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LAMIUM 'White Nancy' (maculatum) Outstanding foliage plant for the shade. The 1-2" wide leaves are silvery white with green edges and have a quilted appearance and white flowers. Perfect as 'spiller' in mixed containers
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LANTANA Heat loving plants with clusters of brilliantly colored florets, irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds. Full sun.
camara This plant comes in many combinations of red, yellow, and orange flowers in small clusters. Deadheading spent flowers will encourage additional blooming and will prevent the growth of toxic berries.
bandana series Well branched with large colored blooms and a nice mounding habit. An early blooming variety that will bloom all summer. Offered in 'Peach' and 'Red'. H 12"
bloomify series Offered in 'Rose', rose-pink and yellow flowers and 'Red', a blend of rose, peach and yellow hues. Sterile varieties, no more deadheading seed pods. Perfect plant to carry you through the summer months in color.
landmark series A nice mounded selection of vividly colored blossoms. Available in 'Citrus', 'Rose Glow', and 'Yellow'. H 15".
'Lucky Lemon Glow' The dark green foliage contrasts beautifully with the bright yellow and white flowers. H 12-16", spread 12-14"
'Luscious Grape' A trailing lantana variety with a profusion of bright purple flowers. H 10-14", trail up to 30" .
'Samantha' Variegated foliage sports golden blooms. Semi-trailing habit.
montevidensis 'Weeping White' A continuous bloomer, producing small, white flower head clusters. Low, naturally spreading.
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LARKSPUR consolida Loving cool weather, this Delphinium relative is best planted early in the season when the days are still cool. For optimum flowering and garden performance add plenty of lime prior to planting. Full sun.
ambigua 'Giant Imperial Mix' Showy spikes of pink, purple, white and lavender. Excellent choice for spring and early summer cut flowers. 24-36", Heirloom
'Blue Cloud' Bushy clouds reminiscent of Baby’s Breath producing half inch florets in a rich purple hue. Self cleaning plants. 24"
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LAURENTIA The diminutive size of this plant’s leaves, flowers and overall height makes it a terrific plant for containers. Multi branched stems bear deeply divided alternate, 1" wide leaves. Delicate star shaped blue flowers appear in profusion all summer long. Full sun.
'Beths Blue' Grown from vegetative cuttings and slightly taller, 10-14"
'Gemini Blue' Single, star shaped blooms on finely cut foliage. Keeps nicely controlled mounding habit in containers. H 8". Easy to grow.
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LAVATERA trimestris 'Pink Blush' Large, silky cup-shaped blooms of blush pink are produced above sizable light green lobed leaves. A fabulous bushy border plant smothered in flowers until frost. H 28-32"
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LEONOTIS Tender perennials native to South America with remarkable flowers and a posh upright stature. Whorls of flowers are carried on leafless stems, each whorl consisting of dozens of lipped flowers. Interesting plants best used in garden beds for a dramatic, quirky look. Full sun and well drained soil.
leonurus (Lions Ear) This lions ear fits nicely into mid to large planters and in mixed garden beds. Vivid orange, velvety, whorled blooms appear in clusters along upright stems. 3-4'
ocymifolia var. raineriana (Dwarf Lions Ear) Bright, velvety orange flowers in dense whorls. Shorter and a more compact appearance. The velvety foliage is gray green. 18-24"
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LINUM grandiflorum 'Blue Dress' Stunning border plant, producing tiny sprays with masses of true-blue flowers throughout the summer. Ideal for containers or borders. Full sun, 12-20"
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LISIANTHUS eustoma grandiflora Unusual and treasured annual rarely found in the marketplace. Exquisite blossoms reminiscent of a cross between a tulip and a rose carried upon lovely gray green foliage. A breath taking cut flower that endures up to two weeks. Moist, fertile soil with some added lime is a must. Full sun
abc series Double-Flowered Lisianthus. Offered in several beautiful colors: Deep Purple, Rose, Yellow and White. H 24-30"
'Matador Blue' White buds transform into deep blue flowers. Heat tolerant, suitable for the garden or containers. 6-12"
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LOBELIA erinus A delicate looking little plant ideal for partial to full shade situations. Dainty, spurred flowers absolutely conceal the foliage. There are both mounding and trailing types. Resent drying out.
NEW! 'Early Springs Lavender Pink' Lots of blooms for lots of color - just one plant fills a patio container! Or use it as filler with other sun-lovers, performs beautifully in the heat. H 8-10" x 12" W
'Laguna Dark Blue' A vegetative variety that is free-blooming and compact with amazing heat tolerance in full sun or partial shade. H 8-12"
magadi series A vegetative series bred to perform well in summer heat. Available in Blue, Electric Blue, Dark Blue, and White. Cascading habit. H 6-10"
regatta series These are trailing varieties offered in 'Blue Splash', 'Midnight Blue', 'Sapphire' and 'Sky Blue'. H 6-8"
riviera series A mounding variety, that comes in either 'Sky Blue' or 'Midnight Blue'. 3-4"
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LOTUS berethelotti 'Amazon Sunset' (Parrots Beak) Great plant that fills the need for a silver, soft, trailing foliage plant. Unique foliage makes it a welcome addition to mixed containers. Orange flowers produced when night temperature stay below 55-60 degrees. Sun
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LYSIMACHIA congestiflora 'Tiger Stripes' Grown for its colorful foliage, golden-yellow stripes over the greenish-brown base, it will bloom from spring into fall. Trails to 12". Partial shade
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