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coccineum 'Robinsons Red' (Painted Daisy) Deep fuschia pink with gold eyes. Attractive mounds of finely divided foliage sport showy daisies on wiry stems. June to early July, 2'
corybosum Masses of small white daisies, clustered on tall slender stems. Mid-June to July, 24"-30"
x. superbum (Shasta Daisy) Leucanthemum superbum (Shasta Daisies).
'Aglaia' Frilly, double, white blooms with cream centers. June-July, 24-30"
'Banana Cream' Lemon yellow flowers aging to buttery yellow as they mature. June-Aug., 15"-18"
'Becky' Large flowered variety with strong stems. July-Oct., 24-36"
'Brightside' An improvement of Becky with large white flowers and disease resistant foliage. July-Oct. 30"
NEW! 'Daisy May' Easy, fast growing, earlier bloom time selection, showcasing clean 2 1/2-3" white flowers. Early summer, 12-24"
'Highland White Dream' A wonderful tall cultivar noted for its large semi-double,4-5" blooms with drooping white rays and yellow centers. Late June-August, 24-30"
NEW! 'Razzle Dazzle' Wildly arranged creamy white fringed petals create an interesting twist on the traditional shasta daisy. June-August. 16-18"
'Snowcap' An outstanding dwarf cultivar, perfect for edging. Summer, 10-12"
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NEW! sikokianum Best known of the Japanese cobra liiies, with white golfball spadix inside a purple spathe. Mid-spring bloom. Needs good winter drainage. 12-20"
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NEW! ABIES The genus Abies, the true fir, offers beautiful, adaptable garden forms that exhibit exceptional uniformity and regular branching. Valued for a wide range of striking evergreen shapes and sizes that fill many landscape needs, Abies cultivars include broad and narrow upright trees, naturally low, prostrate forms, tiny varieties for use in rock gardens and troughs, and weeping forms that make outstanding focal points. Stiff, pointed needles, some of which recurve to show off silvery undersides, contribute rich colors and tight textures to garden scenes. Upright ornamental cones boast bright colors too. Most Abies prefer rich soil with abundant rainfall and are highly adaptable and easy to maintain when given good drainage. Hardiness varies by species.
NEW! koreana 'Cis' Cis Korean Fir. Abies koreana ‘Cis’ has radiating, dark green needles which lie flat on the stems and are highlighted by attractive, small, brown buds at the branch tips. This slow-growing, flattened, spherical plant has a formal, tidy appearance and glistening foliage that draws attention in the garden. Selected in Holland in 1989. Garden Size: 1.5’H x 2’W Dwarf: 1-3″/year Globe Shaped Zone 4
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ABUTILON (Flowering Maple) This genus of the mallow family are extremely heat tolerant. Great for your container or in the ground, flowering non-stop all summer until a killing frost. Full sun, evenly moist soil and weekly fertilization. Some can be overwintered as house plants.
NEW! 'Biltmore Ballgown' A spectacular heirloom variety, featuring yellow blooms with bold crimson veining. Bell shaped flowers resemble an evening ball gown that dance below dark green leaves.
'Dwarf Red' Upright grower 18-24" with small bright red flowers, heavy bloomer.
'Huntington Pink' Upright grower 18-24", having an abundance of light pink flowers with garnet throats.
megapotamicum 'Chinese Lantern' Trailing variety with 1" red, yellow and black bell shaped flowers. Dark green leaves mottled with yellow. Good substitute for vinca vine or ivy.
'Thompsoni' Maple-like leaves are dappled with cream and a profusion of apricot blooms. 18-24"
'Victory' Sprawling habit, 1 1/2" trumpet shaped , bicolored, red and yellow flowers. Heavy bloomer. 3-4'
'Savitzii' Upright growing 2-3', grown mostly for its incredible foliage. 4 by 5" leaves almost entirely white with just a central splash of green. Pale apricot flowers.
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ACHILLEA millefolium (Yarrow) The attractive foliage and durable flowers of the Yarrows make them an indispensable plant for summer gardens. These sun lovers are undemanding, resistant to drought, and intolerant of heavy, wet soils. They also make excellent flowers for cutting and drying. Zone 4-9
'Little Moonshine' Bright, golden-yellow flower clusters. Similar to 'Moonshine' but more compact. Gray-green foliage and very early-blooming. H 12-14"
'Pomegrante' Rich velvety red flowers over compact foliage. 2'
'Sunny Seduction' A myriad of buttery yellow flowers rise up from clumps of silvery green foliage. 24-30"
NEW! x 'Moon Dust' This sport of 'Moonshine' is about half the size with the same silvery foliage and lighter yellow flowers. H 12-14".
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AGASTACHE (Hyssop) Simply some of the best plants we grow. Colorful spikes are displayed all summer long above aromatic foliage. These die-hards handle heat and drought conditions so well they hardly break a sweat. Tubular florets are loved by hummingbirds and butterflies. Technically perennials, but tender enough that we offer them here with our annuals. Full sun, average to dry soil.
acapulo series (Mexican Giant Hyssop) A lovely version of agastache whose colors are complimented by silver-green foliage. It is covered in flowers well into the fall. Available in Orange, Peach, Salmon & Pink, Rose and White & Yellow. H 14-20"
NEW! 'Acupulo Deluxe Red' Crimson red flowers, beautifully scented, more compact, reaching 8 to 12" in height when in bloom.
NEW! 'Apricot Sunrise' Produces an endless display of soft orange to soft golden yellow tubular flowers in spikes from summer and into fall above the fragrant foliage. H 2-3'
'Astello Indigo' Widely adapted, 20" plants thrive in cool or hot weather. Long lasting, deep blue flower spikes July-October. Disease resistant leaves with "root beer" fragrance; Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner.
foeniculum 'Blue Spike' (Anise Hyssop) A classic plant for both the herb garden and the border, with erect branches of mint and licorice scented leaves ending in fuzzy spikes of lavender flowers. 2'
'Tutti Fruitti' Rosy-pink blooms. Foliage smells like bubble gum. 2-3'
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NEW! ALOCASIA portodora (Upright Elephant Ears) One of the largest elephant ears, the rich green leaf dimensions will easily reach 3 x 6 feet on 6 foot stems. Great for pond sides in shady sheltered areas. Avoid over watering, surface dryness is best while still maintaining moist soil. Fertilize sparingly.
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ALSTROEMERIA (Peruvian Lily) These flowers which resemble miniature lilies are a must for your containers or in garden beds, in full to partial sun locations. All summer bloomer, also makes a long lasting cut flowers.
NEW! 'Colorita Fabiana' Large flowers, pale butter yellow with garnet markings, continuously blooms from early spring till early winter. Compact plants, H 12-15"
'Inca Collection Mix' We are offering an assortment of colors for this fabulous plant: Peach, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow. H 12-20"
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ALTERNANTHERA An unusual and striking foliage plant with narrow, small colorful leaves. Great companions to bold colors your mixed containers. Easy to grow in full sun or part shade.
NEW! brasiliana 'Purple Prince' Plant this compact Alternanthera with ruby-red to burgundy-maroon leaves and stems from spring through fall, in your best hanging baskets, tall flowerpots, tubs, and annual beds. A heat-lover. H 10-16", spread <2'.
'Partytime' Mint green leaves with splashes of hot pink. Upright and well branched. 15-18"
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ANEMONE (Windflower) A large genus consisting of the Fall blooming Japanese Anemones and the Spring bloomers that are native to North America. All have mounds of lovely foliage. All prefer rich, moist, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Most prefer to be shaded from the midday sun. Zone 5-8.
NEW! quinquefolia (Wood Windflower) One of the earliest blooming flowers in the rich, moist forests of New England. Look for showy white flowers poking above the dissected leaves. These offer food to pollinators searching for nectar early in the season. H 6-8", Zone 3-8
NEW! sylvestris (Snowdrop) Large pure white fragrant flowers are held well above lush foliage in spring. Nice when paired with bulbs. Flowers fade to form attractive cottony seed heads. Spring bloomer. H 9-12"
tomentosa 'Robustissima' Single mauve-pink flowers. July-August, H 3'.
x. 'Fantasy Pocahontas' This beautiful, compact gem is a "must see for yourself". Produces double pink blooms from July to September that are on sturdy stems. H 12-18".
x. 'Honorine Jobert' Single white flowers on long, sturdy stems. Late summer. H 3'.
NEW! x. 'Loreley' Light rosy pink semi-double blossoms in late summer on into fall. 'Loreley' is tall and graceful, forming an attractive clump. H 35-40"
NEW! x. 'Lucky Charm' Bursting with color, deep pink blooms with golden centers sway in the breeze with dark violet leaves that mature into dark green. Blooms late summer into fall extending the color in your gardens. H 2.5-3'.
NEW! x. 'Wild Swan' Multi-award winning, the elegant 3” snow-white flowers are accented with a lilac blue wash on the reverse and flowers are produced from June to November. H 18".
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ANGELONIA augustifolia Being native to Mexico and the West Indies this is a sun and heat-loving plant. Abundant spikes of small, orchid-like flowers are produced over neat clumps of narrow leaves. Easy to care for, this is a no-brainer.
'Angelface Wedgewood Blue' Bred for superior performance, large flowers and an upright branching habit. Sweetly fragrant. Purple-lavender blooms with deep green foliage. Great cut flower. 18-24"
archangel series Bushy plants with large, gorgeous flower spikes in vibrant colors. Blooms are three times bigger than other varieties! Available in Cherry-Red, Pink, Purple, Raspberry and White. H 12-14"
NEW! super series The super series is perfect for long season color. Each classic, whimsical flower spire will be 16-20" tall atop well branched vigorous plants. Makes an outstanding cut flower as well. Available in Blue, Pink and White. H 30-40"
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ANIGOZANTHOS (Kangaroo Paws) Native to southwestern Australia, these unique blooms look similar to a kangaroo paw. Great cut flowers. Likes full sun and well drained soil.
NEW! 'Big Roo Red' Tall growing green strap like leaves and tubular velvety red blooms. 30-36"
NEW! 'Big Roo Yellow' This vigorous variety features golden yellow flowers perched atop complimentary crimson stems. H 4-6'
jo jo series Offered in Orange and Red fuzzy flowers, compact growing to a height of 12- 15”.
NEW! kanga series Mid sized fuzzy flowers. Available in Burgundy, Pink and Yellow. H 18-24"
NEW! viridis 'Phar Lap' A small green kangaroo paw with grassy narrow leaves to 1 foot tall and 18 inch stems bearing bright green slightly-curved flowers with reflexed lobes and iridescent bluish hairs.
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NEW! ANISODONTEA 'Elegant Princess' (Cape Mallow) Cup-shaped, hibiscus-like, pink-lavender flowers, on tall, bushy, robust plants with silvery leaves. Mixes well with others to add height to a container. Heat tolerant, no deadheading necessary. H 18-24"
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AQUILEGIA (Columbine) Columbines are delicate, clump-forming plants which bloom in early summer and are charming in bouquets. All have beautiful foliage and uniquely shaped blooms. They thrive in sun or partial shade and a well-drained soil. Some reseed easily. Zone 3-8.
canadensis Nodding, spurred flowers. Early spring bloom. Red spurs around a rosette of yellow sepals. Our native columbine. April-June, H 1-2'.
songbird series Eye Catching! An abundance of deep-colored flowers that are long lasting. 3 1/2" blossoms face skyward rather than nodding as with other columbines. Available as 'Bluebird', light blue and white bi-color blooms and 'Goldfinch', clear yellow. H 18-24".
vulgaris Double, short spurred flowers blooming earlier than other Columbines. Early May to Mid-June.
NEW! 'Clementine Salmon-Rose' (Double Columbine) Fluffy double flowers that resemble small Clematis bloom; this selection produces blooms in shades of dusty rose to salmon with a yellow center. H 12-18".
NEW! x. 'Origami Pink and White' Compact plants with long spurred flowers that are earlier flowering. Pink and white. H 18"
NEW! x. 'Spring Magic Pink' The flowers of this series feature bold hues of red and pink accented with white. H 12-16".
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ARUNCUS (Goatsbeard) Handsome plants exhibiting thick, leafy mounds of foliage and graceful, creamy white plumes. Stunning reflected in a waterside landscape. A choice plant for a moist, openly shaded garden. May be grown in sunnier locations provided there is adequate moisture. June-July. Zone 3-9
aethusifolius A ground-hugging mound of finely cut foliage which sports creamy white plumes in summer. 8-12"
dioicus 'Whirlwind' This hybrid produces consistent, finely dissected, cut foliage, which is a little wider than 'Kneiffii'. Highlighted May thru July with creamy white feathery panicles. Sturdy upright growth habit. 2'; in bloom 4'.
