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GAILLARDIA pulchella 'Red Plume' Fluffy, very double flowers of brick red. All American Award winner. Showy daisy-shaped blooms on compact, bushy plants with incredible tolerance of drought, heat, and poor soil. Great garden performance all summer. An excellent choice for massing in annual borders. Full sun. 12"-14"
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GAURA lindheimeri belleza series (Bee Blossom) A native of North America, Guara gives the garden a wonderful informality with its long, wispy stems and butterfly-like flowers. Does well in hot, dry sites. Commonly listed as a perennial, we have found it not to be reliably hardy in our gardens. Flowers from summer until a hard frost. Use in containers and borders. Full sun, average soil. Try 'Belleza White' or 'Belleza Dark Pink", with dark leaves. H 12-18"
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GAZANIA new day series Bright, showy flowers , open in full sun but close at night and on cloudy days. An African native, this daisy is very heat and drought tolerant. Full sun, average soil. This series is more compact, has larger 3" blooms. Available in Pink ('Pink Strawberry Shortcake Mix') and a Bright Mix. 6-8"
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GERANIUMS pelargonium Long standing favorite annuals with a plethora of uses. Full to part sun, average soil.
calliope series As a result of breeding regular zonal geraniums with ivy geraniums, you get an upright yet spreading plant with great flower power. These plants are covered with large flower clusters, making them ideal for hanging baskets, patio pots or garden beds. Available in Burgundy, Crimson Flame, Light Lavender , Hot Pink, Pink Flame and Dark Red and White. 12" X 12-16"
fancy leaf hybrid forms Foliage plants have become an intergral addition to perennial beds and more importantly container gardens. This type of geranium is grown for its variations in both leaf and color variegations. Often with single blooms, the foliage is where the attraction lies.
'Brocade Cherry Night' Chocolate leaves with a narrow green margin topped with truly cherry colored blossoms. H 10-12"
'Brocade Fire' Unique bicolor foliage with a nonstop display of semi-double orange flowers. Holds its foliage color and brilliant blooms throughout the hot summers.
bullseye series Unique dark chocolate foliage, edged in light green, creating a nice contrast to the large 4 to 5" flowers on multiple stems. Available in Cherry and Light pink.
'Contrast' Green leaves generously edged in cream and sandwiched in between is a broad band of red, with small bright red flowers. 10-18"
'Crystal Palace Gem' Bright yellow leaves have splashes of dark green and provide a striking contrast to the bright magenta-orange flowers. Heirloom
NEW! 'First Yellow' Presenting the first true yellow geranium ever! A breakthrough in the land of geraniums. The stunning yellow double-blossomed beauties flower gloriously all summer long. H 12-15"
'Frank Headley' A dwarf, compact, showy plant that is in constant bloom with single, salmon flowers. Clean white edged green foliage.
'Indian Dunes' Rounded chartreuse leaves with deep rust central markings and hot fuschia red flowers.
'Mrs. Peters' Mrs. Peters' bears single, bright-pink flowers amidst its green and cream variegated leaves on mounding plants that remain shorter than 14 inches.
NEW! 'Mrs. Pollack' A fantastic variegated leaved Geranium. The bright, attractive foliage consists of tri-colored leaves of yellow, red and green with orange-red flowers.
'Persian Queen' Single magenta flowers above bright lime-green foliage. Striking color combination.
sidoedes A unique clump growing Geranium packed with small, felted grey leaves. Deep maroon flower clusters are held on fine stems.
'Vancouver Centennial' Decorative foliage is lobed and pointed, marked with burgundy against an almost chartreuse background. This fantastic contrast is highlighted by bright orange-red flowers. 12-14"
'Wilhelm Langguth' Intense red flowers appear over green foliage splashed with cream, lovely variegation. Grows to 12".
pelatum (Ivy Geraniums) These are trailing geraniums that tumble happily out of hanging baskets or containers to form cascades of flowers and foliage that resembles ivy.
