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CALENDULA officinalis (Pot Marigold) These cool weather annuals delight you with edible flowers to brighten up salads and desserts. Nice cut flowers also. Full sun. 12"
'Flashback Mix' Spectacular mix of colors with bicolor petals. An excellent mix of colors; high percentage of double and semidouble flowers on long, strong stems. 18-24".
'Lady Godiva Orange' Large, colorful, orange, fully double flowers with great heat tolerance. Continuous bloom or rebloomer. Deadheading not necessary. H 10-16"
'Orange Porcupine' Fully doubled-flowered plant with pure-orange quilled petals forming spiky-looking flowers. 20-24"
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CALIBRACHOA (Million Bells) These brightly colored annuals are decorated by myriads of tiny petunia like blooms all summer long. Indispensable for use in mixed containers and hanging baskets where they mound and weave amongst neighbors. These low maintenance, self cleaners with tremendous heat tolerance continue to be one of our best sellers. Keep soil from drying out. Full to part sun. LOTS and LOTS of COLORS!! 7-12"
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CALLA LILY Calla lilies are not true lilies but are clump forming plants with large arrow shaped leaves. They are used as both houseplants and seasonal outdoor bedding plants. Grow best in full sun.
albomaculatum 'Picasso' Beautiful large purple blooms with a cream edge. Dark green foliage is attractively speckled. H 20"
elliotiana x rehmanni 'Flame' Calla Flame begins with a yellow bloom that is edged with red and becomes flame-red at maturity. H 14-22"
elliotiana 'Yellow Queen' Huge golden flowers, 3-4" wide, with spotted foliage. The most intense and robust yellow Calla. H 18"
rehmanni Compact plants with many flowers over a long period. Strong growers with plain green leaves, some have a few spots.
'Dark Eyes' A compact floriferous deep rose Calla with a remarkable dark purple throat. Deep green lanceolate foliage. H 18"
'Garnet Glow' Dark pink Calla with a slightly darker eye. Great in the garden and also lasts a long time in a vase. H 16"
'Odessa' Darkest burgundy-black Calla blooms above green, soft spotted foliage. H 18"
'Red Alert' Vibrant orange-red flowers. Dark green heart shaped foliage with silvery speckles. H 20".
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CAMPANULA medium (Canterbury Bells Cup and Saucer Plant) A favorite in your grandmother’s garden, these plants produce eye catching blooms in summer. Technically a biennial, we seed these early enough in the winter to flower this season in your garden. Full sun to light shade.
'Appeal Deep Blue' A perfect potted plant! Naturally compact habit, tough, long lasting flowers and exceptional heat tolerance. 8".
'Champion Mix' Large single flowers on tall stems. Without a doubt the best selection for cut flowers. 24-36"
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CANNA Big, tropical plants with bold flowers and richly colored foliage. These definitely make a statement and add a sense of lushness to your garden. They need lots of water, sun, and heat. They work well in containers. Dig up the rhizomes in the fall, store, and replant in spring.
'Black Night' Named for its stunning deep red/black foliage. Paired with its shocking, blood-red blooms, this Canna will shine in any part of the garden. H 48-60".
'Blueberry Sparkler' Slender purple-green foliage with medium pink flowers. 4-6 '
NEW! 'Cabana Flirtini' Compact, growing from 2' to 3' and having dark dusky purple foliage which sets off the rich watermelon pink blooms.
NEW! 'Cannova Bronze Scarlet' Growing only to about 3 feet, this canna has burgundy foliage and large vivid red blooms.
'Cannova Mango' Orange-pink blooms on dark green foliage. H 3-4'
'Ermine' Large, rounded green leaves with beautiful creamy white flowers. 'Ermine' is the whitest flowering canna available. 4-5'
'Freckle Face' Growing to about 4’ in one season and having mid green leaves. Blooms are large, salmon colored, speckled and freckled with dark red.
'Intrigue' Dark almost black foliage with coral flowers. H 5-6'
NEW! 'Island Madeira' Growing to 3 feet, Madeira has bright green foliage topped by brilliant red flowers delicately edged in glowing yellow.
NEW! 'Island Tenerife' Growing to 3 feet, Tenerife has green foliage and bright yellow flowers generously spotted and speckled with orange.
'Lemon Punch' A compact variety with medium green foliage and pendulous bright lemon flowers that can't be missed. A prolific bloomer. 3-4' tall.