NEW! x. 'Chantilly Lace' Flower power! 'Chantilly Lace' forms a mound of dissected foliage that is crowned in early summer with billowing sprays of creamy-white flowers that nearly hide the leaves! H 30-32".
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ASARUM (Wild Ginger) An wonderful genus, excellent as a woodland ground cover. Glossy heart-shaped leaves of deep green. Once established it is very drought tolerant. Full/partial shade, humus-rich moist soil.
europaeum (European) The aristocrat of the ginger family. This species spreads slowly but surely to form a handsome 6in-deep carpet of glossy, dark green, kidney-shaped leaves measuring 4in across. Zone 4-8
NEW! splendens (Showy) The arrow-shaped emerald green leaves are heavily mottled in bright silver. This combines well in the shady garden with ferns and hostas. A collectors plant that is slow growing but worth the wait. 6-8", Zone 5-9
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ASTER Large genus of perennials with a variety of heights, all with daisy-like blooms. Great for attracting butterflies. Grow in sun or part shade in a well-drained soil. Zone 4-8.
kickin series Forming a dense mound of finely textured foliage that becomes blanketed with flowers with gold centers, from late summer into fall. Available in 'Carmine-Red', with magenta flowers and 'Lilac Blue'. H 2-3'.
NEW! nova-beigi 'Dragon' Semi double blue flowers with yellow centers, forming a bushy clump, flowering in September-October. Compact habit. H 12-15".
woods series Dwarf hybrids with superior disease resistance. Prolific flowers that bloom for a long time period in late summer and early fall. Available in Pink and Purple. H 10-16".
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ASTILBE (Plume Flower) Very hardy, showy, plume-like flowers on attractive, often glossy foliage. They love rich, deep, moist soil in partial shade, but will grow in sunny sites where the soil really holds moisture or has irrigation. Rabbit and deer resistant.
arendsii A cultivar group of complex hybrids with A. astilboides, chinensis, japonica, thunbergii and others. Zone 4-8.
'Bressingham Beauty' This large Astilbe produces tall arching, salmon-rose flower plumes from early-to-mid summer. H 36".
'Bridal Veil' Feathery white plumes, late June-July, H 18".
'Chocolate Shogun' Incredible dark glossy, chocolate-purple lacy foliage is the deepest darkest foliage color by far in an Astilbe. Blooms of soft pink appear in late summer to about 2 feet tall.
NEW! 'Fanal' Large plumes of tiny red flowers in midsummer, accented by deep green to bronze-green foliage. H 18-24".
chinensis Chinese Astilbes produce dense, erect plumes. Tough plants which prefer moist soils but will tolerate slightly drier soil than other Astilbes. Zone 3-8
'Little Vision Series' A new dwarf form of the Vision series. This is a robust variety that tolerates sun better than others. Offered in 'Pink', with clear soft, pink blooms and 'Purple', with raspberry-purple blooms. Mid to late summer, 14-16"
'Maggie Daley' Striking purple plumes bloom in mid season against dark foliage. 28"
'Mighty Chocolate Cherry' Robust, strong velvety-red flower spikes, divided dark green and chocolate brown to reddish foliage. H 45"
'Mighty Pip' Strong, robust spikes of graceful extremely large salmon-pink plumes. Late season. 45"
'Milk and Honey' Creamy white plumes turning to a light pink as it ages; lacy green leaves. Mid-Late Summer. 24-30"
'Vision in Pink' A robust grower with thick pale-pink plumes and blue-green foliage. July. 32"
'Vision in White' This variety has large, creamy white, triangular flower plumes that stand above a robust clump of smooth, glossy, green leaves. More refined foliage than a typical chinensis type. Mid-July thru August. H 24", Zone 3-8.
japonica Large airy flower clusters that are not as dense but make up for it in volume. Bright colors and glossy leaves. Zone 4-8.
'Deutschland' Shorter and earlier than other whites, this Astilbe will bloom in early summer, with pristine white plumes. H 18-24"
'Montgomery' Handsome, fern-like glossy green foliage and stiff stems that hold elegant true red plumes aloft without staking. June-July. 24"
x. 'Delft Lace' Red stems carry deep salmon buds which open to soft apricot pink flowers held over waxy deep blue-green foliage. Early summer. 2-3'
NEW! x. 'Radius' Shiny red, elegant, spiky plumes stand tall in a vase-like shape over dark green foliage. Mid-summer. H 24".
x. younique series This series offers a more compact, rounded habit with very vibrant color. These plants produce double the amount of dense flower scapes. Offered in 'Salmon' and 'White'. New for 2018, 'Ruby-red'. H 12-18".
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BAPTISIA (False Indigo) Native to North America, False Indigos are wonderful, long-lived perennials with gorgeous pea-like blooms, followed by attractive seed pods. The lovely textured, bluish-green foliage forms large, bushy clumps. Superb cut flower and cut foliage. Prefers full sun and well-drained soil.
australis Indigo blue flowers. June, 3-4'. Zone 3-9
decadence series This series has a shorter, more compact habit and unique flower colors. This variety forms an upright, vase-shaped mound of attractive blue-green foliage. Late Spring thru early Summer. Zone 4-9
'Cherries Jubilee' Unique flower color: Deep maroon opens to bicolor maroon and yellow flowers. 24-36"
'Dutch Chocolate' Rich, velvety, chocolate-purple flowers are held on upright stems atop an especially compact, relatively short mound of foliage. H 24-36".
NEW! 'Pink Truffles' Clear soft pink blossoms with a pale yellow keel are produced in late spring, the perfect compliment to other spring bloomers. Its compact, shorter habit makes it easy to fit into any garden. H 2.5-3'.
'Sparkling Sapphires' Vivid violet blue flowers appear atop a compact, upright clump of foliage in spring. H 24-36".
'Vanilla Cream' The pure white flowers dance in the breeze late spring to early summer. H 36".
NEW! x. 'American Goldfinch' Light up your late spring landscape with this bold beauty. This native cultivar puts out loads of bright yellow floral spikes week after weeks beginning in late spring. H 3', Zone 4-9.
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BEGONIA A popular bedding plant prized for its beautiful flowers and leaves, its wide variety of color and ability to thrive easily. Here at Andrews you will find begonias in some of our hanging baskets, they do very well in shade and part shade. It is important to grow them in a good soil with plenty of good drainage, and a low Ph.
NEW! 'Anna Feile' Angel wing leaves on upright growing canes with large clusters of salmon-pink flowers. Nice height element for containers. H 2-3'
'Autumn Embers' A new rhizomatous begonia having beautiful medium sized puckered leaves in a warm, rusty-pumpkin color. Compact growth.
'Baby Wing White' A smaller sport of the Begonia 'Dragonwing series', an upright and mounding plant with abundant white blooms and smaller green foliage. 12"x12"
NEW! 'Canary Wings' Canary Wings has bright foliage that changes from yellow to bright chartreuse, with abundant ruby-red flowers, throughout the season on a plant that continues to perform all Summer long. H 12-18"
NEW! 'Citra' Always in bloom with vibrant, semi-double flowers. These unusual flowers are lemon-gold, edged in Chinese red. Super trailing. H 32"/20"
NEW! 'Coco Enchanted Evening' Large, single, shrimp pink flowers resemble hibiscus blossoms, appearing in clusters on a large, upright plant with dark cocoa brown foliage. It is impressive in mixed shade containers, as a houseplant or in garden beds. Keeps blooming, even during the winter indoors. H 2' tall.
NEW! 'Coco Enchanted Sunrise' Large, salmon-orange blooms contrast beautifully with the dark chocolate leaves and lime-green veins. Elegant in mixed shade containers or garden beds. It is also a fabulous houseplant and even blooms during the winter. H 2'.
NEW! 'Daystar Hot Coral' This lushly beautiful, trailing begonia has large hot coral flowers on continuous display, with the dark and patterned foliage. Good for hanging baskets. Trailing, 24"
NEW! 'Daystar Yellow' This lushly beautiful, trailing begonia has large yellow flowers on continuous display, with the dark and patterned foliage. Good for hanging baskets. Trailing, 24"
NEW! dierna (Angel Wing) One of the taller growing forms, it can easily reach 18-24” tall in a season. Long and handsome foliage reaches up to 6” long with pink flowers that appear all season.
dragonwing Large, vigorous plants with a trailing habit and lots of clusters of small wing-like flowers. Available in scarlet red and pink. Grows in sun and shade!
fuchsioides (fushia begonia) Inch long bright apple green leaves are almost completely covered by cascades of blooms. Available in pale pink and red. H 12-16"
'Gryphon' Exotic and tropical! The large, deeply cut leaves are lined and marbled with silver on 14-18 in. plants. Easy care and low water plant. Can be wintered indoors.
NEW! 'Holiday Snowflake' A medium, mounding plant with lush, snowflake-shaped foliage. Leaves are a shiny sterling silver with a mint green center. Showy pink to salmon flowers in abundance. H 17".
NEW! 'Ina May' Very attractive large, dark green serrated leaves with persistent pink flowers. H 15-18".
'Linda Dawn' Large deep burgundy leaves with speckled texture and bubble gum pink flower clusters. 10-14"
NEW! 'Louis Burks' A beautiful angel wing type having white speckled foliage and glowing salmon-pink blooms. H to 36"
maculata x 'Wightii' Stunning polka dotted bat-wing begonia. Dark green foliage with dramatic silver spots and clustered white flowers with golden eyes. H 20-30".
'Merlot' Upright bushy plants with deep burgundy leaves and pale pink blooms. A stunning foliage plant for a charming pottery vessel. 18"
'Parviflora' A very large growing begonia attaining a height of 5-6 feet in one season. The bold 12 x 16" bright green leaves are topped by occasional white blooms on tall stalks. A wonderful addition to a shade garden.
rex hybrids Fabulous foliage plants for mixed containers. Bright filtered light deepens red leaf coloration while lower light enhances their metallic sheen. Easily grown as a house plant.
'Devils Paradise' A delicious combination of silver and raspberry on spiraled star shaped leaves. 12-15"
'Escargot' Swirled snail-shell leaves are dark green with a broad silvery band in the center. Very cool looking 15" broad and high.
'Fedor' Unique silver foliage with dark veins.
'Lime Marmalade' A delightful reversion of Marmaduke with solid chartreuse foliage. Hard to miss in a shady location. 12-14"
'Magma' Two tone silver foliage with pink flowers.
'Marmaduke' Neon green maple shaped leaves, speckled with burgundy. 12-14"
'Maui Mist' Striking leaf pattern of deep misty pink and burgundy green, with dark edges.
NEW! 'Nautilus Exotic' Deeply swirled leaves, in each lilac- pink, magenta and silver swirl about for a most unique show. This compact grower forms a tight plant. H 12" x 27" W.
NEW! 'Nautilus Lilac' Violet-rose and ruby-purple foliage outlined with a glossy black rim. The leaves are swirled and curled. H 15" x 20" W.
'Paso Doble' Large leaves beautifully colored with two tones of pink surrounded by a white and green edge.
NEW! 'Red Kiss' The leaf is bright metallic red with a large black area in the center and a black edge around the leaf.
'Salsa' Leaves are etched with silver, green, and burgundy in a rich and dazzling pattern. Quite compact at 8".
NEW! 'Shadow King Lava Red' An all cherry red leaf with dark burgundy venation, great for a shady area needing a “pop”.
NEW! 'Shadow King White' A wonderful selection with light silver, almost white leaves with just a dusting of green along the veins. A unique and useful foliage accent plant.
NEW! 'Spitfire' Silvery green, center of leaf flushed iridescent purplish pink, with a dull pink border along the leaf margins. Very exotic.
NEW! 'T Rex Ruby Slippers' Deep ruby red leaves are super glossy with a saucy, little black stripe on the mid rib.
semperflorens (Wax Begonias) Shiny leaves and smaller flowers than their cousins. These small mounded plants do well in partial shade. The dark leaved varieties will tolerate full sun better than the green leaved ones.
cocktail series Broad and compact plants with dark bronze leaves. Available in Gin (pink), Vodka (scarlet red), and Whiskey (white). 6-8"
super olympia series Broad compact plants with green leaves , blooming spring to frost. Offered in red, rose, white and a mix.