NEW! 'Great Balls of Fire Burgundy Blaze' Bold clusters of lightly-scented burgundy flowers with white streaks at the ends of the stems from late spring to early fall.
royal series Heat tolerant, vigorous ivies that have self-cleaning single flowers. A spreading habit and maintenance-free flowers make this series ideal for beds and containers. Offered in Blue, Burgundy, Dark Red, Lavender, Light Pink, Salmon, Scarlet Red and White/Red Eye.
NEW! regal 'Pinkerbell' (Martha Washington) Pinkerbell is a stunning new regal hybrid with a more compact habit than other lines but full of bi-color pink and white flowers that come nonstop throughout the summer months. Heat tolerant and fragrant. H 12-18"
scented geraniums Totally undemanding plants that thrive on neglect. All they need is a sunny spot and an occasional watering and they will reward you with fragrance and flowers all season. Certain to turn any brown thumbs to green. Delightful in the herb garden, pots, or as houseplants.
'Attar of Roses' Upright habit, with large rose scented leaves. 24"
'Citronella' Deeply cut foliage with a powerful lemon scent. 18-22"
NEW! 'Citrosa' Large leaves and pink flowers, with a fragrance more like lemons than citronella. Grows robustly and is a perfect choice for hot dry spots in the garden or for large containers on the patio. H 2'
'Lady Plymouth' Deeply cut rose scented leaves with a soft sage green edged in yellow coloring. Delicate lavender pink flowers. 14-20"
'Spearmint' Very large, soft, fuzzy leaves with a fresh minty scent. Pale lavender flowers. A vigorous grower.
zonal Traditional bedding Geraniums with good garden performance. Large, double blooms. Available in apple blossom, purple, shocking pink, dark red, salmon, strawberry, and white.
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GERBERA 'Mega Revolution Select Mix' (African Daisy) An elegant long season display of big, bold, daisy-like flowers set on well shaped plants with crisp dark foliage. The largest of flower sizes in 12 different colors. Grow in moist, but well-drained soil, in full sun. Attracts butterflies like crazy! H 16"
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GILIA capitata 'Super Bee' A native California flower with ferny foliage and lavender blue globe flowers that act as beacons to bees and butterflies in the garden. 12-15", Heirloom. Circa 1826
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GOMPHRENA Globe Amaranth has long been treasured in everlasting arrangements with its papery, clover-like blooms. Likes well-drained, even dry soil and full sun.
'Fireworks' Intense, hot pink flowers carried on tall, scaffolding stems. 36-48"
globosa 'Cosmic Flare' An all summer, shockingly beautiful ‘Cosmic Flare’ will brighten up any border or container with its spectacular chartreuse foliage and magenta blooms. H 15-24" x 20-24".
las vegas series This new series provides bright colors, excitement and heat tolerance. Available in Purple and Pink. 20"Hx20"W.
NEW! pulchella 'Truffula Pink' Flowers are held on graceful, arching stems above narrow leaves. The blossoms are hot pink orbs tipped in tangerine. H 22-28"
'Qis Red' Bright and bold shade of red. 24-26"
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GRASSES Ornamental Grasses have been gaining popularity with each passing year, understandably so. They make wonderful statements in any garden with their strong linear shape and their inflorescence gracefully swaying in the breeze. Sun
ARUNDO donax 'Peppermint Stick' (Giant Reed Grass) With its striking, green and white variegation, this grass will certainly stand out in the garden. Use for screening or as a specimen where a large drought-tolerant plant is needed. Plants spread through underground rhizomes forming large clumps. H 8-10'
CAREX 'Frosted Curls' Finely textured grass with light green edged in darker green. Its pendant, cascading habit has a softening effect. H 10-14", Prefers moist conditions.
NEW! CORN ornamental 'Pink Zebra' With strips of white, pink, purple, and green, this ornamental corn is perfect for container gardening or landscapes! Plant and let go while it changes colors throughout the season. Small purple corn cobs form, great for fall decorations. Sun, H 4-5'
CYPERUS Native to the tropical and temperate regions of the world, these sedges are aquatic plants that grow in still or slow moving water. Great as a focal component in water gardens or ornamental containers. Part sun to sun.
