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Andrew's Catalogue

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NASTURTIUM tropaeolum majus These brightly colored flowers are an essential element of the cottage garden. These cheerful, trailing plants are delightful spilling over walkways and containers. Funnel-shaped flowers make a colorful, peppery addition to salads. All form cascading mounds, 10-12" high, then trailing. Best in full sun to light shade and average to moist soil.
'Alaska Mix' Green and cream variegated foliage sports blooms in gold,orange,and red.
NEW! 'Baby Rose' 2019 AAS Winner. This new variety is a breakthrough in nasturtium breeding with its very compact habit and much smaller, darker leaves and stunning, very dark, 2" rose prolific flowers. 20"
'Empress of India' Blue-green leaves and vermillion-red blooms. Heirloom.
'Jewel Mix' Semi-double blooms in orange, cherry rose, and red.
'Trailing Mix' Flowers in red, rose, orange, and yellow. Perfect for hanging baskets and containers, or even as a ground cover. Will "climb" if tied to upright supports.
'Whirlybird Mix' Cream, tangerine, salmon, gold, mahogany, and scarlet blooms.
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NEMESIA fruticans Small, airy, snapdragon-like flowers dangle above glossy green foliage. Full sun to part sun, average soil.
'7th Heaven Mix' A mix of lovely lavender bicolor blossoms that are highly fragrant. Compact and bushy with larger flowers than most. 12-14"
'SunGlo Yellow Bicolor' First saturated yellow & plum bicolor flowers. Large flowers with heartwarming sunshine yellow lower petals, contrast well with the saturated plum upper petals. Highly scented.
sunsatia series 'Blood Orange", boasting hues of orange in each petal, the blooms appear to change color as sunshine reflects off each petal, and 'Lemon', stunning creamy and bright yellow flowers. Semi-trailing, 6-10"
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NICOTIANA A large and varied genus of ornamental tobacco plants with tubular, star-shaped flowers carried above bold, sticky foliage. These tropical looking plants love heat, sun, and moisture.
alata 'Jasmine' White, star shaped tubular flowers open in the early evening, filling the air with warmn sweetness. Use in the center of a bed of evening flowers. Self sows, 3-4' tall. Heirloom.
langsdorfii Panicles of lime green, drooping flowers are carried upon upright, branching stems. Very heavy blooming from July until hard frost. 2-3'
perfume series Strongly scented, especially in the evening. Available in a mix, deep purple and white. H 16-20"
sylvestris Striking candelabrum of pure white, fragrant blooms. The long, tubular flowers dangle in clusters above tall leafy stems. Breathtaking! 5-6', Heirloom.
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NIEREMBERGIA repens Upright stems clothed in finely dissected, needle-like foliage. Loads of small, cup-shaped flowers are held in clusters above the foliage. Very heat tolerant, blooming freely all summer. Compact and spreading. Sun to partial shade and average soil. Available as 'Purple Robe' and 'White Robe'. 8".
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NIGELLA damascena 'Persian Oxford Blue' (Love-In-A-Mist) Love-in-a-Mist is an old-fashioned favorite. Airy sky blue flowers float amongst feathery foliage, creating a misty haze treasured in cottage gardens. Flowers mature to papery pods valued in everlasting arrangements. Will re-seed. Full to part sun, average soil. 12-18"
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NOLANA Attractive small plants for edging gardens or paths, and their showy flowers are produced in great profusion. Excellent for poor or rocky sites. Characterized by decumbent stems which lie horizontally along the ground but with the tip ascending and almost erect. Full sun to light shade.
humifusa 'Little Bell' Lilac-blue, cup-shaped blooms with a blue throat on thick, glaucous leaves. This little charmer happily carpeted the corner of our herb garden last summer earning it high marks as an annual ground cover. Spreading 12-18", 2-4" height
paradoxa 'Bluebird' True blue, trumpet shaped flowers with white and yellow throats, smile up at you from succulent foliage. The sprawling habit is perfect for containers or beds. The flower closes at night and on cloudy days. 2"h by 12"w.
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