'Sophie Cecile' Blue green deeply cut leaves with pretty pink flowers.
'Sparks Will Fly' Unique dark bronze foliage and dazzling tangerine blooms that mature to yellow in the Fall. Mounded habit. 18"x18". Shade.
NEW! 'Spectre Silver' Broad, maple-shaped leaves of glowing mint green and silver-white. It is vigorous and well branched and forms an impressive 10 inch basket. The flowers are red-pink and are long lasting, pendant, and showy. Easy to grow. H 16".
NEW! 'Top Hat White' This new robust variety produces a perpetual supply of huge (8"+) single white flowers combined, green leaves and an upright and tight mounding habit. Appealing in beds, mass planting, containers and mixed combinations. H 16-20" X 20-24" W
tuberhybrida (Tuberous) Tuberous begonias, with their large, tropical looking leaves and flowers are a choice plant for pots and baskets. Shade to part sun.
NEW! betulia series The series boasts an extra long flowering season of vibrant flower colors. Excellent branching and a high tolerance to pests and diseases, including low mildew susceptibility. Available as 'Candy Pink', 'Bright Pink' and 'Red'.
elator series Enormous double flowers on bushy plants. Ideal for beds and containers. Available in a wide range of colors, some flowers have fringed edges.
million kisses series Fabulous, deeply cut flowers arrive in masses. Excellent trailing habit for baskets. Available as 'Amour' (dark foliage & dark red flowers)and 'Elegance' (light pink blushed white).
NEW! mistral series Brightly colored flowers on a semi-trailing habit are excellent for mixed containers or baskets in shade to part sun. Offered in Dark-Red, Orange, Pink and Yellow. H 10-12" x 14-16" W
non-stop series The name says it all! A green leaved variety with small leaves and double to semi double flowers. Offered in orange, pink, salmon, deep rose, deep red, white and yellow.
nonstop mocca white A coffee leaved variety with double to semi double white flowers.
'On Top Sunset Shades' Very large, sunny yellow and apricot bicolor blooms on plants with a great growth habit.
whopper series Whopper Begonias offer super-sized performance! They are a big, vigorous plant which will fill out any beds and large containers equally well. Give Whoppers plenty of room to grow. Available in Bronze leaf-'Rose' and 'Red' and in Green leaf- 'Rose' and 'Red'. Mounded habit, 32" x 22"
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NEW! 'blue star' This immensely popular juniper, discovered in Holland as a witch's broom on 'Meyeri' and introduced in 1964, deserves its reputation as a winning garden selection. It has sharp, blue, densely arranged needles, filling short branches that suggest the tips on a many-point star, and a useable form that slowly spreads becoming broader than tall.
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NEW! BROCCOLI 'Green Magic' Summer-to-Fall broccoli has semi-domed, tight heads with medium-small beads. Widely adaptable. 57 days
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NEW! BUXUS sempervirens The handsome, hardy boxwood lends evergreen elegance to the edges of formal gardens where a small, globose presence is called for or where a broader, upright habit is needed. The versatile glossy green or variegated plants respond well to pruning and shaping, providing artistic potential in special garden situations. We offer superior species and cultivars, all known for their hardiness, unique form or truly dwarf size. Boxwood selections appreciate moist, cool soil with their roots protected.
NEW! sinica var. insularis 'Justin Brouwers' Possibly the most ideal garden boxwood, Buxus sinica var. insularis ‘Justin Brouwers’ will play a very important role in contemporary landscape. Small, dark green, glossy leaves maintain their color year-round, unlike many boxwood that tend to bronze in winter. ‘Justin Brouwers’ responds well to shearing and is attractive as an individual specimen or part of a highly manicured border, low hedge, or parterre. Left unsheared it will become an attractive garden feature that is wider than tall. Grows well in partial shade to full sun, tolerates dry conditions and shows some deer resistance. Garden Size: 2’H x 2’W 1-3″/year Globe Shaped Zone 4
NEW! 'Variegata' (Variegated English Boxwood) Buxus sempervirens ‘Variegata’ the leaves of this variegated form of English Boxwood have irregular, creamy yellow margins against dark green centers. A great choice for adding a dash of color to a special garden spot. Garden Size: 6’H x 4’W 3-6″/year Globe Shaped Zone 5 Variegated
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CALENDULA officinalis (Pot Marigold) These cool weather annuals delight you with edible flowers to brighten up salads and desserts. Nice cut flowers also. Full sun. 12"
'Flashback Mix' Spectacular mix of colors with bicolor petals. An excellent mix of colors; high percentage of double and semidouble flowers on long, strong stems. 18-24".
NEW! 'Lady Godiva Orange' Large, colorful, orange, fully double flowers with great heat tolerance. Continuous bloom or rebloomer. Deadheading not necessary. H 10-16"
'Orange Porcupine' Fully doubled-flowered plant with pure-orange quilled petals forming spiky-looking flowers. 20-24"
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CAMPANULA (Bellflower) A large genus varying from low-growing mounds to tall stately specimens. Bellflowers prefer full sun to partial shade and moderately rich, moist, well-drained soil. July-August.
carpatica Tidy, clumping plants with 2" bell shaped flowers, for edging or rock gardens. July-August. H 8", Zone 3-8
NEW! 'Pearl Deep Blue' This forms a low, cushion-shaped mound of small green leaves, with loads of up-facing, open medium-blue bells appearing in early summer.
'Rapido White' White bell-shaped flowers.
persicifolia takion series (Peach-leaf Bellflower) Super compact with very large colorful and abundant blooms. Small enough for containers, very strong stems. Available in 'Takion Blue', with big lavender-blue flowers or 'Takion White', with flowers facing upward & out. H 16-20", Zone 2-9
NEW! x. 'Birch Hybrid' Profuse blooming with nodding cup shaped flowers of purple blue. Excellent for walls and crevices this poscharskyana and garganica cross (hybrid) will bloom all summer long. H Short, 6" x 12" W. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4-7.
x. 'Dicksons Gold' Bright gold foliage forms a low growing, dense, weed-supressing clump. A profusion of lavender blue star-shaped flowers provide striking contrast. H 4-6", Zone 5-7
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CANNA Big, tropical plants with bold flowers and richly colored foliage. These definitely make a statement and add a sense of lushness to your garden. They need lots of water, sun, and heat. They work well in containers. Dig up the rhizomes in the fall, store, and replant in spring.
NEW! 'Black Night' Named for its stunning deep red/black foliage. Paired with its shocking, blood-red blooms, this Canna will shine in any part of the garden. H 48-60".
'Blueberry Sparkler' Slender purple-green foliage with medium pink flowers. 4-6 '
NEW! 'Cannova Mango' Orange-pink blooms on dark green foliage. H 3-4'
'Emerald Sunset' This variety is the non-variegated form of Canna 'Pretoria'. It has broad green leaves and vivid orange flowers. 4-6'
NEW! 'Ermine' Large, rounded green leaves with beautiful creamy white flowers. 'Ermine' is the whitest flowering canna available. 4-5'
NEW! 'Freckle Face' Growing to about 4’ in one season and having mid green leaves. Blooms are large, salmon colored, speckled and freckled with dark red.
NEW! 'Intrigue' Dark almost black foliage with coral flowers. H 5-6'
'Lemon Punch' A compact variety with medium green foliage and pendulous bright lemon flowers that can't be missed. A prolific bloomer. 3-4' tall.
NEW! 'Louis Cottin' Deep foliage with yellow to salmon flowers. H 3-4'
NEW! 'Lucifer' Extra large flowers are boldly marked in bright red with yellow edges, giving Lucifer's full blooms the look of flames atop tropical green foliage. H 24-36".
'Magic Pink' If you love pink, this is the perfect choice. Growing only 36 to 48", the deep, crimson-pink blooms will add bold color to your garden.
'Orange Punch' Intense bright orange flowers with a yellow throat. 3-4'
'Phasion' (Tropicana) Dark purple leaves vividly variegated in bright yellow, orange and red. Bright orange flowers. H 5-7'.
NEW! 'Pink Futurity' Adore this dwarf pink canna for so many reasons and uses in the garden! Pink blooms sit atop greenish burgundy leaves in mid-summer. H 32".
'Pink Sunburst' A very showy dwarf Canna. Large pink flowers above dark green foliage striped with colors of the sun; red, pink, bronze, and gold. H 18-24"
'Pretoria' Fantastic leaves of striped lime and bright green. Immature leaves and stems are magenta and flowers are ruffled orange. 4-6'
NEW! 'Primrose Yellow' Pale green foliage and delicate primrose-yellow flowers, lightly spotted pink. Compact and neat, growing only up to 48".
NEW! 'Richard Wallace' Bright, bold yellow with an orange speckled heart. A manageable, medium height, with traditional green foliage. H 48".
'Sky Hawk' Large rounded deep plum colored leaves and large intense coral-pink flowers. 5-8'.
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NEW! CHAMAECYPARIS Scores of choice Chamaecyparis cultivars offer a wide range of color, texture, and shape for nearly every landscape need. C. obtusa, commonly known as False or Hinoki Cypress, thrives in moist, well drained soil in full sun or partial shade and contributes sprays or fans of fine evergreen foliage to the landscape. C. pisifera, also known as Sawara Cypress, claims the best cold hardiness of the genus. Its cultivars thrive in full sun and contribute beautiful, feathery foliage to garden settings. Chamaecyparis grow native in North America, Japan and Taiwan.
