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PANSIES viola x wittrockiana These old-fashioned and charming, pansies bear large blossoms in a wide range of colors. These cool weather bloomers add a splash of color to the spring or fall garden. We grow several varieties in a rainbow of colors some with traditional faces and some without. These true harbingers of spring are a welcome sight after a long winter. Full to part sun.
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NEW! PENSTEMON 'Pentastic Rose' Beautiful, bell-shaped, rose/white blooms are densely packed above the compact, tidy foliage from June to October. Attractive to bees, slug resistant, sun or part shade. H 8-12"
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PENTAS lanceolata starcluster series Pentas is one of the best butterfly-attracting plants around. It blooms all summer, even during the hottest weather, with large clusters of starry blooms that attract butterflies by the dozens as well as hummingbirds. Full sun. 14-18". Colors include Lavender, Pink, Red, and White.
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PERILLA magilla 'Magilla Purple' Even without the catchy name it’s hard not to notice this bold colored plant. Leaves are burgundy, painted red down the center and splashed with a metallic green. Like a outrageous new Coleus for the sun! Sun to partial shade and fertile, moist, well-drained soil. 2-3'
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NEW! PETCHOA 'Supercal Cinnamon' Truly the All Weather Petunia, combining the best traits of both Petunias and Calibrachoas. Non-sticky foliage, large flowers and exceptional heat tolerance. Sun, H 10-16" x 12-20" W
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PETUNIA Blooming in almost any color imaginable, Petunias deserve a place in everyone’s garden. They are long blooming, versatile plants that look nice in both containers and in borders. Full to part sun.
exserta A rare jewel! A profuse bloomer, unusual long tubes open into exotic 2.5" vivid deep crimson flowers from early Summer to Fall. Easy and fast with a 2'x 2' upright, bushy form. Hummingbird pollinated.
hybrids Standard bedding Petunias encompassing grandiflora, floribunda and multiflora types.
floribunda 'Madness Burgundy' Masses of large blooms on compact plants. Great garden performers.
grandiflora Produces the largest flowers of all the petunias.
'Aladdin Orange' This petunia has a nice orange flower that is about 3 1/2" across or bigger, the flowers have a wavy look to them. H 12" x 18" W
'Dreams Rose Morn' 3 1/2", hot rose with a white morn center and yellow throat. This seed produced petunia is noted for its holding ability under hot, humid and rainy conditions. 10-15" X 10-12" spread
pretty grand series Large blooms, with good branching and disease resistance. Will make a tidy basket. Available in Midnight (Royal Blue), Red, Summer (Cherry-Red) and White. H 7-10", spread 8-12".
'Prism Sunshine' An improved yellow with large blooms on compact plants. Winner of the All American Award and Fleuroselect Gold Metal.
'Sophistica Antique Shades' Large, waxy petals with dusty pink outer edges, surrendering to a subtle antique yellow center. 10-15"
'Sophistica Lime Bicolor' Deep rose pink petals swirled and brushed together with pale yellow creating an artistic blend in every flower. H 10-15", spread 10-12".
supercascade series A cascading variety ideal for containers. Available in blue, burgundy, lilac, red and white.
integrifolia 'Magenta' A unique open pollinated species. Not widely available elsewhere. Blooms all summer without deadheading. Neither torrential rains nor tropical heat bothers these beauties. Reseeds freely, to the joy of many a gardener. H 2' x 2'
multiflora Very heavy bloomers on nicely mounded plants.
'Evening Scentsation Blue' 2017 AAS Flower Winner! The first petunia to receive an AAS award for its lovely fragrance and stunning color. This is “One of the best blue petunias I have seen, nice mounding and spreading habit. Excellent fragrance too!” wrote one judge. H 5-8", spread 30-35"
NEW! 'Potunia Blueberry Muffin' This new variety of petunia is a unique breed boasting a bubble-like, round habit. A pretty pastel variety in shades of purple, cream and yellow. Mounding and full of flowers. H 6-10", spread 10-12"
supertunia hybrids Large flowers and a vigorous sprawling habit make these robust, tireless bloomers ideal for containers or as ground covers. Attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies.
'Amour Queen Of Hearts' Five striking red hearts on each bloom. The bright red hearts contrast beautifully with the golden yellow stripes that create a central 'star' on each flower.
'Bermuda Beach' Lovely salmon-coral flowers are extremely free flowering and self-cleaning. It will spread less vigorously than most supertunias. Drought and heat tolerant. H 5-8", 10-18" spread.
