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SALPIGLOSSIS sinuata Graceful airy stems carry small trumpets in rich romantic shades. Each throat is veined in a spider web of contrasting hues, hence the common name Painted Tongue. Elegant summer bloomers, great for cutting. Full sun, average soil. 18-24"
'Kew Blue' Velvety midnight-purple blooms with even darker centers.
'Royale Mix' Lovely, multi-color blooms of chocolate, coral, purple, purple bi-color, red, rose, and yellow.
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SALVIA A decorative bedding plant grown for its showy flower spikes flaunting an astonishing array of colors. Upright branching habit. Attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. Full sun and amply moist, average garden soil.
chamaedryoides Bright, clear blue blooms on densely spreading stems lined with very small grey leaves. Great for mixed containers. 4-6"
chiapensis Brilliant fuchsia, fuzzy blossoms on sturdy spikes. Slightly sprawling habit. Rich, pure color. Great for containers. 2'
coccinea summer jewel series Compact plants stay tidy in containers and gardens. Prolific bloomers from spring through fall. Bright flowers attract hummingbirds; while goldfinches swarm the plant for seeds. 20" tall spiky stalks of 1/2" blooms. Offered in Pink, Red and White.
farinacea Densely packed flower spikes, leafy dark green foliage. Excellent cut flowers. Ideal for drying.
'Blue Bedder' Long stems make it the best for cutting. 3'
sallyfun series (mealycap sage) Spikes of electric blue flaring tubular blooms with a bright white eye on 'Blue Emotion' and lighter blue spikes on 'Sky Blue', both can reach 36", blooms from Spring to Fall.
'Victoria Blue' Indigo blue. 1-2'
guaranitica Showy, tall species, blooming from summer into Fall. Great for late season color. Full sun and good drainage. Tolerates part shade.
'Argentine Skies' (Argentina Blue Sage) Beautiful, light blue flowers. 2-3'
'Black and Bloom' Makes a big impact with a thicker leaf, bigger bloom and darker stem than Black & Blue. Dependable deep blue color against a black stem. 4'
interrupta 'Waverly' Spikes of fuzzy, light lavender blooms elegantly rise to 4' above crinkled, sage green leaves. Soft and delicate color.
longispicata x farinacea 'Mystic Spires Blue' If you love ‘Indigo Spires’ but it is too large a plant for certain spots, this could be just the plant for you. True blue flowers bloom abundantly all season on this somewhat compact salvia growing just 20-30"
microphylla 'Hot Lips' Unique and striking selection with unusual two-toned flowers. An outstanding compact, carefree plant. Fast growing. 3x3'.
microphylla x greggii (Texas Sage) A native to Southwestern U.S.. This salvia is a soft, woody shrub with small dainty aromatic leaves and spikes of trumpet-shaped flowers. A continous hummingbird treat, they flower heavily in the spring and fall and sporadic through the warm months. Very Drought resistant.
'Heatwave Glimmer' The flowers are a creamy white, almost a very light light yellow, tinged with the slightest amount of pink. This Salvia will bloom and bloom, even in half day shade. H to 2'
mirage series Heat-tolerant series features a full range of intense flower colors, for gardens and containers. More compact than most, H 12-14" x 14-16" W. Offered in 'Cherry-Red', 'Hot Pink' and 'Violet'.
patens (Gentian Sage) Larger flowers than most Salvias, held in loose spikes.
'Blue Angel' Rich true blue flowers appear from early summer into fall. 12-24"
'Patio Deep Blue' Deep true blue flowers on compact plants. 12"
'Patio Sky Blue' Sky blue flowers on a compact plant. 12"
sinaloensis Wonderful purple foliage, bright indigo flowers. 12-16"
NEW! skyscraper series Brand new for 2019, these beautiful plants are compact, easy to grow in the PART SHADE and full of flowers all season long. They make outstanding container plants as well. H 14-28" x 10-16" W. Offered in 'Orange' light orange with golden orange bracts and 'Pink', pink flowers with a “rose gold” calyx.
splendens Traditionally grown Salvia with large showy flowers
'Bonfire' Tall plants with fire-engine-red, spiky flowers. 14-16"
'Red Hot Sally' Fire-engine red. 8-10"
'Van Houttei' Pronounced burgundy calyces and deep rosy red corollas on a floriferous and fast growing plant. Does best in moist soil and partial shade, but tolerates full sun. Premium! 3-4'. Gorgeous late summer into fall.
'Van Houttei Louies Orange Delight' A loud blooming orange Salvia! Brillant orange-red bracts and blossoms, flower from June to frost. H 36-48".
'Van Houttei Paul' Happy in partial shade, this Salvia has showy red-purple blossoms and a well-branched, open form. Sun to partial shade. 2'
'Vista Mix' A blend of Pink, red and Purple. Dense flower spikes and foliage hold their color intensity throughout the summer. 2'
uliginosa (Bog Sage) Striking spikes of sky blue flowers carried upon long swaying stems reaching 3-5'. Known as Bog Sage because of its liking for moist soil, withstands heat and humidity quite well. Breathtaking for the back border.
wishes collection Free-flowering salvias with irresistible color, no pruning necessary.