'Baby tut' 'Baby Tut' is a smaller version of 'King Tut'. A water garden friendly-grass that can be planted in the landscape or mixed containers, as well. 18-24"
'King Tut' This dwarf form of Giant Papyrus has pendulous greenish leaves and greenish flower spikelets atop tall upright stems. An exotic looking beauty. 48-72"
'Prince Tut' A nice compact form, about half the height of King Tut, but with the same large poms on the ends of the stems. 30-48"
ISOLEPSIS cernus 'Live Wire' Fiber-optic Grass has a dense mop-like tuft of fine green foliage that is tipped by tiny flowers. Looks poignant as the sole specimen in an elevated pot where its graceful, pendulous form can be displayed.
JUNCUS Juncus rushes have leaves which are either thin or round and contain a spongy pith. There are many species, the following ornamental rushes are well suited for annual beds and mixed containers, with there unusual and different, stiff upright foliage.
effusus 'Big Twister' Wow! Deep green cylindrical foliage twirls in bold, upright spirals, creating a modern look. Height 18-24"
inflexus 'Blue Arrows' Linear blue foliage and strong vertical habit makes this a reliable accent in container plantings. This low maintenance rush tolerates full sun and drought, yet can be used as a pond plant. 3'
MELINIS nerviglumis 'Savannah' (Ornamental Ruby Grass) This variety has showy pink, feathery 'flowers' above the slender blue-green foliage in the summer and fall, yet stays attractive into the winter months. Clumps of Ruby Grass are very dense, mounded and absolutely stunning when in 'flower'. H 18-24"
PENNISETUM Annual grasses are much underused garden plants. Amidst flowering bedding plants, they make unique accents with their feathery wands and flowing foliage. Heat and drought tolerant.
glaucum (Ornamental Millet) Upright mounds of decorative, wide blades with showy wand-like flowering spikes arriving in the summer.
'Jade Princess' Upright fountains of chartreuse-lime foliage all summer, topped by burgundy wands. 3-4'
'Jester' A millet with beautiful foliage changes as season progresses from lemon green to bronze purple. 3-4'
setaceum (Fountain Grass) Fountain Grass produces arching, feathery inflorescence in a lovely greenish purple which age to a golden brown in Fall. A loosely gathered circle of narrow blades forms a graceful mound. 2-3'
advena A hybrid of fountain grass which bears slightly wider, arching blades
'Cherry Sparkler' Yet another spectacular 'Rubrum' sport! Pink blush overtakes the white and green striped leaves as light levels increase. Red/burgundy plumes. Height 2'
'Fireworks' 'Rubrum' with a flair! A variegated purple fountain grass with mid-veins of burgundy and hot pink margins. Simply fabulous!
'Rubrum' (Purple Fountain Grass) Deep burgundy foliage is topped by dramatic purple-red plumes all summer. 3-4'
'Skyrocket' Bright green and pristine white foliage with plumes. A morphological sport of 'Fireworks'. 20-30"
x. 'First Knight' The newest noble boasts the deepest, darkest, blackest purple of them all. A sword thrust of very upright leaves in center, arching around the edges. Hail! H 48-54"
STIPA tenuissima aka nassella ten. 'Pony Tails' Mexican Feather Grass is a very fine textured grass which forms a wispy fountain bordered by creamy silver inflorescence. A cool season grower which maintains its beauty all summer. Lovely swaying in a breeze. May over-winter. Prefers dry conditions. 18-24"
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GYPSOPHILA muralis gypsy series Compact mounds of foliage are covered by clouds of tiny, papery blooms. Heat tolerant. Forms neat mounds that are 8-10" tall and wide. May reseed. Full to part sun, average soil. Offered in 'Deep Rose' and 'White'.
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