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DAHLBERG DAISY thynophylla tenuiloba Charming and dainty plant. Small, golden yellow daisies cover aromatic, thread-like foliage. Lovely tumbling over pots and window boxes. Full to part sun. 4-6"
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DAHLIA pinnata Large, brilliantly colored blooms overlook a mound of leathery green leaves. A good bedding plant for a very sunny location. Attracts butterflies.
'Bishop of Canterbury' Vibrant rosy-purple with dark foliage. 4'
'Bishop of Llandaff' A knockout with its single, bright red, 4" flowers contrasting against dark purple foliage. 4'
'Bishop of Oxford' Coppery orange flowers with dark foliage. 4'
'Bishops Children' Hot neon blooms against black foliage. A warm toned mix of solid and bi-color shades of red, orange, yellow, pink and purple. Both single and semi-double peony flowers. Informal bushy plant reaches 2 1/2 to 3' tall and about 1' wide.
NEW! city lights series Dark-leaved dahlias with bold colored blooms last all season long. Offered in Purple, Red and Yellow. H 16-18"
dalaya series An early flowering, medium sized Dahlia, powdery mildew tolerant. Excellent branching and repeat bloomers. Available in cream & pink, pink stripes & yellow centers, pink with dark center and lemon yellow. H 16-18".
dinner plate varieties Fully double, huge sized flowers. Truly as big as a dinner plate! All very floriferous varieties that produce color from early summer into fall.
NEW! 'Cafe au Lait' Full double, cream-peachy, huge size flowers (up to 10"). H 40"
NEW! 'Mr Sandman' Huge, soft orange twisted petals edged with darker peach orange. H 36"
'Myrtles Folly' Narrow twisted petals of peach, pink and yellow. Huge, 8", long lasting flowers. H 36"
'Ottos Thrill' An eye-catching 3-4' Dahlia with magnificent double pink flowers, up to 8-10" wide. Are not top heavy and will not fall over in rain.
'Summer Sunset' This Dahlia boasts flowers 6–9" across with masses of vibrant orange petals lightly touched with yellow. H 3-4'
NEW! 'Thomas Edison' Full, double (up to 10"), deep purple flowers with dark velvet center. H 40"
'Fascination' A unique offering with outstanding purple-magenta blooms against dark purple foliage. 3'
'Figaro Mix' Double blooms, mix of bright colors on slightly taller plants. 14"
karma series More lovely colors of Dahlias, each growing 2-3 feet tall. 'Corona', a blend of salmon, yellow and bronze cactus-type blooms and 'Fuchsiana', fuchsia pink, waterlily form, 'Chocolate', deep burgundy chocolate blooms, 'Prospero', pale pink with deep pink center and dark foliage, 'Serena', white blooms and 'Sunlady', a bright yellow.
mystic series Fluffy eye catching blooms above contrasting dark velvety foliage. Available 'Dreamer', pink and 'Spirit', apricot. H 20-24"
'Onesta' Lovely salmon-pink. 2-4'
NEW! 'Painter Sunfire' Extra large, orange pink flowers splashed with red and white on strong, upright stems. H 24"
'Park Princess' A cactus-flowered Dahlia with huge blooms made up of many tightly rolled, pink petals. 24-30"
'Purple Gem' A cactus-type Dahlia with deep purple blooms. 2-3'
'Romeo Mix' A dwarf variety with single flowers in a mix of colors. 10"
NEW! 'Sisterstar Scarlet with Yellow' Showy, semi-double blooms with deep scarlet petals covered in cheerful golden yellow centers. Compact, non-stop bloomers. H 16-18"
NEW! 'Temptation Orange' The intense dark foliage makes the color of the clear orange flowers really pop out. H 12-24"
'Worton Blue Streak' These 4" bluish lavender blossoms are as close to blue as any dahlia on the market. Semi-cactus. H 3-4'
xxl series Strong stalks and colorful blooms, are the traits that make these great cut flowers, along with good branching and enormous double flowers. 20" X 18". Available colors are burgundy-red, orange w/ yellow center, intense pink, pink, yellow and white.
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DAISY See Dahlberg and Marguerite.
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DATURA inoxia (Angels Trumpets) Angel Trumpets are bold, upright, large leaved bushes with huge trumpets. Sweetly scented flowers open in the evening, until the following morning and all day when cloudy. Decorative seed pods add interest. The richer and moister the soil, and the hotter the summer, the larger these plants will grow. Full sun. Reseeds freely! All parts of this plant are poisonous!
ballerina series Characterized by fully double blooms. Offered in 'Purple' with deep purple-red stems and frilly blooms with pale purple interiors and dark purple exteriors. Also, a sunny soft 'Yellow'. 8-10"
ssp. quinquecuspida (white) Fragrant, 8", white flowers with lavender tinges. Grey green leaves. Very prickly seed pods. 3-4' tall, 3-4' wide.