NEW! obtusa 'Butterball' Bright, lemony yellow tips on tightly congested foliage give the small, globe-shaped Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Butter Ball’ a fresh, cheery look. The vivid coloring contrasts beautifully with naturally darker inner foliage. A consistently rounded habit and very slow growth distinguish the Butter Ball Hinoki Cypress as superior to others. Prefers moist, well-drained soil. Garden Size: 2’H x 2’W Dwarf: 1-3″/year Globe Shaped Zone 5 Yellow
NEW! obtusa 'Chirimen' The fascinating foliage of Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Chirimen’ displays multiple textures and colors. That explains the name, ‘Chirimen’, which is a dyed crepe fabric traditionally made from silk and used for making kimonos. Each narrow, upright tree becomes a cluster of thick, upright shoots that resemble bottle-brushes, with both juvenile and adult foliage in shades of blue and green. The effect is striking and unusual for a Hinoki cultivar. Use this textural accent where the crinkly, congested foliage will stand out. Requires excellent drainage. Garden Size: 4’H x 2’W Large: 3-5″/year Narrow Upright Zone 5 Bluish-Green
NEW! obtusa 'Fernspray Gold' Classy, arching sprays of golden, fern-like foliage decorate Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Fernspray Gold’. Each unique, flattened branch tapers to a point, just as a fern frond does. Give this intermediate-sized Hinoki plenty of sun and ample moisture to achieve the brightest gold, but use caution in hot climates, where scorching afternoon sun may be too much. Originally from Duncan and Davies, New Zealand. Garden Size: 12’H x 8’W Intermediate: 6-10″/year Broad Upright Zone 5 Yellow
NEW! obtusa 'Just Dandy' Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Just Dandy’, selected from among thousands of seedlings of C.o. ‘Nana Gracilis’ in 1981, is among the best of the best. Compact sprays of dense, finely textured foliage decorate the branches of the low, rounded, spreading plants. Such tight foliage is usually associated with miniature selections that have extremely slow growth, but this superior cultivar grows comparatively faster. It will reach the size of a beach ball within years instead of decades. Ultimately wider than tall, ‘Just Dandy’ contributes unparalleled grace and beauty to small spaces throughout the year. Garden Size: 1.5’H x 2’W Dwarf: 1-3″/year Globe Shaped Zone 5
NEW! obtusa 'Melody' Lacy sprays of attractive lemon yellow foliage let the special Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Melody’ stand out in the garden. Found as a sport on C.o. ‘Graciosa’, it is slower growing than its parent. Narrow when young, it broadens with age. Winter brings bronze tones to the tips of the yellow foliage for a nice seasonal change. Tolerates full sun but flourishes in partial shade as well. Well-drained soil is a must. Garden Size: 6’H x 4’W Intermediate: 3-6″/year Broad Upright Zone 5 Yellow
NEW! obtusa 'Nana' Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Nana’, introduced in 1867, remains a highly regarded industry standard. Superior features explain the reason: tightly cupped fans of dark green, highly congested foliage form a dense, miniature mound that contributes beautifully to small-scale plantings, including rock gardens, troughs and container gardens. Reliable year-round performance and very slow growth assure that ‘Nana’ will retain its claim to fame. Garden Size: 2’H x 2’W Dwarf: 1-3″/year Globe Shaped Zone 5
NEW! obtusa 'Nana Lutea' The golden yellow Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Nana Lutea’ has the same superior features as C.o. ‘Nana Gracilis’ with the addition of vibrant new growth. The compact, slow-growing small tree has an irregularly rounded form developing into an upright broad habit as it ages. Dense, golden sprays of foliage become brighter in more open settings. A valuable option for year-round garden color, it prefers some protection from harsh summer sun and desiccating winds. Garden Size: 4’H x 3’W Dwarf: 3-5″/year Broad Upright Zone 5 Yellow
NEW! obtusa 'Thoweil' A slow grower, Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Thoweil’ will make a great feature specimen in the garden when creatively placed for 360° viewing. Its small, deep green foliage and naturally sculpted narrow upright habit make it a unique and stately addition to the garden. Alone in a container, it may be a featured patio specimen. Garden Size: 6’H x 2’W Dwarf: 3-6″/year Narrow Upright Zone 5
NEW! pisifera 'Blue Moon' The bright steel blue foliage of Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Blue Moon’ adds a special color element to the garden, featuring short stiff branches covered with juvenile foliage that develop into a tight, compact ball with minimal shearing required to maintain its tidy form. ‘Blue Moon’ can be planted as a single color accent or in groupings for bright blocks of color. An excellent choice for foundation plantings also. Grows best in full sun with moist, well-drained soil. Garden Size: 4’H x 4’W Dwarf: 3-5″/year Globe Shaped Zone 4 Blue
NEW! pisifera 'Cumulus' Tufts of needle-like, juvenile foliage give this rounded, bluish green selection its airy character, even when mature. Reminiscent of puffy clouds, the delicate choice adds a reliable element of soft texture to tight garden spaces. Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Cumulus’ stays small without pruning and its foliage is most dense when grown in full sun. Particularly useful for container, trough or rock gardens and other small sites. A fun choice for miniature topiary. Garden Size: 1.5’H x 1.5’W Dwarf: 1-3″/year Globe Shaped Zone 4 Bluish Green
NEW! pisifera 'Golden Mop' The finely textured, sunny foliage of the winning Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Golden Mop’ develops vibrant new spring growth that retains its brilliance and shines in the garden all year. Well-behaved, compact and hardy, the low, mounding conifer makes a versatile addition to border, bank or foundation. It produces best color in full sun and performs even in areas challenged by heat and humidity. Garden Size: 8’H x 8’W Intermediate: 3-6″/year Globe Shaped Zone 4 Yellow
NEW! pisifera 'Tsukumo' Ideal for the smallest site, Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Tsukumo’ is a rounded bun that almost doubles as a mossy green rock. It has dense, finely textured green foliage and grows so slowly that it won’t outsize a trough or rock garden. The compact cushion, which is hardy, tough and resilient, is wider than it is tall. Occasionally, short feathery plumes will sprout out among the fine foliage, adding character and dimension, or may simply be removed to maintain the most compact, tiny mound. Garden Size: 1.5’H x 1.5’W Miniature: 1-3″/year Globe Shaped Zone 4
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CHRYSANTHEMUM This is a genus of about 20 species of upright bushy perennials, grown primarily for their showy flowerheads which consist of ray florets in a variety of colors and different forms. They enjoy full sun and average garden soil.
superbum leucanthemum (Shasta Daisies) Robust, clump forming perennial with inversely lance-shaped, toothed, glossy, dark green basal leaves. Zone 5-9, unless otherwise noted.
'Banana Cream' Lemon yellow flowers aging to buttery yellow. June-August, 15-18"
'Becky' Large flowered variety with long stems. July-October, 24-36". Zone 3-7
'Daisy May' Here is an easy, fast growing, and fun perennial, with a long bloom time, and showcasing clean 2 1/2 to 3" white flowers. Blooms all summer with faithful deadheading. H 12-24"
NEW! 'Real Charmer' Large decorative blooms with fancy fringed central petals. Flower color is cream to lemon, with contrasting deep golden centers carried on very strong stems. H 20-22".
'Real Neat' Real Neat has double rows of pure white fluted petals with golden yellow centers. Neat compact habit ideal for pots and containers and garden borders. H 16-18"
'Spoonful of Sugar' Huge, 4 1/2" double rowed, creamy white blooms with a bright yellow eye smother the deep green foliage during the heat of summer. Loved for its compact, dome-like habit in the garden. H 16-18".
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CIMICIFUGA (Black Snakeroot) Tall racemes of tiny flowers tower over fine foliage. Good for cutting. Interesting as a specimen plant and beautiful in masses. Prefers partial shade and moist, well-drained soil high in organic matter. Zones 4-8.
japonica (Japanese Bugbane) The leaves have a maple-like appearance and flowers emerge from the axils of the leaves.
'Hillside Patent Leather' A striking plant that is more compact with more emerald-green leaves than the species. H 8-12", with flower 2-3'. Bred local grower, Peter Joppe of Hillside Nursery.
NEW! 'Hillside Variegatum' Grows like the other cimicifuga to three feet or so with spikes of narrow white flowers, but this has foliage boldly splashed and speckled with white. Very showy and striking, and rarely offered for sale. Zone 4. Bred by local grower, Peter Joppe of Hillside Nursery.
racemosa (Bugbane) Native Eastern wildflower with deeply cut foliage and long, fragrant, ivory flower racemes. July-Aug.
'Pink Spike' Wonderful bronze tinted foliage is held on dark, upright stems and in late summer and early fall they are topped with tall spikes of pink buds that open to pinkish-white flowers. Plant in groups of 3 for best effect. H 48-60".
species The stately native!
rubifolia (Maple Leaf Cimicifuga) A favorite native Cimicifuga, it is a more compact plant with large maple-like leaves and spikes of white flowers in the fall. Zone 4-7. 2-3'.
x 'Chocoholic' A shorter Cimicifuga with dark chocolate-brown foliage all season. Spikes of pink tinged white flowers open in August and have a sweet fragrance. H 2-3'.
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CLEMATIS Mostly climbers, many with large showy flowers. Will grow up trellises, arbors, shrubs, etc. Best to mulch or plant around the base of clematis, keeping the roots cool. Plant the base 2-3" below soil level to deter Clematis Wilt. The climbing varieties fall into 3 general categories/ pruning groups. 1,2 or 3 (sometimes A,B or C). TYPE 1, Blooms the earliest in Spring and sets their buds on old wood. TYPE 2, Can bloom on old and new wood, generally starts flowering in late Spring. TYPE 3, Blooms only on new wood. Flowering in summer or later. FOR PRUNING RECOMMENDATIONS, we offer a detailed handout. Please ask at the cashier desk. FS-full sun, PS-part sun/shade, S- shade. Zone 4-9, unless otherwise noted.
alpina 'Stolwijk Gold' Nodding, rich blue flowers provide a stunning contrast on bright gold foliage. An outstanding display! May-June, 6-8', FS-PS, Pruning group: A
montana 'Freda' Cherry-pink, 2" flowers with yellow anthers. Very deep bronze foliage. May-June, H16', FS-PS, Pruning Group: A
paniculata Very fragrant flowers in late summer. Vigorous plants that will grow to 30' over time or it can be cut to the ground in spring and still flower on robust foliage. Full sun to mostly shady.
species Clusters of small, dainty, fragrant, white flowers. Very vigorous. Aug.-Sept. 20'-30', Heirloom, Pruning group; A, B, or C.
'Sweet Summer Love' Vibrant shades of lush cranberry/violet in hundreds of starry blossoms. A Sweet Autumn Clematis in a new color and blooms earlier (August). Cherry-vanilla fragrance. Tall 12', Pruning Group:C
recta 'Serious Black' This unusual selection is not a vining plant but has a sprawling, bushy habit. Quickly bursts out of the ground in the spring, with foliage of smoky-purple that matures to deep olive green. Plants produce fragrant little ivory flower clusters in late spring to early summer. H 4-6'. FS-PS, Prune to the ground fall or early spring.
vitacella These hybrids are prized for their hardiness, vigor, reliability and flower power. Most are also wilt resistant. Flower best if pruned almost to the ground in spring. June-September F-PS, Planting Group:C.
'Avante Garde' This easy and vigorous clematis sports red and pink flowers all through summer in a two-tone display of beautiful button blossoms. H 8-12'.
'Betty Corning' A charming, fragrant, nodding flower with four petals of light blue. The 2" deep flowers have recurving tips to the petals. June-Sept, 5-6', Heirloom.
NEW! 'Polish Spirit' Saucer-shaped, velvety, rich violet-purple, 3" flowers, with lighter central bars. Blooming from midsummer to early fall. H 10-15'
'Venosa Violacea' 4-5" flowers of white background with purple veins throughout, turning all purple on the edges. Blooms July, August and September. H 8-10'. Tolerates shade well.
x. 'Abilene' A delightful pink flower with contrasting yellow anthers. As the flowers mature and fade, a central deep pink stripe becomes more prominent. Early to late summer bloom, PS, compact patio 3-4'. Pruning group 2. Tolerates shade well.
x. 'Blue Angel' The clear blue 3-4" flowers have delicately, crinkly edges and curve slightly. Anthers are creamy-yellow. FS-PS, H 10-12'. June-August. Pruning Group:C.
NEW! x. 'Bonanza' Mauve-blue flowers with pale yellow anthers that bloom in July–September. Hardy, vigorous, free-flowering, and bred for excellent disease resistance. Climbs to 8'. Tolerates partial shade. Pruning Group:C
x. 'Cardinal Wyszynski' Magnificent, very free flowering with large, 6-8" glowing crimson flowers, highlighted by a central cluster of dark anthers. Very vigorous climber. June-September; FS, 8-12', Pruning Group:B
NEW! x. 'Cezanne' Covered in fragrant, 5-6", deep lavender-blue flowers from late spring-summer. Growing to only 3-6 ft. Award winning variety. Pruning group:2
NEW! x. 'Chelsea' The flowers are white with a subtle blue tint that shows best in partial shade. Grows to only 3ft. tall and is a good choice as a container plant or in the front of the garden. PS, Pruning Group:3.
NEW! x. 'Comtesse de Bouchard' Velvety, 4-6", rose-pink flowers with yellow stamens. June-Sept. H 6-8', F-PS, Pruning Group:C
x. 'Crystal Fountain' 6", semi-double, lilac-blue flowers. Plants are compact and free-flowering with two distinct flushes, one in late spring and again in late summer. FS-PS, 6', Pruning Group:B
x. 'Diamantina' 'Diamantina' has many 4-6" blue/purple fully double flowers on each stem, each lasts up to 4 weeks. Repeats flowering throughout the summer. Great choice for containers. H 7', Late Spring- Early Fall, FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Dianas Delight' Diana’s Delight has beautiful, rich blue colored flowers with light and dark tones and a creamy yellow center. H 6', blooms June through early September. FS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Dr. Ruppel' Large, single, rose-red with carmine bar, 6-8" flowers in May, June and September. H 6-9', FS/PS, Zone 4,PGB1.
x. 'Fleuri' Compact and richly colored! Masses of 5" deep purple flowers with a central stripe in deeper tones of magenta. Blooms May-August, 3-4', FS-PS, Pruning Group:C
x. 'General Sikorski' Gorgeous mauve blue flowers that are contrasted with a red center. Free-flowering nature. June-September. H 7-10', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Gillian Blades' Beautiful ruffly flowers open with a hint of pale blue and mature to a pure white. Blooms in late spring and again in late summer. Its compact habit makes it a great choice for patio containers. H 7-8', FS, Pruning Group:B
NEW! x. 'Giselle' Dusky pink, 5" flowers with a thin dark pink margin on the petals, dark pink center. Very free flowering from May-September. Compact habit, H 4-5'. FS-PS, Pruning Group:B.