'Cascadia Indian Summer' Large, lightly ruffled blooms of varied shades of yellow to rose to pink, lending a terracotta look. Semi-trailing, 10-18"
'Crazytunia Black Mamba' Pure black, velvety, medium to large blossoms grow in a mounding habit with exceptional heat tolerance, never fading or streaking, even as they age.
'Daybreak Charm' Vibrant sunshine yellow and watermelon pink flowers are eye-catching and unique. 8-12"
'Johnny Flame' This stunning beauty offers rosy-purple blooms with a deeper magenta-purple splash on every petal -- dark, intense, and absolutely irresistible!
'Lime Light' Distinctive compact variety has trumpet shaped blooms in rose with a lime border. Early blooming and highly floriferous with a mounding habit. 12" x 12".
'Limoncello' Bushy, compact and free-flowering, with large wavy blooms in an attractive two tone creamy-yellow bicolor, resembling the delicious Italian liqueur.
'Night Sky' It produces masses of velvety indigo blue flowers with a host of pure white flecks and spots - just like gazing into a far-away galaxy, reminiscent of the constellations viewed above on a clear night.
'Phantom' Velvety almost black petals, with a striking yellow star center. 8-12"
'Royal Velvet' Fragrant purple flowering petunia will provide brilliant color in baskets, beds, balconies and combo planters. H 10", trails to 48".
'Surfinia Sky Blue' Beautiful blue-lavender flowers bloom all season. Weather resistant. No deadheading required. Grows H 6-10" x 8-12" W
'Vista Bubble Gum' Bubble gum pink flowers, so vigorous and showy that they can be seen from a distant view (vista). In my opinion, the best petunia money can buy! 16-24", spread 2'.
wave series The most popular of the petunias. Super fast growing, easy to care for, they spread and trail. No deadheading! Superb flower-power and unbeatable weather tolerance.
easy wave series Very similar to original Waves, just taller. Spreading 30-39" wide and 6-12" tall. Available in Blue, Burgundy Velour, Lavender Sky Blue, Neon Rose, Plum Vein, Pink Passion, Red, Rosy Dawn, Violet, White and Yellow.
'Shock Wave Denim' The colors change as the bloom ages creating carpets of lavender, blue, purple, nearly white and every shade in between. Spreading 30-36" wide and 7-10" tall.
'Tidal Wave Cherry' Magenta pink flowers with extra vigorous habit, spreading 30"-60" wide, 16"-22" tall. With proper support will grow upward 2-3'.
'Tidal Wave Red Velour' Tidal Wave Velour Red petunias have masses of 4", dark blood red flowers. Plants spread like a ground cover up to 4'. Height 16-22", 30-60" spread.
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PHACELIA campanularia 'Blue Rhythm' California Bluebells produce myriads of gentian blue bellflowers. Reddish, arching stems are clothed in heart-shaped leaves tinged with purple. Best in hot, dry, infertile soil and containers. Full sun. 4-6"
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PHLOX '21st Century Mix' Compact plants producing clusters of a brightly colored mixture of blue, crimson, scarlet, salmon and white, flowering throughout the summer. Exceptional vigor, weather tolerance and flower from spring to fall! H 12"
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PHORMIUM tenax 'Purple Mountain' (New Zealand Flax) Graceful dark purple blades. Leaves widen with age and feature an electric blue tinge on the undersides, make a bold upright statement. These evergreen, tender perennials are native to New Zealand and related to Agave and Yucca. No pests bother with its tough foliage. Over winter indoors. Sun to shade, Most grow 2-3' in the first year and another foot or more to reach their mature height.
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PHYGELIUS (Cape Fuschia) Native to South Africa, cape fuchsia will add vitality to your plantings with vibrant, showy flowers that bloom for months in summer and fall. Their eye catching funnel shaped flowers are attractive to hummingbirds. Four inch, lance shaped, shiny, dark green leaves give the plant a handsome appearance. Full sun. 18-36"
'Devils Tears' Deep red flowers with yellow throats.
rectus Profuse clusters of fuchsia-like flowers, blooming for months. H 24" x 24" W.
'Moonraker' Pale yellow, four-inch-long flowers dangle all around the stems of this evergreen, fuchsia look-alike.
'Salmon Leap' Produces vivid salmon orange flowers in a stunning display from early summer until frost.
'Sunshine' Soft-yellow foliage complemented by clusters of tubular flowers, red with yellow throats.