'Louis Cottin' Deep foliage with yellow to salmon flowers. H 3-4'
'Orange Punch' Intense bright orange flowers with a yellow throat. 3-4'
'Phasion' (Tropicana) Dark purple leaves vividly variegated in bright yellow, orange and red. Bright orange flowers. H 5-7'.
'Pink Sunburst' A very showy dwarf Canna. Large pink flowers above dark green foliage striped with colors of the sun; red, pink, bronze, and gold. H 18-24"
'Pretoria' Fantastic leaves of striped lime and bright green. Immature leaves and stems are magenta and flowers are ruffled orange. 4-6'
'Primrose Yellow' Pale green foliage and delicate primrose-yellow flowers, lightly spotted pink. Compact and neat, growing only up to 48".
'Sky Hawk' Large rounded deep plum colored leaves and large intense coral-pink flowers. 5-8'.
NEW! 'Toucan Coral' Blooming early and continuously all summer with soft coral pink flowers and mid-green leaves. H 30-48"
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CASSIA didymobutrya 'Popcorn Bush' Popcorn cassia is an unusual accent plant with bright yellow showy flowers contrasting with its striking black buds. It has tall flower spikes and legume foliage adding a tropical effect. Movie theater fragrance. H 4-6', Sun.
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CASTOR BEAN ricinus communis 'Red Spires' Grown for its huge showy tropical foliage and decorative seed heads, it makes a pronounced presence in the garden. The large leaves are a deep burgundy red. All parts, but especially the beans and sap, are poisonous. Quick growing, creating an instant tropical effect. Full to part sun. 6-8'
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CELOSIA Flamboyant member of the Amaranth family whose flower clusters are striking for both fresh and dried arrangements. Prefers full sun
argentea Commonly known as 'Plumed Cockscomb".
'Asian Garden' A pollinator favorite! The bright pink blooms attract pollinators all through the season making this celosia a 'must have' for the garden. The showy display lasts all summer. A 2017 AAS National Winner.. 31-40"
intenz series Strong, long lasting caterpiller-like flowers. 'Dark Purple' produces bold purple flower spikes. 'Classic' starts with the flower dark purple and ages to becoming two tone. They both continues to bloom throughout the summer. H 10-14"
cristata Large, wide flower heads resemble brains for a fun twist.
'Chief Mix' Large, 8" wide flower heads that includes red, gold, rose, and red/gold bicolor. 3'
'Twisted Red' Bright red, crested flower. H 16-20"
plumosa Feather varieties bear flowers on long, feathery blooms.
'Cramers Amazon' Purple and lime green variegated leaves are topped by deep magenta, spicata type blooms in mid to late summer. 3-4'
'Fresh Look Mix' Celosia Fresh Look Mix is a Fleuroselect winner and contains a mixture of three almost fire like colors of red, yellow and orange. 14"
'Pampas Plume' Long stemmed plumes in mix of rich autumn colors. 3'
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CENTAUREA Old-fashioned cottage garden plant with frilly flowers on upright, narrow stems. A nice cut flower. Lures butterflies. Prefers well-drained soil and sun.
cyanus 'Blue Boy' (Bachelor Buttons) Double bright blue blossoms and grey green foliage. H 2'
gymnocarpa 'Colchester White' A unique accent plant with felted, silvery white foliage which is finely dissected and grows in fern-like “fronds”. Pinch often to keep the basal growth full and to prevent flowering.
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CENTRATHERUM intermedium (Pineapple Sangria) A Brazilian native rarely seen in these parts. Mounds of pineapple scented leaves sit below good-sized, button-like blooms in a lovely lavender-blue. Early July-frost. Full to part sun. 18-24"
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CERATOTHECA triloba Broadly tubular flowers with a lower lip marked with fine, dark lines, looking suspiciously like a runway for pollinating insects. A real knockout in our gardens last summer. Responds well to pinching otherwise its heavy flower stalk will need support. Offered in mauve and white. Full sun, average soil. 2-4', Rare, Heirloom
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CERINTHE major purpurescens 'Kiwi' Silvery, blue-green foliage provides the perfect backdrop for unique flowers. At the tips of arching stems, dangle deep purple flowers surrounded by bright blue bracts. Prefers to be shaded from the afternoon sun and moist soil. Very cold hardy and often reseeds. 12-24", Heirloom
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CESTRUM nochurnum 'Night Blooming Jasmine' Intensely Fragrant! A medium-sized, tender shrub with arching branches to 3 feet. Covered with greenish, yellow, tubular-shaped flowers that are most fragrant during the evening. Prefers sun.