NEW! x. 'Guernsey Cream' Large 5" flowers open a very light yellow with green bars in the center. After a day or two the flowers fade to a creamy- white. This subtle shade of white shows best against a dark background. A vigorous variety that blooms well in partial shade beginning in late May-July. Climb to 6-8'. Pruning Group;B
x. 'Jackmani' Profuse bloomer with dark purple, 4-6" flowers. June-August. H 12-10', FS-PS, Pruning Group:C
x. 'Josephine' This double clematis is a wonderful blending of cream to creamy green to pinkish mauve with striping. Each flower is a striking display, with its unusual coloration and shape. H 6-8', June-Sept., FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Nelly Moser' A 100 year old favorite. Pastel mauve-pink petals with carmine bar on these 7-9" flowers. May, June, and September bloom. H 8-12', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Niobe' Velvety, ruby-red with ivory stamens. June-Sept. H 6-8', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
NEW! x. 'Piilu' Unusual flowering with double pink flowers produced in the spring and single pink later in the summer. One of the heaviest blooming varieties with flowers produced from the bottom of the stems to the top all season long. Compact growing to 6’. Spring-Fall. FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Rebecca' Very large flowers are a stunning magenta red with creamy yellow anthers. Free flowering, exceptionally beautiful red variety. May-June; H 6-8', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Sapphire Indigo' (Dwarf Clematis) This unique clematis stays true to name with long lasting dark purple blooms that fade to deep blue. It has stunning dark purple to black anthers. It is a continuous bloomer June - September. Growing to a height of 4' it is a good choice for containers. It can be grown in partial shade. No pruning! 3'X3'
NEW! x. 'Vancouver Daybreak' Lavender-purple flowers with a slightly darker midrib beginning in late May. Flowers can reach 7-9" across with full, overlapping petals. All of the Vancouver varieties have some of the largest flowers of any Clematis. May-June-Sept. H 6-9', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
NEW! x. 'Vancouver Deb Dahl' Deep lavender-blue flowers reaching 7-9 inches across. This is the color and flower size that gives Clematis the title “Queen of Vines". May-June-Sept., H 6-9', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
NEW! x. 'Vancouver Morning Mist' The largest flower at 12 inches across! Light lavender pink fades to white. Medium height, 6-8'. FS-PS & bright shade, Pruning Group:B
NEW! x. 'Vancouver Mystic Gem' Pink flowers edged in white with red stamens in the center. Medium height, 6-8'. FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
NEW! x. 'Vancouver Plum Gorgeous' Velvety-plum colored flowers that fade to purple-blue in summer. The flowers are solid plum with no bar. Blooms June-September. H 6-8', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
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CLIMBING While no rose is a true climber, these produce long canes which can be trained on fences, trellises, and walls. We offer only repeat-blooming varieties that flower on both old and new wood. Zone 5-9, unless otherwise noted.
NEW! 'Climbing Iceberg' A long-lived, flower-happy climbing rose, bearing sprays of medium-sized, white flowers. Very continuous flowering. Light, sweet fragrance. Vigorous, bushy growth. Requires less light than most climbers. H 12', Zone 4-9. 1968
'Don Juan' Large, double blooms with velvety red rose petals. Intensely fragrant flowers appear single or in clusters with a lovely tea shape. Profusely blooms in early spring, and moderately, thereafter. Orange hips appear in the fall adding extra interest and food for the birds. Needs lots of room. 8-13', 1958.
NEW! 'Eden' Large, old fashioned, fully double 4 1/2", cupped blooms (petals 100). The blooms are an unusual blend of pastel pinks, creams and yellows. Vigorous bushy, disease-resistant plant. A versatile repeat blooming climber. H 8-10' x 6'. 1997.
NEW! 'Fourth of July' A large-flowered rose, featuring profuse clusters of sweetly scented, semi-double blooms (to 4.5" dia.) which are red and white striped. Repeat bloomer. H 10-14', 1999
NEW! 'New Dawn' One of the most popular climbers! Medium sized, silvery blush-pink flowers, are produced in attractive clusters. Sweet, fruity fragrance. Shade tolerant, 10-15 ft., Zone 4-10, 1930
'Skys The Limit' This rose is hardierand more disease resistant than most other yellow climbing roses. It bears heavy, repeat flushes of large 3 1/2" buttery blossoms with a fruity fragrance. 10'-12'. 2007
NEW! 'Tropical Lightning' Here's a color combo that is rarely seen in climbing roses. Deep, smoky orange roses are streaked in creamy yellow and feature a soft blush of coral with hints of purple in the mix. Exhibition-quality variety that bears nicely pointed fragrant blooms, and plenty of them. From late spring to fall, abundant clusters of 3-4 double roses. H 8-10', Zone 4-9. 2016
NEW! 'Zephirine Drouhin' (Antique) A climbing Bourbon that may be the most consistently blooming, large flowered climbing rose, with the added benefit that it is thorn-less. The 4" blooms (petals 16) are deep rose-pink, fragrant, and produced in great quantities on a continual blooming bush. H 10-12' x 6', 1868.
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COLEUS (aka Solenostemon) Brightly colored foliage plants to brighten partial shade. Great accent plants in the ground or in mixed containers. Most of these varieties can go in full sun or full shade or anywhere in between.
NEW! 'Big Red Judy' Big, bold, dark reddish burgundy foliage dappled with orange. 3'
'Dark Star' One of the darkest varieties available with purple-black leaves and stems. Compact, upright habit. 10-12"
'Dipt in Wine' Glowing ochre heart of each leaf with wide burgundy dipped edges. Slightly scalloped sun lit edges. 20-24"
NEW! 'Electric Slide' With a strong, canary-yellow background, shocking red veins and a ruffled emerald edge, naturally neat and compact. Trailing, 23" x 36" W. Part to full shade.
'Fiona' 'Fiona' is a low-spreading beauty with long red leaves with jagged margins. Great self-branching habit. Slow to bloom. Part shade/full shade. 9" X 30".
NEW! 'Fishnet Stockings' Wide, bright green leaves with sharply contrasting deep purple veining. Unusual and dramatic, this coleus is always a favorite! H 14-22"
flame thrower series The new series features bold new colors with a compact habit. This striking new coleus is ideal in smaller pots and mixed combos. Great garden performance in sun or shade. H 18-24".
'Chili Pepper' Rich burgundy foliage with a purple and chartreuse edge.
'Chipolte' Spiky green-gold leaves with a smoky mahogany center and a compact habit. Tolerates sun. H 18-22"
'Habanero' Warm orange leaves with a jagged edge. A compact habit and sun tolerant. H 12-18"
NEW! 'Flying Carpet Shocker' A bright, lime-gold background with a showy red center. H 24" x 28" W. Mounds, spreads and trails. Part-full shade.
'French Quarter' Pink, magenta and green leaves. Slow to flower, it is a vigorous grower and sun tolerant. H 18-36"
NEW! 'Great Falls Angel' New trailing coleus. Minute, heart-shaped leaves have magenta centers highlighted with green trim. Shade and heat tolerant. H. 6-10" x 12-18" W.
'Inferno' Juicy red-orange serrated foliage makes a red-hot impression in full sun or shade. H 14-28"
'Inky Fingers' Fingered leaves are a dark burgundy with bright green scalloped edges. 10-12"
NEW! 'Japanese Giant' A very large and upright coleus. Large red and purple leaves have a bright green center. Sunshine will bring out yellow and pink highlights that make this large coleus glow! Sun tolerant. H 48"
'Kingswood Torch' Hot pink leaves are edged in rich, dark burgundy. 2-3'
'Lemon Sunsation' Lacy golden lemon colored foliage thinly edged in blood red. Sun loving. H 2-3'
'Limon Blush' Beautiful yellow, pink and chartreuse serrated leaves. H 24-36"
'Merlins Magic' Small, mounding and deeply lobed. Fantasy type leaves are bright green and yellow with a thin purple border. Ferny effect that will lend textural contrast to planters. 10-15", Mounding, Sun or shade.
'Mount Washington' Deep purple leaves with magenta ribs generously flecked in and edged with yellow green. 30-36"
'Pineapple' Bright golden foliage with pointed leaves accented with burgundy. Heat tolerant. Can be grown in sun or shade. 2'
'Ruby Slippers' Bright leaves that are similar to 'Big Red Judy' but more compact. Sun to shade. H 14-24"
'Sedona' Apricot-orange leaves with some pink blushing. 24-36"
'Smallwoods Driveway' Medium sized leaves with curled deeply scalloped edges, with a base color of cream and a slight green hue, marbled with pink and burgundy. H 14". Choice!
under the sea series From Hort Couture comes this fun, colorful, eyecatching new breed of coleus. With 'crustacean' type foliage and names like the following, they grow compact, are sun tolerant and can be placed in both the sun and the shade. 15-18"
'Bonefish' Deeply dissected leaves of bright fuchsia with chartreuse margins. Delicate feathery appearance.
'Fish Net' The sea-green leaves of Fish Net have purple veining, but the filagreed edge is what sets it apart from the similarly colored standard coleus 'Fishnet Stockings'. Mounding, H 15-18".
'King Crab' Wide, red leaves with a golden edge, claw-like fringed leaf center has a darker red flare. Very vigorous grower.
'Urchin Copper' A tight ball of thread-like, copper-orange leaves with darker edges. Sun to Shade. 12"
'Wasabi' Serrated chartreuse leaves. Holds brillant color without fading or spotting. Sun or shade. 18-28"
'Wedding Train' Trailing habit! Burgundy leaves edged in lime. Sun tolerant. H 12-18"
wizard series Compact and uniform, a great series for bedding. 12-14"
'Mix' A lovely mix of greens, yellow, rose and orange colors.
'Sunset' This tough and versatile variety does best in part shade as full sun may scorch the beautiful bronze leaves. Compact and bushy plants. 12-14"
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COLOCASIA esculenta (Elephant Ears) Add a punch of tropical lushness to your containers, beds or water gardens with these enormous and very dramatic foliage plants. They require lots of moisture and are happy in 12" of water, preferring partial shade. 3-5'
'Black Magic' Dusty, purple-black 2' leaves in a giant clump. A bold display. 5-6'
NEW! 'Black Ruffles' 'Black Ruffles' is a selection form 'Black Magic' with ruffled leaves. The ruffled edges give this selection an elegant look. H 4-5'.
'Diamond Head' This is a real stunner! Jet black leaves with an added sheen on brilliantly large leaves. Picture dark chocolate melting in hot sun!! This 4' clump of chocolately goodness will be a hit wherever you choose to display it. 4'.
'Elena' Growing to a height of 30-36", 'Elena' has chartreuse leaves with violet veins up to 20" long.
'Illustris' Dark green-black leaves with silvery veins. Very vigorous. 3-4'
'Jet Black Wonder' Very large exotic looking leaves of the deepest burgundy black. Big bold leaves easily grow 2' wide by 3' long.
'Mojito' Large spearmint green leaves mottled and splashed with hints of black. An eye catcher. 2-3'
royal hawaiian series The Royal Hawaiian® Colocasias have been bred to be sturdy garden performers and container specimens. Each is disease resistant with fabulous foliage and stem interest, and a tidy clumping habit.
NEW! 'Tropical Storm' A compact, but fast clumper that grows to 30" tall, composed of purple-black foliage which is adorned in summer with a prominent central creamy white streak.
'Ruffles' An exciting elephant ear growing to a height of 3-4 feet and having large delicate leaves of medium green that are highly ruffled around the edges.
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COLOCASIA ESCULENTA (Elephant Ears) Add a punch of tropical lushness to your containers, beds or water gardens with these enormous and very dramatic foliage plants. They require lots of moisture and are happy in up to 12" of water, preferring partial shade. 3-5'
‘BLACK MAGIC’ Dusty, purple-black 2' leaves in a giant clump. A bold display. 5-6'
‘ILLUSTRIS’ Dark green-black leaves with silvery veins. Very vigorous.3-4'
COLOCASIA esculenta 'Jet Black Wonder' Very large exotic looking leaves of the deepest burgundy black. Big, bold leaves easily grow 2' wide x 3' long.
NEW! 'Mojito' Large spearmint green leaves mottled and splashed with hints of black. An eye catcher. 2-3'
'Red Stem' Large deep green leaves with a bright red stems create showy tropical clumps in your favorite pot. 3-5'
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CORDYLINE Long sword-shaped leaves, exceptional plant to use for height and texture in container plantings. Sun to part shade. Bring indoors to overwinter.
'Chocolate Queen' Upright stalks of variegated green leaves striped heavily with cream and white. As leaves matures, they become flushed with chocolate purple and deep red coloring. 18-24"
'Electric Flash' This plant has narrow leaves that have a chocolate colored central stripe and cream colored margins. This species is more clump forming. H 2-4'.
'Electric Pink' Brightly colored pink and purple -striped leaves. A shorter maturing variety. H 2-4'.
'Pink Passion' Bold neon pink leaf margins and grey purple centers. H 2-4'
NEW! 'Red Star' Deep red Burgundy red sword-like leaves offer great texture and color.