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PLECTRANTHUS We can’t say enough about Plectranthus. Its coloring, shape, and habit make it one of the finest accent plants we have ever grown. Sun or shade.
argenteus 'Silver Shield' Velvety-leafed annual with silver-gray color, grown primarily for the foliage. 24-28"
aurea marginata 'Lemon Twist' Scalloped green leaves are edged in chartreuse generating a gorgeous effect. Forms a 12" mound.
coleoides 'White Surf' Fragrant, bright green leaves edged in white with trailing stems up to 2 feet long. A glorious accent plant. 12-16"
'Monas Lavender' Glossy, dark green leaves support a mass of flower spikes in late summer. Rich, lavender flowers are salvia-like and frost tolerant. 12-16"
NEW! 'Velvet Elvis' Plush, velvety foliage is deep green with a vibrant purple back. Huge flower spikes are twice the size of Mona Lavender and create an amazing floral effect that lasts for months. Blooms September/October. H 28-32"
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PLUMBAGO auriculata 'Royal Cape' (cape leadwort) Native to South Africa, when grown in containers in it will grow 1-3’ per year. Features clusters of phlox-like clear bright blue flowers with small darker blue star in the center, better color than the species. Water freely and fertilize monthly during the growing season. Full sun.
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POPPIES Showy, colorful blooms with papery petals dance upon wiry stems throughout most of the summer. Attractive seed pods add interest in the garden or in arrangements. Plant early in the season while soil is moist and cool. Once established, poppies thrive in hot, sunny, dry locations.
commutatum 'Ladybird' An heirloom favorite and one of the most prolific poppies available, the beautiful 'Ladybird' (a British word for ladybug) is a garden head-turner. Bright red flowers with black spots grows to about 15" tall. Neat foliage bearing 15 or more 3" blooms at a time.
eschscholzia californica (California Poppy) A species native to the United States and Mexico, with showy cup-shaped flowers in brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow. It is also used as food or a garnish.
'Jelly Beans' Famous for intensely vivid colors that please the eye all summer, even in the driest soils. Jelly Beans is a mouth watering mix of large 2" flowers in shades of orange, salmon, rose and gold. H 10"
NEW! 'Orange King' 'Orange King' is a tall, tangerine Californian poppy with delicate, silvery foliage. Perfect for edging paths, giving a naturalistic feel to any garden. It will self-sow. H 18"
nudicaule 'Champagne Bubbles' (Icelandic Poppy) Single flowered Poppies with a silky, crepe papery look. Great accompaniment to Pansies. A vibrant mix of orange, red, yellow and white. 12"-18"
paeoniflorum 'Peony Mix' Full ruffled, 4" wide blooms in shades of deep purple, pale pink, violet, dark pink, scarlet, white and yellow. 2-3', Heirloom
rhoeas Delicate, tissue-like flowers on wiry stems
'Double Shirley Mix' Double blooms in pink, salmon, red, and white. 2-3'
'Mother of Pearl' A lovely mixture of misty and subtle shades of grey, lilac, soft orange and white, many stippled with pink. Stunning! 1.5 to 2'.
'Pandora' Shades of red to dark burgundy with a slight hint of silver to white on the older petals. With a little deadheading this poppy will bloom June through September. 12-20"
somniferum Stately plants producing bright blooms and large, ornamental seed pods filled with tasty seeds for baking. Blue-grey, cabbage-like leaves. Self sows. H 2-3'.
'Cherry Glow' Selected from a collection of heirloom poppies, 'Cherry Glow' has lustrous ruby tulip-shaped blooms and the classic "lettuce leaf" foliage.
'Laurens Grape' Deep burgundy purple blooms with characteristic black spotting.
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PORTULACA grandiflora Gloriously colored, papery blooms cover succulent stems and fleshy spike-like leaves. Have a sprawling habit, ideal for edging borders or containers. Thrives in hot, sunny, dry locations.
colorblast series The ColorBlast series provides the best drought tolerance and vibrant color. Wonderful for both beds and containers. H 4-6" X 8-16" W. Larger flowers in these great colors, 'Grenadine'(Cherry-Red), 'Lemon Twist', 'Mango Mojito'(Orange/yellow), 'Pink Lady'(Pink/White) also 'Double Magenta' and 'Double Orange'.
happy trails series Ideal bedding flowers in fuchsia, mix, orange, pink and yellow. H 3-5"
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