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CHRYSANTHEMUM paludosum 'Snowland' Well-branched bushy plants produce an abundance of single, white, daisy like flowers all summer. Full sun, average soil. Compact habit. H 7"
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CHRYSOCEPHALUM apiculatum 'Flambe Yellow' (Common Everlasting) Beautiful, small, rounded, vibrant golden-yellow pearl-like blooms that sit on wonderful silver-gray foliage, also known as a strawflower because of its papery like texture. These blooms cover the bright foliage all season. Very drought tolerant. Full or part sun. 8-14"
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CLEOME The Spider Plant is striking with its tall, upright stems, palmate leaves, and spidery clusters of flowers. New flowers form as old ones mature to long attractive pods. Cleome doesn’t mind the heat and often reseeds for the following year. Short lived cut flower. Full sun, average soil.
senorita series Sterile flowers, thornless and odorless foliage. Grown from cuttings. Available are 'Rosalita', lavender pink flowers and 'Blanca', silvery white in warm temperatures, but under cool conditions, the flowers will be a pale pink. Great in containers. H 24-28".
spinosa queen series Available in cherry, violet and white. 4-5', Heirloom
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CLERODENDROM ugandense 'Blue Wings' (Butterfly Bush) This variety has shrubby well branched foliage carrying the most attractive blue flowers. Each butterfly shaped blossom has a violet blue upper lobe and a pale blue lower lobe. Very elegant! Full sun. 3'
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COLEUS (aka Solenostemon) Brightly colored foliage plants to brighten partial shade. Great accent plants in the ground or in mixed containers. Most of these varieties can go in full sun or full shade or anywhere in between.
'Big Red Judy' Big, bold, dark reddish burgundy foliage dappled with orange. 3'
'Dark Star' One of the darkest varieties available with purple-black leaves and stems. Compact, upright habit. 10-12"
'Dipt in Wine' Glowing ochre heart of each leaf with wide burgundy dipped edges. Slightly scalloped sun lit edges. 20-24"
'Electric Slide' With a strong, canary-yellow background, shocking red veins and a ruffled emerald edge, naturally neat and compact. Trailing, 23" x 36" W. Part to full shade.
'Fiona' 'Fiona' is a low-spreading beauty with long red leaves with jagged margins. Great self-branching habit. Slow to bloom. Part shade/full shade. 9" X 30".
'Fishnet Stockings' Wide, bright green leaves with sharply contrasting deep purple veining. Unusual and dramatic, this coleus is always a favorite! H 14-22"
flame thrower series The new series features bold new colors with a compact habit. This striking new coleus is ideal in smaller pots and mixed combos. Great garden performance in sun or shade. H 18-24".
'Chili Pepper' Rich burgundy foliage with a purple and chartreuse edge.
'Chipolte' Spiky green-gold leaves with a smoky mahogany center and a compact habit. Tolerates sun. H 18-22"
'Habanero' Warm orange leaves with a jagged edge. A compact habit and sun tolerant. H 12-18"
'Flying Carpet Shocker' A bright, lime-gold background with a showy red center. H 24" x 28" W. Mounds, spreads and trails. Part-full shade.
'French Quarter' Pink, magenta and green leaves. Slow to flower, it is a vigorous grower and sun tolerant. H 18-36"
'Great Falls Angel' New trailing coleus. Minute, heart-shaped leaves have magenta centers highlighted with green trim. Shade and heat tolerant. H. 6-10" x 12-18" W.
'Inferno' Juicy red-orange serrated foliage makes a red-hot impression in full sun or shade. H 14-28"
'Inky Fingers' Fingered leaves are a dark burgundy with bright green scalloped edges. 10-12"
'Japanese Giant' A very large and upright coleus. Large red and purple leaves have a bright green center. Sunshine will bring out yellow and pink highlights that make this large coleus glow! Sun tolerant. H 48"
'Kingswood Torch' Hot pink leaves are edged in rich, dark burgundy. 2-3'
'Lemon Sunsation' Lacy golden lemon colored foliage thinly edged in blood red. Sun loving. H 2-3'
'Limon Blush' Beautiful yellow, pink and chartreuse serrated leaves. H 24-36"
'Merlins Magic' Small, mounding and deeply lobed. Fantasy type leaves are bright green and yellow with a thin purple border. Ferny effect that will lend textural contrast to planters. 10-15", Mounding, Sun or shade.