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COREOPSIS (Tickseed) Well known perennials with pinnately lobed foliage absolutely covered with bright daisies. Tickseed is easy to grow and have a long bloom time. Ideal for the low-maintenance garden. Attracts butterflies. Prefers full sun and average to poor, well-drained soil. Zone 5-9.
big bang series This series features some of the longest booming perennials, blooming from early summer often to frost. They have improved disease resistance, sterile flowers, so they won't seed around. From the well known plant breeder, Darrell Probst.
'Full Moon' An extremely floriferous, very long blooming selection that is a dynamo in the landscape. Bright canary yellow, 2-3" flowers are carried on well-branched stems for several months. Tickseed. H 18-24".
'Red Satin' Solid deep wine red to ruby red flowers cover the deep green, threadleaf, tightly mounding foliage all summer long. Proven hardy to Zone 5. 15-18".
lil bang series If you love the "Big Bang Series' of coreopsis but are looking for a smaller plant that grows only a foot wide, this series is for you! Naturally compact, great disease resistance and long bloom time. From Master hybridizer Darrell Probst, the flowers are sterile, therefore they just keep coming all season long without the need for deadheading. Tickseed. Zone 5-9
'Daybreak' Sterile, bicolor flowers with a prominent orange-red center and fringed, gold tips bloom all summer long. H 8-12"
'Red Elf' Love 'Mercury Rising' but need something smaller? Deep burgundy red, sterile blossoms are produced atop a more compact clump of disease resistant foliage all season. Blossoms have a lightly frosted white tips in high summer. H 8-12"
satin and lace series A new series of tickseed type that are more cold tolerant and have sterile flowers, they will not reseed around the garden. They form a sturdy, upright clump and bloom for months. Highly mildew resistant selections by Darrell Probst with vibrant two tone flowers, bushy, compact and long flowering. 15-18", Zone 4-9
'Berry Chiffon' White flowers with a large, vibrant raspberry eye. The raspberry color expands to almost cover the surface in cooler temperatures.
'Red Chiffon' 'Red Chiffon' starts pale yellow with a vivid red eye that expands late in the season until the flower is red with light petal tips.
verticillata Also known as Threadleaf Coreopsis, it spreads laterally by rhizomes. The stems are wirey, flowers usually 2" across and are produced abundantly in clusters from midsummer to fall. Tolerates drought, poor soil and neglect.
'Crazy Cayenne' Stunning electric-orange blooms over soft green threadleaf foliage on a tight, compact plant. Blooms from early summer through fall. H 15-18".
'Curry Up' Bright yellow-gold flowers with large red eyes over soft green threadleaf foliage on a tight, compact plant. Blooms from early summer through fall. H 15-18".
'Moonbeam' A prolific bloomer of bright lemon-yellow flowers that produce masses. The color is softer than other coreopsis. Blooms begin in Mid-May and continue thru late August. Clumps are open and airy with needle like foliage and have a delicate look. Can tolerate some shade. H 1.5-2', Zone 3-9
'Zagreb' 'Zagreb' is more compact and features golden yellow, daisy-like flowers (1-2" diameter) with rays and darker yellow center disks. H 1-1.5", Zone 3-9.
'Zesty Zinger' Light ivory flowers (1.5") have dark magenta centers which spread toward the edge of the petals, compact, rounded foliage. H 15-18".
x. 'Buttermilk' Delicate, yellow flowers set in a clean upright cluster. Blooms from June-October. Great to add a light touch to your garden. H 15".
NEW! x. 'Sienna Sunset' Burnt sienna colored flowers aging to deep orange. Threadleaf. June-Oct. 16"-20"
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COSMOS Old-fashioned bloomers create airy stands of cheerful flowers. Ideal for butterfly gardens and cottage gardens. Thrives in poor, infertile soil. Over fertilizing results in lots of foliage but few flowers. Full sun.
bipinnatus Broad, open flowers float above fine, airy foliage on sturdy stems.
'Cupcakes Mix' Novel cosmos resemble fluted cupcake wrappers with cup shaped flowers and fused petals. Mix of whites, pinks and some with a dark eye which are single and semi double. H 24-30"
'Double Click' Tall plants with large fully-double and semi-double blooms in shades of carmine, pink and white. 42-46"
'Sensation Mix' Single flowers, mix of rose, red and white. Tall stems. 36-48"
sonata series An exceptional compact series available in carmine, white or a mix of colors. Great garden performance. 20-24"
'Xanthos' This new pastel lemon yellow-colored, dwarf cosmos will make a sunny display. H 10-24"
'Chocamocha' Delicate chocolate-colored flowers held on sturdy stems with fernlike foliage. Loads of cocoa scented flowers. Yummy! 10", Heirloom
sulphureus C. sulphureus generally are smaller plants with deeply cut foliage and smaller flowers in warm “sulphur” tones.
'Bright Lights Mix' Semi-double flowers, mix of yellow, gold and orange. 3'
NEW! 'Cosmic Mix' Offered in a mix of bright orange, rich red and yellow colors, these plants are stocky, well branched and are loaded with double flowers. H 12"
'Monas Orange' Bright orange, single flowers are often a darker orange around the edge. A real knockout! 36"
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CUCUMBERS Warm temperatures and well-drained soil are essential for good growth. Some added lime is appreciated.
'Burpless Diva' A fantastic tasting AAS winner, ‘Diva’ is distinctly tender, crisp, sweet, bitter-free, and virtually seedless. Looks like a regular salad cucumber but with a much smoother, thin, no-peel skin. Does not require pollination to set fruit. Disease tolerant. 58 days.
NEW! 'Gateway' (Slicing) A long, dark green, 8.5 to 9 inch, delicious cucumber that stands up to downy mildew and other diseases better than other slicers. Gateway's disease resistance package is unbeatable. 55 days
'Pickling Little Leaf' This high-yielding variety has distinctive bright emerald green fruit for salads and pickling. Short, space saving vines and small leaves provide easy visibility for harvesting. Pick fruits at a small size to maintain good color and shape. 57 days.
'Tyria' (English) Here is the English Cucumber you have all been asking for! A long European style, seedless cucumber, average 14" long, lightly ribbed, beautiful, dark green fruits. Bitter free. Trellis for straight fruits. 56 days
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CUPHEA (Firecracker Plant) Very heat tolerant plants, originating from South America, which form bushy mounds smothered in dainty colorful flowers. Once a customer discovers that these plants bloom non stop in hot weather even with a little neglect, they are always back for more the next season. Full to part sun.
'David Verity' Deep orange, tubular blooms are small but add a subtle bright spot to mixed containers. A hummingbird favorite! 18-24"
NEW! 'Flamenco Samba' (Bat faced cuphea) Large, rich, burgundy flowers bloom continuously throughout the season. Deadheading not necessary. H 12-20"
ignea 'Dynamite' (The Cigar Plant) This species is native to Mexico and Jamaica and is characterized by long tubular scarlet flowers with dark tips, resembling a lit cigar. Compact plants that blooms all summer. 8-10"
NEW! laevis (Twinkle Pink) Hot pink tubes flare to purple and white, blooms continually throughout the season. H 18"
'Lavender Lace' Delicate, lavender-pink flowers cover shrubby, rounded mounds from late spring to Oct. Unbelievable flower power, 6-10"
purpurea 'Firefly' Numerous large 1" wide cherry-red flowers are produced on long, lax, sprawling 15" stems. H 10". Perfect loud show stopper along border edge!
NEW! ramosissima 'Fairy Dust' Add a little magic to mixed combos with this dainty cuphea. An airy cloud of delicate, pink flowers fill the voids in mixed containers and garden plantings. Heat and drought tolerant. H 10-16"
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CYPRIPEDIUM (Lady-Slipper) Considered by many to the most captivating of the native woodland wild flowers. Grow in moist, rich, well-drained soil in partial shade, with approximately neutral pH. Very limited supply of each! Nursery grown. Zone 3-7.
NEW! pubescens 'XL' (Yellow Lady-Slipper) Probably the easiest native orchid. First to bloom in late April into May. Will form large clumps and persist for years when happy. H 12-14".
NEW! reginae (Showy Ladyslipper) Elegant rose-pink and white flowers in late May into June, often blooming for up to four weeks. Once established it can form large clumps and persist for years. Eastern U.S. H 12-18"
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DAHLIA pinnata Large, brilliantly colored blooms overlook a mound of leathery green leaves. A good bedding plant for a very sunny location. Attracts butterflies.
'Bishop of Canterbury' Vibrant rosy-purple with dark foliage. 4'
'Bishop of Llandaff' A knockout with its single, bright red, 4" flowers contrasting against dark purple foliage. 4'
'Bishop of Oxford' Coppery orange flowers with dark foliage. 4'
'Bishops Children' Hot neon blooms against black foliage. A warm toned mix of solid and bi-color shades of red, orange, yellow, pink and purple. Both single and semi-double peony flowers. Informal bushy plant reaches 2 1/2 to 3' tall and about 1' wide.
'Cactus Tahiti Sunrise' A primrose yellow center and bright magenta tips give this cactus dahlia a warm glow. The 5 to 6" blooms are always a highlight in mixed bouquets. H 2-3'
NEW! 'Dahlightful Crushed Crimson' Dissected, chocolate foliage and velvety burgundy-crimson semi-double flowers. Continuous blooms all summer. Heat tolerant and excellent mildew tolerance. H 24-36"
dalaya series An early flowering, medium sized Dahlia, powdery mildew tolerant. Excellent branching and repeat bloomers. Available in cream & pink, pink stripes & yellow centers, pink with dark center and lemon yellow. H 16-18".
NEW! dinner plate varieties Fully double, huge sized flowers. Truly as big as a dinner plate! All very floriferous varieties that produce color from early summer into fall.
NEW! 'Fernleaf Inspiration' Beautiful, 7" lavender flowers with bluish tones at the edges. Sturdy stems. H 36-40".
NEW! 'Kelvin Floodgate' If you like yellow, you'll love the classic, butter-colored flowers that arrive dinner plate-sized, at up to 10" across. H 36-40".
NEW! 'Manhatten Island' 8" red flowers changing yellow towards the center. Sturdy stems. H 34"
NEW! 'Myrtles Folly' Narrow twisted petals of peach, pink and yellow. Huge, 8", long lasting flowers. H 36"
'Ottos Thrill' An eye-catching 3-4' Dahlia with magnificent double pink flowers, up to 8-10" wide. Are not top heavy and will not fall over in rain.
NEW! 'Summer Sunset' This Dahlia boasts flowers 6–9" across with masses of vibrant orange petals lightly touched with yellow. H 3-4'
NEW! 'Vancouver' Purple flowers, 8", with a lighter center. H 36".
'Fascination' A unique offering with outstanding purple-magenta blooms against dark purple foliage. 3'
'Figaro Mix' Double blooms, mix of bright colors on slightly taller plants. 14"
NEW! karma series More lovely colors of Dahlias, each growing 2-3 feet tall. 'Corona', a blend of salmon, yellow and bronze cactus-type blooms and 'Fuchsiana', fuchsia pink, waterlily form. Long vase life. New for 2018, 'Chocolate', deep burgundy chocolate blooms, 'Prospero', pale pink with deep pink center and dark foliage, 'Serena', white blooms and 'Sunlady', a bright yellow.
mystic series Fluffy eye catching blooms above contrasting dark velvety foliage. Available in apricot, raspberry w/ eye, red and yellow. H 20-24"
'Onesta' Lovely salmon-pink. 2-4'
'Park Princess' A cactus-flowered Dahlia with huge blooms made up of many tightly rolled, pink petals. 24-30"
'Purple Gem' A cactus-type Dahlia with deep purple blooms. 2-3'
'Romeo Mix' A dwarf variety with single flowers in a mix of colors. 10"
'Starsister Yellow Stripes' Full double blooms of yellow with white edges. H 12-24"
NEW! 'Worton Blue Streak' These 4" bluish lavender blossoms are as close to blue as any dahlia on the market. Semi-cactus. H 3-4'
xxl series Strong stalks and colorful blooms, are the traits that make these great cut flowers, along with good branching and enormous double flowers. 20" X 18". Available colors are burgundy-red, orange w/ yellow center, intense pink, pink, yellow and white.
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DAVID AUSTINS ENGLISH ROSES After fifty years of intensive breeding, David Austin's English Roses combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the repeat-flowering of modern roses. They are very easy to grow, healthy and reliable. English Roses may be grown as magnificent, shapely shrubs or trained as short climbers. Zone 5-9
'Charlotte' The blooms start off beautifully cupped, later opening out to form a rosette shape. Medium-strong Tea Rose fragrance. For those with particularly cold winters, one of the hardiest. 4 ft. x 3 ft.