'Embers Wish' 'Ember's Wish' has coral blossoms, maroon stems and rusty rose calyxes. Long lasting color! 2-3'.
'Love and Wishes' Deep magenta-purple tubular blossoms contrast handsomely with dark stems. H 3-4' x 3' W.
'Wendys Wish' Large, hot pink tubular blooms, complimented by dark green leaves and maroon stems. Stunning! H 3' x 3' W.
x. 'Indigo Spires' Deep purple spikes reaching 12-18" in length. Stunning in borders or large containers. A wonderful cut flower for large bouquets. 3-5'
x. 'Rockin Deep Purple' Fragrant, intense deep purple spikes, continuous blooming! It is sterile and does not set seed, so it blooms all season without stopping. Enjoys Part to full sun. H 30-40"
NEW! x. 'Rockin Fuschia' Gorgeous flower spikes of fuschia colored flowers surrounded by near black calyses with a well-branching bushy habit. Great in full sun to part shade. H 24-36"
x. 'Silkes Dream' Spikes of salmon-pink flowers arrive on sturdy 15" tall stems all season. Hummingbird Super Magnet!
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SANVITALIA procumbens Creeping Zinnia is a short, sprawling plant whose flowers resemble miniature versions of Black-eyed Susans and are borne in great profusion on trailing hairy stems. Drought tolerant and virtually maintenance free. Looks great tumbling out of window boxes and sprawling in the front border. Full sun
'Mandarin Orange' Orange, double flowers with a contrasting dark center. 6"
'Million Suns' This Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner, with its abundance of perfectly formed, gold yellow flowers with green centers, is sure to find a spot in your garden.
'Sunbini' Half-inch dark yellow orange flowers all summer. 6-10"
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SCABIOSA atropurpurea A pretty annual pincushion flower on upright wiry stems. Gently fragrant, making sweet cut flowers for small bouquets. Full to part sun.
'Black Knight' Fully double flower heads which are colored deep burgundy-black. Truly striking in bloom. Honey scented blooms. Heirloom. 36"
'Cut Bright Mix' A colorful mix of lilac, scarlet, red, rose, blue and violet. 12-30"
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SCAEVOLA aemula (Fan Flower) Low sprawling mounds decorated with large and substantial fan-shaped blooms over dark green, fleshy foliage. Fantastic in hanging baskets, large containers or right in the ground. Quite heat tolerant, yet a heavy drinker. 4-9" height, 18-24" spread. Full to part sun.
'Scampi Blue' Blue flowers with green eyes from mid spring to late summer. Thrives in hanging baskets and window boxes. H 6" x 24" W
surdiva series Highly-branched with large-flowers. Offered in 'Blue-Violet', 'Pink Fashion' and 'White'. H 6-8" x 18" W
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SENECIO candicans Traditional silver foliage accent plants that endure hot, dry conditions. Serrated silver leaves add texture and contrast in the garden. Cold hardy annuals last late in the fall. Full to part sun, average soil.
NEW! 'Angel Wings' You won’t be able to resist touching the 5" long, heart-shaped, velvety leaves of dazzling matte silver with toothy edges. Easy to grow, it is an exciting design option for mixed containers or borders. Will grow 8-16".
NEW! 'Crushed Velvet' Adding a plush look to the landscape with its velvety silver leaves that arch to give a vase shape habit. Will grow 12 to 16" with a 6 to 8" spread.
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SETCREASEA pallida An outstanding color and texture plant. This exceptional foliage plant has thick, narrow, up to 7" long leaves and pink flowers. Very easy to grow with excellent weather tolerance. Sun to part shade, H 6-12" x 1-3' W. Offered as 'Purple Queen', deep purple and 'Purple Variegated', deep purple with pink stripes.
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SNAPDRAGON antirrhinum majus Prized garden plants because of their brightly colored flowers and long blooming season. Terminal racemes of two-lipped flowers upon upright stems in an endless range of colors and heights. Very frost resistant. Attractive to hummingbirds. Great cut flower. Full to part sun.
'Black Prince' Lush dark crimson blooms set against super dark foliage. Breathtaking! 18-22", Heirloom
'Montego Sunset' Dwarf plants of yellow with red lips on strong stems. H 6-10"
rocket series Our tallest variety that makes an ideal cut flower. Choose from lemon yellow, rose, white or a mix. 30-36"
snapshot series 3 pretty varieties available. 'Berries and Cream' a mix of reds, pinks, white and bi-color blooms, 'Yellow' and a 'Mix'. Plants are floriferous and compact. H 6-10"
'Snaptastic Mix' This mix has larger flowers and has longer lasting color. Colors include, pink, magenta, orange flame, red and yellow. H 14-16"
'Twinny Peach' A 2010 All American Winner. Double flowers in the most distinct blended shade of peach, yellow and light orange. 8-11"
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STACHYS albotomentosa (Lambs Ear) Fruit-scented soft-gray foliage is topped with 1-2' spikes of apricot-coral salvia-like flowers. H 12" x 12" W.