'Mount Washington' Deep purple leaves with magenta ribs generously flecked in and edged with yellow green. 30-36"
'Pineapple' Bright golden foliage with pointed leaves accented with burgundy. Heat tolerant. Can be grown in sun or shade. 2'
'Ruby Slippers' Bright leaves that are similar to 'Big Red Judy' but more compact. Sun to shade. H 14-24"
'Sedona' Apricot-orange leaves with some pink blushing. 24-36"
'Smallwoods Driveway' Medium sized leaves with curled deeply scalloped edges, with a base color of cream and a slight green hue, marbled with pink and burgundy. H 14". Choice!
under the sea series From Hort Couture comes this fun, colorful, eyecatching new breed of coleus. With 'crustacean' type foliage and names like the following, they grow compact, are sun tolerant and can be placed in both the sun and the shade. 15-18"
'Bonefish' Deeply dissected leaves of bright fuchsia with chartreuse margins. Delicate feathery appearance.
'Fish Net' The sea-green leaves of Fish Net have purple veining, but the filagreed edge is what sets it apart from the similarly colored standard coleus 'Fishnet Stockings'. Mounding, H 15-18".
'King Crab' Wide, red leaves with a golden edge, claw-like fringed leaf center has a darker red flare. Very vigorous grower.
'Urchin Copper' A tight ball of thread-like, copper-orange leaves with darker edges. Sun to Shade. 12"
'Wasabi' Serrated chartreuse leaves. Holds brillant color without fading or spotting. Sun or shade. 18-28"
'Wedding Train' Trailing habit! Burgundy leaves edged in lime. Sun tolerant. H 12-18"
wizard series Compact and uniform, a great series for bedding. 12-14"
'Mix' A lovely mix of greens, yellow, rose and orange colors.
'Sunset' This tough and versatile variety does best in part shade as full sun may scorch the beautiful bronze leaves. Compact and bushy plants. 12-14"
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COLOCASIA esculenta (Elephant Ears) Add a punch of tropical lushness to your containers, beds or water gardens with these enormous and very dramatic foliage plants. They require lots of moisture and are happy in 12" of water, preferring partial shade. 3-5'
'Black Magic' Dusty, purple-black 2' leaves in a giant clump. A bold display. 5-6'
'Black Ruffles' 'Black Ruffles' is a selection form 'Black Magic' with ruffled leaves. The ruffled edges give this selection an elegant look. H 4-5'.
'Diamond Head' This is a real stunner! Jet black leaves with an added sheen on brilliantly large leaves. Picture dark chocolate melting in hot sun!! This 4' clump of chocolately goodness will be a hit wherever you choose to display it. 4'.
'Elena' Growing to a height of 30-36", 'Elena' has chartreuse leaves with violet veins up to 20" long.
'Illustris' Dark green-black leaves with silvery veins. Very vigorous. 3-4'
'Jet Black Wonder' Very large exotic looking leaves of the deepest burgundy black. Big bold leaves easily grow 2' wide by 3' long.
'Mojito' Large spearmint green leaves mottled and splashed with hints of black. An eye catcher. 2-3'
royal hawaiian series The Royal Hawaiian® Colocasias have been bred to be sturdy garden performers and container specimens. Each is disease resistant with fabulous foliage and stem interest, and a tidy clumping habit.
'Tropical Storm' A compact, but fast clumper that grows to 30" tall, composed of purple-black foliage which is adorned in summer with a prominent central creamy white streak.
'Ruffles' An exciting elephant ear growing to a height of 3-4 feet and having large delicate leaves of medium green that are highly ruffled around the edges.
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CONVOLVULUS A morning glory relative with widely flared, funnel shaped flowers. These clumping plants grow only 2' long and are perfect for baskets, barrels or borders. Full sun.
sabatius 'Early Blue' This plant bears small nickel-size, open blooms all summer long on trailing, strong growing stems. Sage green leaves offset its soft blue flowers just perfectly. 4-8"X10-12"
tricolor 'Ensign Blue' This variety has bright blue, 2.5" flowers with a yellow sunburst in the center and a band of white sandwiched in between. 12"X36"
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CORDYLINE Long sword-shaped leaves, exceptional plant to use for height and texture in container plantings. Sun to part shade. Bring indoors to overwinter.