NEW! 'Grace' Highly Fragrant! An outstanding garden plant producing many charming, pure apricot rosettes. Delicious, warm tea fragrance. Very healthy and repeat flowers extremely well. H 4' x 4', 2001.
'Graham Thomas' The tea-rose fragrance will drift through your garden from these cup-shaped rich yellow blooms. Modern bush or climber, 5-10'X5-10'. 1983
'Jubilee Celebration' Rich salmon-pink with tints of gold on the underside of the petals. Very fragrant. Modern bush, 4'X4'. 2011.
'Lady of Shalott' The buds are a rich orange-red changing to salmon pink on the upper side with a golden-yellow reverse. Forms a large, bushy shrub with slightly arching stems. 4'X3.5'. Zone 5-10
NEW! 'Munstead Wood' The buds are a light crimson and as the flower opens the color becomes deeper and more intense. Very fragrant. Modern bush, 3'X3'. Zone 5-10.
NEW! 'Olivia Rose Austin' Pink flowers that have a strong fragrance with fruity hints. 3.5' x 3'. Very disease resistant. Named after David Austin's granddaughter.
'The Alnwick Rose' Pretty rich pink buds open to deeply cupped blooms of soft pink in color with paler edges repeatedly throughout the summer into autumn. Old Rose fragrance with just a hint of raspberry. 4'x3', 2001
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DIANTHUS A large genus including carnations, pinks, and Sweet Williams. Great for massing in perennial borders and for cut flowers. Prefer full sun and alkaline well-drained soil. Add lime yearly.
barbatus (Sweet William) Old-fashioned flowers, reminiscent of Victorian cottage gardens. Very fragrant and features small flowers held in dense, flat-topped terminal clusters (3-5” wide). Excellent cut flower.
NEW! 'Rockin-Red' 3" red, lacy flowers that bloom in clusters from early spring well into fall! Durable performance and dependable overwintering will keep your garden dancing with color year after year! H 18-24". Zone 4-8.
NEW! 'Scarlet Fever' These plants have large bright, red-orange flowers that form dense clusters, with broad leaves. They have a spicy clove scent. H 16-20", Zone 4-9.
fruit punch series Excellent habit, beautiful foliage and blooms that are breathtaking are the trademark of this series. Zone 4-9
'Cranberry Cocktail' This sweet smelling plant produces carnation-like, double, hot magenta pink flowers atop a low mound of grey-green foliage. Florist quality flowers. H 8-10"
'Maraschino' Fluffy, cherry red, double flowers have dark burgundy eye. H 9-11"
'Sweetie Pie' Exceptionally large, fragrant 1 1/2 inch blooms are fully double and a bright pink color that fades to pale pink as the flowers age. This long season bloomer stands 10" tall and 12-14" wide.
NEW! x. 'Constant Beauty Garnet' Flaunting large, dark burgundy, semi-double flowers, which include a slight fragrance. Flowers from early spring into late summer. H 6-10", Zone 4
x. 'Fire Star' An early summer display of a spicy, clove fragrance fiery-red single flowers with a crimson eye. H 8", Zone 4-8.
x. 'Kahori' A long summer display of fragrant, lilac-pink blooms. Well suited for edging and in the rock garden. Compact habit, H 6-8", Zone 3-9.
NEW! x. 'Mountain Frost Pink Pom Pom' Delightful double rose-pink flowers provide a lovely burst of color in early Spring followed by continual blooming until Autumn. The tidy mounded habit keeps the plants neat and virtually maintenance-free in the garden. H 6-8", Zone 5-9.
NEW! x. 'Olivia Wilde' Tidy mounding habit with excellent flower production from May-July. The flowers of lavender with a lighter edge cover the foliage and have a spicy clove fragrance. H 10-12", Zone 4-8.
x. 'Scent First Coral Reef' Double coral-pink petals with elegant white picotee edges and a delightful spicy fragrance. 6-8", Zone 5-9.
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DIANTHUS barbatus (Sweet William) Technically a biennial, this classic, old-fashioned cottage garden plant is great in annual borders. Extra strong and long stems for cutting gardens Should reseed. Nice cut flower. Deadhead to prolong blooming. Sun, well-drained soil. 2-3'
'Jolt Pink' A blaze of showy, bright-pink, fringy blooms, non-stop from spring to fall. H 16-20"
NEW! 'Jolt Pink Magic' Three inch white flowers magically deepen into darker shades of pink as they mature, making a beautiful spray of color. Plants are all-season performers that tolerate all sorts of weather. H 16-20"
'Rainbow Loveliness Mix' Uniquely lacy blooms loaded with fragrance. Deeply cut, lacy flowers in shades of rosy pink, lilac, white, purple and red on long stems. H 12-14"
'Sweet Mix' Large fragrant flower heads that bloom uniformly across all colors. Mixture of coral, purple, red w/white eye and white. H 18-39"
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DICENTRA (Bleeding Heart) Known for their lovely sprays of pendant, heart-shaped flowers and fern-like foliage. Bleeding Hearts prefer a rich, well-drained soil and partial shade.
spectabilis (Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart) Large and showy spring bloomers. Plants go dormant by late summer. May-June. Zone 4-9.
'Alba' Tall arching stems of pure white heart-shaped flowers.
'Goldheart' Peach colored stems support amazing metallic-gold foliage. Rose flowers. Does not go dormant in summer. 24"
species Tall arching stems of rose and white heart-shaped blossoms.
'Valentine' Looking for an updated color palette, try this new red flowering selection. Stems of this variety are deeper red and the large, puffy heart-shaped flowers are bright red with a white tip. A deer resistant plant.
NEW! x. 'Luxuriant' (Fern Leaf) Cross between D. eximia and D. formosa. Finely cut foliage on compact plants looks good all season. Long blooming cherry red blossoms, from mid spring thru fall. This variety is most tolerant of the sun, drought and hot weather. H 1-1.5', Zone 4-9.
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DIGITALIS (Foxglove) A cottage garden favorite. Foxgloves have large racemes of tubular flowers. Cutting encourages side shoots. Prefers partial shade and decent soil. Zone 4-8
ambigua grandiflora A true perennial with creamy pale yellow blossoms. June- July, 24-30"
purpurea A biennial which self-seeds freely. Tall spires of unusual blossoms create a showy display. June-July
NEW! camelot series Showy trumpets with maroon freckled throats. Available in Rose and White. May-July. H 3-4'.
dalmation series Two awesome varieties, 'Peach', soft apricot flowered blooms delicately spotted with yellow cream markings, and 'Purple', spikes of deep, lavender-purple bells each spotted inside with maroon purple. These foxgloves produce well branched, compact, dwarf plants that flower their first year from sowing. H 2-3'
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ECHINACEA (Coneflower) Coneflowers are native North American wild flowers with lance shaped leaves and daisy-like flowers. An excellent cut flower and butterfly attractant. Prefers full to half day sun and well-drained soil. Mid to late summer blooms. Jacqui has gone coneflower crazy- you might think it is her favorite perennial! Zone 4-8, unless otherwise noted.
'Cheyenne Spirit' A delightful mix of brilliant hues of orange, bright red, golden yellow, and white surrounding a large brown cone. Each plant blooms one color, so plant in groups for a multi-color explosion. Sold in packs of 6 to assure color assortment. H 22-30"
'Cleopatra' Named after the brillant yellow Cleopatra Butterfly, the blossoms of this fantastic new coneflower mimics its namesake. This compact selection has single to semi-double flowers. 15-18"
'Double Scoop Mandarin Orange' Fully double, warm, tropical orange flowers on sturdy stems and compact plants. Flowers have subtle color changes as they mature. H 20-26".
'Fatal Attraction' Sturdy black stems hold intense pink flowers. Unique flower has a double row of petals that make it quite an eye-catcher!! H 26", Zone 3-8
'Golden Skipper' Lots of bright, lemon-yellow flowers on compact, sturdy plants. Named after a common butterfly of the same color. H 15-18", Zone 5-9.
'Hot Papaya' This selection has sizzling hot red-orange double petals with falling tails from a pom-pom center. Lush green foliage with sturdy maroon-colored stems. Great variety!! 32"
'Julia' This cultivar is exactly the same shade of deep tangerine-pumpkin orange as its namesake, the butterfly Dryas julia. The nonstop single summer blooms make this one a sure winner! H 15-18"
NEW! 'Kims Knee High' A terrific selection of our native Purple Coneflower. This is compact and bushy in habit, making it ideal for edging, containers, or towards the front of a sunny border. Flowers are mauve-pink with an orange cone. H 18-24".
'Magnus Superior' Deep rose, non-drooping flowers on sturdy stems. Rounded, bronze discs. A quintessential cultivar. 3-4', Zone 3-8
'Orange Skipper' A compact, sturdy plant that supports single, neon-tangerine orange blooms. Also named after a common butterfly of the same color. H 15-18", Blooms June-September. Zone 5-9.
'Pow Wow White' Pure white, 3-4" flowers with a golden yellow cone have wide, overlapping, reflexed petals. They are produced prolifically on stiff, well-branched stems over many weeks. 18-24", Zone 3-8
'Pow Wow Wild Berry' AAS Winner. Unique, 3-4" intense rose flowers with dark rose centers. Very floriferous! 16-24"
sombrero series This very well branched, compact series of coneflower is extremely hardy with bright, vivid, rich colors and a high bud count. Very fragrant! Blooms late spring until late summer. Zone 4-8
'Adobe Orange' A wonderful bright, pumpkin orange. H 24-26"
'Baja Burgundy' Compact, sturdy plants with rich, burgundy pink blooms. H 24".
'Flamenco Orange' Large and plentiful rich, deep orange blooms. Very stunning! 24"
'Hot Coral' Many large flowers that are a coral orange color that is so bright it looks almost flourescent. A must in your garden. 24".
'Lemon Yellow' Very floriferous in bright lemon-yellow: will brighten your garden and works well in containers, also. 24"
'Salsa-Red' Large spicy-red flowers on a well branched, sturdy plant. 24"
'Sandy Yellow' Bright yellow flowers fading to lighter yellow, with a dark cone. H 22-24".
NEW! 'Sangrita' Sangrita is stunning, with pointed, scarlet-red petals, burgundy eye and burgundy-red flower stems. H 22-24".
'Virgin' Large, full and fragrant flowers are pure white with a green cone and a double row of horizontaly held ray petals. Upright habit, no staking required. Impressive! 2-3', Zone 3-8
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EPIMEDIUM (Barrenwort) Excellent low-growing plant for shade. Lush heart-shaped foliage makes an excellent semi-evergreen, weed suppressing ground cover. Delicate sprays of spring flowers add to its charm. Prefers part to full shade. Will tolerate drought once established. April- May, Zone 4-9
grandiflora This species of epimedium is characterized by its large, delicate flowers.
NEW! 'Nanum' Dainty and sweet this charming miniature Epimedium has a clumping habit grows a mere 3-5" tall and long spurred bright white flowers float March to April over dramatic red-purple edged deciduous foliage.
NEW! 'Purple Prince' Deep purple flowers on a medium sized plant that continues to push new foliage over the old all season.
NEW! perralchicum 'Frohnleiten' Red-tinged leaves set off bright yellow flowers. H 12".
NEW! rubrum In late March small, star-shaped, rose-red flowers appear on wiry stems about one foot high. As the flowers finish there is an explosion of striking, red-flushed foliage. This red is most intense on plants grown in full sun. H 8-12".
versicolor Versicolor means changing color.
NEW! 'Cherry Tart' Foliage emerges in spring with a bronze hue. The real prize is the outward facing flowers that are pink and red with bright yellow anthers in the center. H 12".
'Sulphureum' Soft yellow flowers are borne on wiry stems above red-flushed foliage in spring.
NEW! warleyense 'Orange Queen' Dainty orange apricot flowers on sturdy 10-12" stems in mid spring. Olive green, oval to heart shaped foliage takes on coppery tinted marbling in the cool temperatures of late summer and autumn.
youngianum 'Royal Flush' This hybrid is a cross between E. diphyllum and E. grandiflorum, rhizomatous, clump forming, it typically grows shorter. The leaves emerge a rich cinnamon-red color and eventually take on lovely maroon tones that are brightest along the leaf margins with delicate lavender flowers. H 15"
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NEW! EUCOMIS (Pineapple Lily) This fragrant South African native has tropical-looking, fleshy leaves with flower spikes that appear to be miniature “pineapples” at the top of each stem. Full sun preferred, it is perfectly normal for leaves to "wilt" a bit during the hot midday, but don't worry, they perk up again the next morning.