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DELPHINIUM grandiflorum 'Summer Nights' Tender perennial Delphinium, loved for the dwarf size and elegant spikes of indigo blue flowers. Bloom strongest in June. Full sun. Fertilize regularly. 12"-18".
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DIANTHUS A family of plants which includes carnations and are characterized by the spicy fragrance the blooms emit. Dianthus plants may be found as a hardy annual, biennial or perennial. Sun, well-drained soil.
barbatus (Sweet William) Technically a biennial, this classic, old-fashioned cottage garden plant is great in annual borders. Extra strong and long stems for cutting gardens Should reseed. Nice cut flower. Deadhead to prolong blooming.
'Jolt Pink' A blaze of showy, bright-pink, fringy blooms, non-stop from spring to fall. H 16-20"
'Jolt Pink Magic' Three inch white flowers magically deepen into darker shades of pink as they mature, making a beautiful spray of color. Plants are all-season performers that tolerate all sorts of weather. H 16-20"
'Sweet Mix' Large fragrant flower heads that bloom uniformly across all colors. Mixture of coral, purple, red w/white eye and white. H 18-39"
NEW! caryophyllus 'Pink Kisses' Stiff stems bearing strongly fragrant, double, pink flowers with a prominent reddish-pink mark at the center of each petal. H 12-16"
NEW! chinensis 'Corona Strawberry' These large blooming flowers have shades of coral and salmon varying from solids to bicolors to picotees. H 8-10"
hybridus 'Rainbow Loveliness Mix' Uniquely lacy blooms loaded with fragrance. Deeply cut, lacy flowers in shades of rosy pink, lilac, white, purple and red on long stems. H 12-14"
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DICHONDRA argentea 'Silver Falls' An exceptional component plant with brilliantly silver foliage. Many long, trailing stems are clothed in small, roundish leaves. Trails 1-3'. Truly stunning in mixed containers. Sometimes, if lucky, they reseed into dry cracks and crevices of walkways or stonewalls. Keep on the dry side. Full sun.
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DIDISCUS AKA TRACHYMENE caerulea 'Lacy Blue' (Blue Lace Flower) This old-fashioned garden plant produces lacy umbels of sky blue flowers upon graceful stems. The fine textured blooms make a delightful cut flower in small bouquets. Full to part sun. 24", Heirloom
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DIGIPLEXIS Best New Plant Award at the Chelsea Flower Show and Greenhouse Growers 2013 Award of Excellence! This new hybrid foxglove is a cross between Digitalis and its relative Isoplexsis. Digiplexis® are hardy in zones 8 and higher, although the longevity of the blooms makes this tender perennial a must have for every climate gardener. Blooms from spring until fall. Will not self-sow. Full to part sun, average soil.
'Berry Canary' The flower spikes contain hot pink flowers with creme throats speckled with dark wine dots that line the whole stem. Prolific bloomer, 24" x 20"
'Illumination Flame' The spectacular colors range from the outer petals being a fuchsia hue, while the throats transition between red, orange and pale yellow. Up to 36" X 18"
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DIGITALIS purpurea 'Foxy' (Foxglove) An annual Foxglove which blooms all summer in full sun or partial shade. This All America Winner produces racemes of thimble shaped flowers in cream, yellow, and purplish-rose shades. 2-3', Heirloom
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DRACAENA cordylena (Spikes) Spikes are traditional accent plants with long, sword-like leaves. They are often used in the center of planters to add height and textured foliage. Sun or shade. 2'
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DURANTA (Skyflower) This member of the Verbena family is a large evergreen shrub in its native South American location, where it grows 15-18'. In our climate it grows 1-2' in height and makes a beautiful container specimen. Full sun.
aurea 'Gold Edge' One of those rare chartreuse foliage plants for full sun. Glossy green leaves are thickly edged in bright gold. A great accent plant of mixed containers.
erecta 'Sapphire Showers' An upright form with gorgeous violet blue flowers bearing a white picotee edge on flared petal tips. Winter indoors, gets even better with age.
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DUSTY MILLER senecio cineraria Traditional silver foliaged accent plants that endure hot, dry conditions. Serrated silver leaves add texture and contrast in the garden. Cold hardy annuals last late in the fall. Full to part sun, average soil. 8"
'Cirrus' Large, round, broad silver leaves are produced on compact plants. Known for excellent weather resistance. 8"X20"
'Silver Dust' Showy, finely lobed silvery-white foliage on uniform plants. H 10-12", 10-12" spread.
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