'Chocolate Queen' Upright stalks of variegated green leaves striped heavily with cream and white. As leaves matures, they become flushed with chocolate purple and deep red coloring. 18-24"
'Electric Flash' This plant has narrow leaves that have a chocolate colored central stripe and cream colored margins. This species is more clump forming. H 2-4'.
'Electric Pink' Brightly colored pink and purple -striped leaves. A shorter maturing variety. H 2-4'.
'Pink Passion' Bold neon pink leaf margins and grey purple centers. H 2-4'
'Red Star' Deep red Burgundy red sword-like leaves offer great texture and color.
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COSMOS Old-fashioned bloomers create airy stands of cheerful flowers. Ideal for butterfly gardens and cottage gardens. Thrives in poor, infertile soil. Over fertilizing results in lots of foliage but few flowers. Full sun.
bipinnatus Broad, open flowers float above fine, airy foliage on sturdy stems.
'Cupcakes Mix' Novel cosmos resemble fluted cupcake wrappers with cup shaped flowers and fused petals. Mix of whites, pinks and some with a dark eye which are single and semi double. H 24-30"
'Double Click' Tall plants with large fully-double and semi-double blooms in shades of carmine, pink and white. 42-46"
'Sensation Mix' Single flowers, mix of rose, red and white. Tall stems. 36-48"
sonata series An exceptional compact series available in carmine, white or a mix of colors. Great garden performance. 20-24"
'Xanthos' This new pastel lemon yellow-colored, dwarf cosmos will make a sunny display. H 10-24"
'Chocamocha' Delicate chocolate-colored flowers held on sturdy stems with fernlike foliage. Loads of cocoa scented flowers. Yummy! 10", Heirloom
sulphureus C. sulphureus generally are smaller plants with deeply cut foliage and smaller flowers in warm “sulphur” tones.
'Bright Lights Mix' Semi-double flowers, mix of yellow, gold and orange. 3'
'Cosmic Mix' Offered in a mix of bright orange, rich red and yellow colors, these plants are stocky, well branched and are loaded with double flowers. H 12"
'Monas Orange' Bright orange, single flowers are often a darker orange around the edge. A real knockout! 36"
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CUPHEA (Firecracker Plant) Very heat tolerant plants, originating from South America, which form bushy mounds smothered in dainty colorful flowers. Once a customer discovers that these plants bloom non stop in hot weather even with a little neglect, they are always back for more the next season. Full to part sun.
'David Verity' Deep orange, tubular blooms are small but add a subtle bright spot to mixed containers. A hummingbird favorite! 18-24"
'Flamenco Samba' (Bat faced cuphea) Large, rich, burgundy flowers bloom continuously throughout the season. Deadheading not necessary. H 12-20"
ignea 'Dynamite' (The Cigar Plant) This species is native to Mexico and Jamaica and is characterized by long tubular scarlet flowers with dark tips, resembling a lit cigar. Compact plants that blooms all summer. 8-10"
laevis (Twinkle Pink) Hot pink tubes flare to purple and white, blooms continually throughout the season. H 18"
'Lavender Lace' Delicate, lavender-pink flowers cover shrubby, rounded mounds from late spring to Oct. Unbelievable flower power, 6-10"
purpurea 'Firefly' Numerous large 1" wide cherry-red flowers are produced on long, lax, sprawling 15" stems. H 10". Perfect loud show stopper along border edge!
ramosissima 'Fairy Dust' Add a little magic to mixed combos with this dainty cuphea. An airy cloud of delicate, pink flowers fill the voids in mixed containers and garden plantings. Heat and drought tolerant. H 10-16"
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CYMBALARIA muralis (Kenilworth Ivy) Kenilworth Ivy is a hardy, shade loving creeper with light green foliage and masses of tiny, lilac-white flowers all summer. Nice cascading habit for containers. Keep moist. Trails 8-12". May overwinter.
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CYNARA cardunculus (Cardoon) Large, showy ornamental with woolly, gray-green leaves. Looks dramatic in urns or in the landscape. Edible root and stalks. Tender perennial. (Zone 6) 2' foliage, 5' in flower (if season is long enough - purple, thistle-like blooms) Full sun, average soil.
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