".
endless series Butterflies and hummingbirds will love the star-shaped blooms!! An intense bloomer and strong grower. Flowers appear all summer long. Perfect choice for hanging baskets. Available as 'Flirtation' in white and 'Illumination', a striking blue. 10-14"
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BRUGMANSIA Tropical trees that can reach 4-6' in one of our growing seasons. The real attraction is the huge trumpet shaped flowers that arrive in great profusion starting in mid summer. Plant in full sun and protect from strong winds. Consistently moist soil and a weekly acid fertilizer will promote the best flowering. Can be stored dormant overwinter.
'Charles Grimaldi' Extra wide, golden apricot flowers, 8-10" long. Very prolific.
'Ecuador Pink' 10-12" elongated soft pink flowers with turned up edges. Prolific!
'Triple Orange' Fabulous triple orange fragrant blooms 10-12" long.
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