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TALINUM paniculata 'Kingswood Gold' (Jewels of Opar) Golden, succulent foliage. Delicate, pink flowers arise on multiple, slender, unbranched stems followed by tiny, showy red berries. Makes a unique and lovely cut flower or garden plant. Very heat and drought tolerant. Full sun. 24"
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TIBOUCHINA grandifolia (Glory Bush) Large deep purple flowers adorn this tall, tropical shrub with soft, greyish green foliage. Growing this plant in a container seems to force it into blooming earlier than it would if planted in the ground. Loves heat and full sun!! If you have the space it can be overwintered inside beside a sunny window. 3-5' in containers, slightly taller in the ground.
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TITHONIA rotundifolia 'Red Torch' (Mexican Sunflower) Planted in a group, these large, bushy plants create a dense hedge of greenery. Brilliant orange-red color resembling single dahlias. Lovely accent among tall perennials as well. 3-6', Full sun
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NEW! TOLMIEA 'Cool Gold' (Golden Piggy Back Plant) Fun gold foliage that does not splotch or revert in color, making it ideal as a bright spot for shade borders or mixed beds, producing small maroon flowers for added interest. Fast-growing, clumping habit, H 12" X 14" W.
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TORENIA fournieri (Wishbone Flower) A great shade performer! The Wishbone Flower is an exotic looking leafy plant with small, dark green leaves and a plethora of lipped blooms, each with a wishbone-shaped marking. Flowers are reminiscent of snapdragon florets. Low maintenance plants that are self cleaning; that's right, no deadheading! Does best in consistently moist, well-drained soil and partial to full shade.
catalina series Compact plants with an upright, mounding growth habits. Available as "Grape-o-licious', pure white flowers with a deep purple throat, 'Pink', rose with shell pink overtones and a buttery yellow flare, and 'White Linen', white with a soft yellow center. H 6-10", spread 10-12".
moon series Terrific fast growing, long blooming trailing plants. Offered in 3 lovely colors, 'Purple', dark violet, blue, 'Magenta', apricot and magenta with a dark magenta eye and 'Yellow', yellow petals and a violet throat. H 6", spread 12".
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TRACHELIUM caeruleum 'Lake Michigan Blue' Dense clusters of tiny bluish blooms rise above bushy mounds of long, toothed leaves. A unique plant for the border. A ravishing cut flower, often used as a filler. Can be dried, too! H 30-40"
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TRADESCANTIA Trailing foliage accent plant for sun or shade. Works great in mixed planters, hanging baskets and as a ground cover.
spathacea The clump forming species. Sometimes called 'Moses in a Basket' or 'Oyster Plant'.
'Golden Oyster' A great clumping Tradescantia with rusty-tangerine colored leaves. Older leaves have a more distinct green striping down the center and a plum tinted underside. A true beauty from all angles!
'Tricolor' Clump forming with strap shaped leaves about 5" long and 1" wide, each leaf is striped with pale pink, cream and white. The undersides are a bright raspberry color.
zebrina 'Purple Striped' Valued for their stripes of white, green, silver, and purple colors in their leaves. They have trailing vines that flow from it's base and are very easy to care for.
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NEW! TRIFOLIUM 4 luck series Trifoliums trailing and spreading habit plays nicely with other plants and provides a fun, trailing texture in your mixed containers. Its "shamrock" foliage has bold patterns. Plants grow energetically in sun and shade. Offered as 'Cocomint' and 'Green Glow". H 3-5" x 8-10" spread.
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