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NEW! FATSIA 'Spiders Web' This desirable rare plant has white splashing and dots on broad, palmate leaves. The variegation changes with the seasons and as the plant ages. Part to full shade. H 60" x 48" W
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FELICIA A member of the daisy family, Felicia does best in full sun and well-drained soil, deadhead throughout the summer to keep up appearances and they will bloom right into late fall.
amelloides 'Variegata' Small bright blue daisy shaped flowers with green and white variegated foliage. H 10-12".
'Cape Town Blue' A old fashioned favorite with charming, free flowering, periwinkle blue blooms held amongst egg-shaped leaves. Cool weather annual - may take a flowering break in the heat of summer. 8-12"
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FERNS Fabulous foliage components integral to your gardens or containers; within this selection of ferns you’ll find the addition you need: either lacy, delicate, small, bold, or large. All can be overwintered as house plants. They need lots of humidity, indirect light and should never dry out.
ADIANTUM (Maidenhair Ferns) The Maidenhair Ferns are finely foliated evergreen plants. There are over 200 species.
caudatum (Trailing Maidenhair) A caudatum is unusual for a maidenhair fern as it has long narrow cascading fronds. New growth emerges pink then matures to a apple green. Fronds will cascade 12-16", adding an elegant flowing quality to shade planters.
fragrantissimum (Fragrens) Light airy fronds, triangular shaped foliage on glossy black stems make this a popular variety for containers. Easy to maintain as a houseplant.
hispidulum 'Rosy Leaf' An interesting maidenhair fern cultivar having delicate red tinted new growth.
microphyllum 'Little Lady' A dwarf maidenhair, compact and charming. Adding an ephemeral quality to mixed shade containers.
peruvianum 'Silver Dollar' A bold strong grower with large leaflets of silvery-green. Adds a nice course texture to mixed containers. 18" X 12"
raddianum Commonly called Delta maidenhair fern, and its perhaps the most commonly grown of the non-winter hardy maidenhair ferns. Triangular, 3- or 4-pinnate fronds with dark stalks.
ASPLENIUM This popular group of ferns is prized for its frond symmetry, frond texture and sheen and great growth habit.
antiquum 'Victoria' (Japanese Birds Nest) Long, leathery, glossy apple green leaves emerge from the center of the crown, with wavy edges. Long lived house plant that gets additional character with age. Very showy. 20"
bulbiferum (Mother Fern) A beautiful tender fern with lacy foliage of light green. A great textural and color accent for shade gardens.
dimorphum 'Austral Gem Fern' Growing to a height of 20” tall and about 24” across. The thick yet delicate fronds are so glossy that they look fake!
nidus (Common Birds Nest Fern) This Fern will give you lots of naturally glossy leaves arranged in a circular pattern which resemble a bird's nest (hence the common name for these houseplants).
BLECHNUM brasiliense crispin (Red Leaf Tree Fern) New central growth on this tree fern is bright red, as leaves mature they fade to light green. 3'
MICROLEPIA strigosa (Lace Fern) Bright green lacy fronds, 15-20" long, that arch gracefully making it a good choice for hanging baskets or specimen containers.
NEPHROLEPIS This Genus of about 30 species of evergreen ferns. The most common being the Boston Fern.
cordifolia 'Duffi' (Lemon Button Fern) This fern produces cute golden-green fronds with a rounded edge, thus giving it a button-like appearance. Smells slightly like lemons. A compact grower, will grow to 12" tall and wide.
exaltata 'Ritas Gold' Vibrant golden yellow foliage adorns this boston fern family member. Fronds grow to about 18" and make nice foliage accents in deep shade.
obliterata 'Australian Sword Fern' Upright growing from 2 - 4 feet. Great vertical accent plant withstanding sunny dry conditions.
PELLAEA roundifolia (Button Fern) An low-growing fern with small rounded, button-like leaves that line its wiry, burgundy-red stems. Makes a beautiful accent. Enjoys filtered sunlight. Up to 10".
PTERIS cretica 'Albo Lineata' (Silver Lace Pteris) Small delicate fern with silver margins on its gray-green fronds.
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FOUR OCLOCKS (Mirabilis) An old-fashioned favorite whose flowers open in the late afternoon, as the common name suggests, and not at all on cloudy days. Funnel shape flowers are pollinated by moths and other insects during the night. Sun
'Limelight Rose' This is an old fashion, rediscovered variety with startling contrast of hot pink flowers and chartreuse foliage. 2'
'Marbles Mix' Heavy bloomer! A mixture of multicolor cultivars in a wide range of bicolors that include pink, yellow and white. Offers a summer filled with color. 24" X 14"
'Salmon Sunset' True salmon-colored trumpets with a pale pink star at the center of each flower. H 2-3'
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FUCHSIA Shade lovers with intricate blossoms. The blooms consist of upward arching sepals (outer petals) and single or double corollas (inner petals) from which dangle long stamens. Each bloom looks like a dancing fairy. All prefer a cool, moist spot. Keep well-watered and fertilized during the heat of summer. Part shade to shade, though some listed like more sun and will say so.
trailing types Trailing foliage and dangling blooms create a showy display for hanging baskets. Loved by hummingbirds.
'Dark Eyes' Double violet-blue corollas surrounded by rose-pink sepals.
magellanica This hardy fuchsia is known for its colorful foliage.
'Aurea' Crimson flowers and small, golden, yellow leaves on arching reddish stems. A striking component plant for mixed containers and window boxes. Sun or shade, although the foliage is brighter in sun.
'Versicolor' Grey green leaves edged in white. New growth is tinted pink providing a lovely accent. Delicate red flowers, shade or part sun.
'Swingtime' Double white corollas surrounded by rose-pink sepals.
upright types Well-branched plants for beds and containers.
'Autumnal' Cascading branches clothed in bright rush colored foliage and brilliant red flowers all summer. Mounding habit. 18-24"
'Ballerina Blue' Double, deep purple corollas surrounded by cerise sepals. Flowers all summer.
NEW! bella series Compact, upright and bushy . Offered are 'Evita', flowers with deep pink sepals and single, pink-veined, white corollas, 'Mariska', flowers with pink sepals and single, purple to magenta corollas and 'Soilda', deep reddish-pink sepals and single, deep purple corollas.
'Firecracker' Fabulous green and cream variegated foliage with bright salmon orange flowers. Part shade to sun. 15"
'Gartenmeister Bonstedt' Smooth burgundy veined leaves with purple undersides. Clusters of showy, deep apricot flowers all summer. This vigorous ever-bloomer is tolerant of sun and heat. 12-18"
windchimes series Upward, large double, brilliantly colored flowers with compact growth that never becomes straggly and keeps blooming even in the heat of the summer. 10-16". Available in 'Lilac Rose' and 'White & White'.
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