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STOCK 'Vintage Mix' The dwarf, well-branched plants produce lasting flowers, with a delightful fragrance. Colors consist of pink, rose, violet, yellow and a white. These cool weather loving plants bloom profusely in the spring and autumn, resting in the heat of summer. Sun. 10-16"
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STREPTOCARPUS ladyslipper series (Cape Primrose) A relative of the African Violet, it is a compact plant that will bloom nearly all year long if you remove the fading flowers before they turn to seeds. Can grow up to 12" tall and produce 2" wide trumpet like blooms. Likes medium indirect light, prefer cooler temps, a ideal house plant. Offered in 'Blue with White Center' and 'Yellow with Blue Eye'.
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STROBILANTHES 'Persian Shield' Leaves are a rich purple, veined and edged in dark, bronze-green. Silver-leaved and pink flowering plants really bring out its coloring. Partial shade to shade as full sun bleaches its leaf color. Thrives in hot, humid weather. 3', Heirloom
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SUCCULENTS This group of easy to grow, forgiving plants are bound to enchant you with their unusual colors, textures, growing habits, and extraordinary flowers. Succulents prefer smaller pots, as too much root room can deplete their energy with only root growth. Keep them snug and they’ll keep you happy; mixed containers of succulents create magical displays. Grow in full sun and keep on the dry side.
AEONIUM Succulents that resemble Hens and Chicks. Great for rock garden or troughs. Requires little care, full sun and very dry, well drained soil.
arboreum atropurpureum Dense, flat rosettes of reddish bronze leaves on tall stems.
'Kiwi' Colorful rosettes of fleshy leaves colored in pink, pale yellow and green with each leaf edged in red. Small yellow flowers. 10-12"
ALOE A rosette of long fleshy spears which are filled with a mucilaginous gel. Prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil.
'Delta Lights' Wonderful wavy, zig-zag pattern of grey, green and white.
vera A stemless or very short stemmed plant with thick fleshy leaves and the capability to grow almost 3', with medicinal qualities. It is easy to care for and requires little attention.
ANACAMPSEROS rufescens Olive green, narrow, pointed leaves arranged in a spiraling rosette. In the partial shade the leaves are olive green, while in sunlight the leaves are a dark reddish-brown to purple. Pink flowers. H 3" x 4" W
CRASSULA Crassula including Jade Plants, are popular tender succulents with a great diversity of forms and colors.
capitella Bright, green, pointed foliage turns reddish-orange at the tips. H 12"
NEW! ovata 'Gollum' A mutated form of Jade. Tubular leaves have red tinged suction cup like tips. Star shaped white flowers. H over 12"
perfoliata var. falcata (Propeller Plant) Unique, with oblong, sickle shaped leaves. Velvety gray green. Cinnamon scented bright orange-red flowers in summer. Full sun to part shade. H 12-18"
ECHEVARIA (Mexican Hens and Chicks) Do you love Hens and Chicks but wish they flowered more? Give these beauties a try. Rosettes of decorative foliage burst forth in clusters. These are the gems you slide into your shallow pots where nothing will grow.
nodolosa Narrow rosette, green foliage with burgundy margins. 5-8"
peacockii Dense rosettes of succulent, silvery-green foliage send up one-sided cymes of many orange-red pendant flowers up to 12" above the foliage. 5" foliage, 18" in bloom.
'Perle Von Numberg' Lovely rosettes glazed with translucent pink and purple.
'The Rose' Thick sculptured leaves form a metallic, ruffled rose blossom more than 6" in diameter.
NEW! KALANCHOE laciae (Paddle Plant) Likened to clam shells because of the shape of the thick 4-6" long by 2-5" wide rounded leaves. The leaves are covered with a gray bloom and the leaf margin takes on a reddish hue during cooler winter months if grown in bright light otherwise the leaves remain uniformly green.
LEDEBOURIA sociallis (Silver Squill) Silvery grey leaves with dark green splotches grow over succulent bulbs. Underside of leaves and the bulbs are dark purple. H 6"
PORTULACARIA afra variegata (Variegated Elephant Bush) Variegated miniature jade. Easily trained.
SEDUM makinoi 'Ogon' Noted for its bright gold foliage, forming a tiny-leaved, dense mat growing to only 2” high and creeping to 12” wide or more. Tiny, star-like, yellow-green flowers appear in summer.
SENECIO talinoides mandris 'Blue' (Chalk Fingers) This succulent produces thick intense blue, fleshy leaves on upright stems. Thrives in morning sun. Great color and texture. H 10-12"
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SUNFLOWERS helianthus annuus No garden should be without the cheery beauty of a Sunflower. Loved by children and goldfinches. Because of their large roots and long stems, sunflowers are heavy feeders and grow best in nutrient-rich soil. Offered are 11 different varieties : some tall, short and many different colors. Full sun.
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