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Andrew's Catalogue

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HELICHRYSUM Great foliage plants to add textural interest or to cool down hot colors. These multi-branched plants are ideal accents in the garden or large planters. Heat tolerant but heavy drinkers. Full to part sun.
augustifolium 'Icicles' Dense, upright clumps of bright silver, needle-like foliage. A nice foliar accent which is also edible!
petiolare Trailing, well-branched plants with soft, rounded leaves. Excellent weaving amongst taller plants. Excellent companions to hybrid vegetative petunias.
'Licorice' Soft, silver leaves. Extremely vigorous grower, spreading habit.
'Licorice Lemon' Lime green foliage on plants preferring partial shade.
'Licorice Splash' Gray green leaves variegated with greenish yellow. Compact.
minus 'Silver Mist' With small, bright silver, fuzzy foliage and a more polite growth habit, this is truly superb component trailing plant. 6-8"
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HELIOTROPE heliotropium arborescens Large, dense clusters of deep purple blossoms rise above dark green, deeply ridged, purple tinged foliage. The blossoms have a sweet vanilla aroma and are a nice cut flower. Plenty of fertilizer and water will produce luscious growth and large flowers all summer. Attracts butterflies. Sun
'Alba' Large umbels of pure white flowers. Tremendously fragrant! H 12-18"
'Fragrant Delight' An immensely fragrant, vegetatively propagated variety. Deep purple blooms. 12"
'Marine' Giant umbels of deep purple flowers. 12-18"
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HEUCHERA little cutie series Colorful foliage plants in a variety of colors. This series is just the right size for mixed containers, also perfect for fairy gardens and rock gardens. H 6-10", Zone 4-10
'Peppermint' This bright green miniature is heavily veiled with silver. Spikes of bright pink flowers bloom all season.
'Sugar Berry' Berry-violet with dark veins and sugary pink flowers spikes on short stems.
'Sweet Tart' Very tangy, lime colored foliage in a tight mound with taller dark stems of bi-colored cerise and hot pink blooms.
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HIBISCUS A tropical plant, having large, showy variously colored flowers. They like indirect sunlight and good drainage, important because they do not like wet feet! Hibiscus will live a long time if you overwinter them indoors.
'Mahogany Splendor' A thriller in containers adding some awesome color and dramatic height. Resembling a mini Japanese maple, this 4-5' tall plant sends up a lovely mahogany screen of maple shape serrated deep burgundy leaves.
rosa sinensis Native to tropical Asia and are among the showiest of flowering shrubs.
'Cajun City Slicker' Abundant, 6-6.5" blooms, colors from light pink, purple to red. H 3-5'
'Spin the Bottle' A carnival pinwheel of gorgeous reds, oranges and pinks radiating out to ruffled yellow edges. H 3-5'
tiliaceus 'Variegata - Tricolor' Grown mostly for its fab foliage, will grow to 3-4 feet in one season and form a nice sized shrub. The glossy 6–8 inch oval leaves are generously splashed with green, white, pink and deep red. New growth is a deep delicious burgundy.
trionum 'Simply Love Superior' This variety has pale yellow flowers with maroon centers. Bushy habit and continous bloom all summer. Marvelously heat tolerant and does well even in poor soils.
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HOLLYHOCK 'Queeny Mix' A fantastic dwarf variety that boast 3-4", double blooms in a rich mix of colors. Unlike perennial varieties, these will bloom freely all summer. Prefer full sun. H 2-3'
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HOMALOCIADIUM platycladum 'Ribbon Plant' The ribbon plant has flat, segmented leafless stems. Growing to a height of 2 – 3 feet in one season and quite the novelty for combination planters. Grow in sun to part shade. Also does very well as a houseplant.
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HYPOESTES phyllostachya 'Hippo Rose' (Polka Dot Plant) Stunning bi color foliage with shades of bright pink and green, features larger leaves and more vigor. Full sun to full shade and adaptable as a houseplant. The upright habit allow this plant to be used as a thriller/filler in combinations. H 16-22" X 14" W
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