NEW! 'Freckles' This dwarf pineapple lily has it all – a vigorously clumping habit, spotted leaves, wavy margins, and attractive rose red flowers. H 8-10"
NEW! 'Sparkling Burgundy' Dark burgundy leaves that slowly change to olive green, and then revert back dramatically as the flowers fade. The flowers form on 20-30" stalks bearing bottle-brush-like wands of tight, smokey pink florets.
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NEW! EUPATORIUM coelestirum (Blue Mistflower Hardy Ageratum) An eastern U.S. native. Covered with blue-violet flowers from late summer until frost, it is low growing, creeps rapidly by rhizomes and makes a fine groundcover for shade. It also grows well in full sun when provided with adequate moisture. H 2-3', Zone 5
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FERNS Ferns reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers. All Ferns listed prefer partial to full shade and rich, moist soils high in organic matter unless otherwise stated.
ADIANTUM pedatum (Northern Maidenhair) Nearly circular foliage is light to medium green, fine textured and graceful. A hardy and fast growing fern loved for its delicate appearance. Bright filtered light. Spreading. 12-20", Zone 3-8
ATHYRIUM (Lady Fern) This genus contains some of most popular deciduous ferns.
filix-femina A large feathery species of native fern valued for its tough, easy to care for nature. They are some of the most beautiful ferns you will find. Zone 4-8
'Branford Rambler' A spreading form with dark green fronds with a hint of red. Spreads from runner growth. Early to emerge in spring. 1-2'
'Dres Dagger' Attractive dark green fronds are crested with crispy dagger-like tips arranged in a criss-cross pattern. Typical clump grows to only 18" tall and as wide.
'Lady In Red' Bright red stems the color of ruby chard on this deep green lady fern. The color improves as the plant matures. 2-3'
'Minutissima' (Dwarf Lady Fern) Compact clone of the native Lady Fern. Vigorous growing and spreading makes this variety an ideal ground cover for shaded areas. 12", Zone 3-9
'Victoriae' Considered the 'Queen of Ferns". An unusual fern with unique arching, narrow fronds that criscross to form X's. A 3-dimensional stunner in the woodland garden. H 18", spread 18".
niponicum A species valued for its colorful cultivars. Most display their best color when exposed to direct sunlight. Zone 4-8
'Godzilla' (Godzilla Painted Fern) Larger and more vigorous than A.'Pictum', 'Godzilla' is thought to be a cross between Lady Fern and Japanese Painted. Large silver leaves are marked with purple and green on purple stems. 3'
'Pictum' (Japanese Painted Fern) Grey green fronds touched with silver and pink. Red stems. 15"
NEW! pictum 'Pearly White' 'Pearly White' is just about as creamy as Japanese Painted Fern can get. Fronds with light green edges and a white center give an ivory green appearance that blends well with other perennials without being too white or too much of a contrast. H 12-18".
DRYOPTERIS (Male or Wood Fern) There are many species of Dryopteris, in a variety of sizes and shapes. This is a species of colorful ferns that provide hints and flashes of many colors.
affinis 'Cristada' (Golden Male Fern) 'The King'. Upright fronds of shiny dark green leaves with branching tips. Use as a specimen plant or background fern. Semi-evergreen. 2-3', Zone 4-8
erythosa 'Brillance' (Autumn Fern) Distinguished by its bronze foliage. Young fronds change from coppery pink to deep, glossy green when mature. 18-24". Zone 5-8
MATTEUCCIA struthiopteris 'Jumbo' (Ostrich Fern) A vigorous spreader that does not form a mat but rather sends out ‘pioneers’ 12" from the mother plant. One of the most classic ferns that has a stately grace to its large arching fronds. 3-6', Zone 2-8
POLYSTICHUM Evergreen ferns native to North America. Zone 4-8.
acrostichoides (Christmas Fern) An asymmetrical fern with fine texture and a dense crown that will sprout fiddleheads in the spring. An excellent host for butterfly larvae. Easy to grow, so can be used in many settings and soils. 2-3'.
NEW! polyblepharum (Tassel Fern) Particularly beautiful when the new fronds emerge stiffly, then drop backwards to form a tassel. Evergreen, frosted underside. H 2-3'
THELYPTERIS decursive-pinnata (Beech Fern) This fern has 18-24" narrow, erect tapering fronds that are a nice bright green, all season long, only going down after a hard freeze. Zone 4-10
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FLORIBUNDA Floribunda roses are ideal for borders or containers. With a cluster of flowers topping each stem, Floribunda roses provide an almost constant show of color, and bloom more freely than hybrid teas and grandifloras. Zone 5-9
NEW! 'Angel Face' Exceptionally Fragrant! Clusters of deep-lavender semi-double (3.5") ruffled blooms with a ruby blushed edge. Continual blooming rose. H 3' x 3', 1968.
'Brillant Pink Iceberg' Long pointed buds open to rich cerise-pink petals with creamy accents. A mild honey fragrance. This shrub blooms continously and heavily over the season. Very disease resistant. Modern bush, 3-5'. 2001.
'Burgundy Iceberg' Bred for hardiness and exceptional disease-resistance, this prolific bloomer has deep wine-purple blossoms. A compact variety that makes a perfect specimen in the smaller garden. Honey fragrance. Modern bush, 4'. 2003
NEW! 'Easy To Please' A lovely, easy to grow rose, that repeat blooms all summer long! This fuchsia pink rose produces clusters of perfectly shaped blooms with an intoxicating clove and cinnamon fragrance. Disease resistant. H 3-4' x 3-4'. 2017
NEW! 'Ebb Tide' Dusky deep purple buds with a swirling center open into very double, old fashioned 3 1/2" flowers. So intensely clove scented that you could lose your balance while enjoying it. Repeat bloomer. H 4' x 4'. 2004
'Julia Child' Personally chosen by the award winning chef herself, this rose combines old fashioned style with a delicious licorice fragrance. It features fully petaled butter-gold flowers, and a rounded, compact habit. 3-4', Zone 4-9, 2004.
NEW! 'Sexy Rexy' Just about the most profuse blooming rose. Clusters and sprays jam-packed with perfect, camilla-like pink 3 1/2" blooms. This is a fabulous continual blooming compact bush, very vigorous. H 3' x 2.5', 1987.
NEW! 'Sparkle and Shine' This intensely colorful rose descends from noted award winning roses Julia Child and Sun Flare. Clusters of brilliant yellow blossoms compliment a rounded and bushy plant. Blooms resist fading and disease resistance is strong. H 3-4' x 3-4'. 2011.
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NEW! GARLIC A strong-smelling pungent-tasting bulb, used as a flavoring in cooking and in herbal medicine. The plant, closely related to the onion, that produces a bulb.
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NEW! GAULTHERIA procumbens 'Winterberry' (creeping wintergreen) An ideal ground cover plant for acid soils. It produces a dense mat of glossy dark green leaves that brighten with a reddish hue in fall and pale pink flowers in June followed by red berries. Foliage retains color all year. Semi-moist soil. Part shade. Zone 3-8.
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GERANIUM (Cranesbill) With lovely flowers and delicately cut foliage, perennial geraniums make excellent border plants. Varied in heights, some can be incorporated into rock gardens. Cut back taller varieties after first bloom to encourage rebloom. All provide nectar for butterflies. Full sun to partial shade and moist, well-drained soil. Most will tolerate a variety of conditions.
cantabrigiense 'Biokova' This plant exhibits masses of pink-centered white flowers from late spring to mid-summer. Aromatic foliage turns red in the fall. Sun to shade. 8-12" tall, Zone 4-8
cinereum Alpine species making compact mound of small, delicately-fluted, grey-green leaves; delicate cup-shaped flowers held on trailing stems. Summer. H 4-6", Zone 5-8
'Ballerina' Purplish-pink blooms with pronounced dark centers.
himalayense This species makes a great groundcover; can take full shade and blooms sporadically throughout the summer. Zone 5-9
'Derrick Cook' Very large white, saucer shaped flowers are delicately veined with purple eyelashes. These sit above a mound of deeply divided bright green leaves. H 6-12", Hardy.
'Plenum' This cultivar produces fully double, purple-violet blooms. Summer. Nice in combination with silver foliaged plants. 12"
macrorrhizum (Bigfoot Geranium) This species of Geranium is very fragrant. Both flowers and foliage have an apple scent. Clusters of 5 petaled flowers late in the spring thru mid-summer. Foliage displays red and bronze tints in the fall. Zone 4-8
'Bevans Variety' Deep magenta flowers (to 1" diameter) with dark red sepals appear in terminal clusters above the foliage from mid to late spring. A sporadic rebloom may occur in summer. H 3/4-1'
'Ingwersens Variety' A rugged landscape geranium which tolerates wide range of soil condition, including dry shade. It exhibits light pink flowers with darker sepals. A great ground cover species spreading by fleshy underground rhizomes. 12-18"
'Spessert' 'Spessart' bears mats of aromatic foliage from which delicate soft pink to white flowers appear throughout summer. The leaves turn a beautiful bronze before falling in autumn. H 12" x 15"
pratense A valuable filler for color in early-mid summer. This species has a good show of large cup-shaped flowers over a bushy mound of deeply cut green leaves. Cut back hard to rejuvenate. Reseeds freely. Naturalizes very well in a less than formal garden. Zone 4-9
'Dark Reiter' This attractive dark-leafed selection with bright lilac-blue blossoms throughout the summer. 8-10"
'Delft Blue' Featuring a soft, sprawling white flower with a variety of spectacular, blue-violet splashes decorating the five rounded petals. This new variety produces more flowers in a more compact habit. H 20"
NEW! 'Double Jewel' Compact, upright, double white, star-shaped flowers with a contrasting splash of pinkish-purple in the center. May-September. 10-15"
sanguineum Heavy blooming. Delicately cut foliage forms a dense mound and turns to shades of orange, rust, and brilliant red in autumn. Very adaptable. Zone 4-9
'Album' Loose habit. White flowers. May-June. 10-18"
'Elke' Fluorescent pink flowers have bright white edges and centers. Blooms all summer with the heaviest flush in early summer. Finely cut foliage forms attractive mounds, turning red in fall. 6-8"
species Magenta flowers. May-June and intermittently thereafter. 8-12"
sylvaticum 'Brookside' Vigorous clumps of finely cut foliage. Purple-blue flowers with white centers. Summer, H 20". Zone 3-8
'Blue Sunrise' Compact variety with silver-blue flowers. Young foliage is orange and then yellow before turning green. Very long blooming - until frost. H 14-16", Zone 5-9.
NEW! 'Rise and Shine' Blooms for months with masses of rich blue flowers with a white eye surrounded by a pink halo. Flowers lighten towards pink with age. If you love 'Rozanne', you'll love 'Rise and Shine'. H 10-12", Zone 4-8.
x. 'Azure Rush' Large, 2.5", light blue flowers bloom from May until frost. Vigorous growing, compact with a self branching habit. Fragrant foliage. H 20", Zone 4-8.
x. 'Johnsons Blue' Violet blue flowers form a full mound. June-July. H 12-18", Zone 3-8
x. 'Perfect Storm' A profusion of small, magenta-pink flowers with a black center and black veins cover these low, spreading plants from spring to midsummer. H 12", Zone 5-8
x. 'Rozanne' An introduction from Blooms of Bressingham whose large, violet-blue flowers appear freely from June to October. Foliage is a deep green slightly marbled with chartreuse. H 2-3' spread 18-20", Zone 5-7
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GERANIUMS pelargonium Long standing favorite annuals with a plethora of uses. Full to part sun, average soil.
calliope series As a result of breeding regular zonal geraniums with ivy geraniums, you get an upright yet spreading plant with great flower power. These plants are covered with large flower clusters, making them ideal for hanging baskets, patio pots or garden beds. Available in Burgundy, Crimson Flame, Lavender Rose, Hot Pink, Pink Flame and Dark Red and White. 12" X 12-16"
fancy leaf hybrid forms Foliage plants have become an intergral addition to perennial beds and more importantly container gardens. This type of geranium is grown for its variations in both leaf and color variegations. Often with single blooms, the foliage is where the attraction lies.
'Brocade Cherry Night' Chocolate leaves with a narrow green margin topped with truly cherry colored blossoms. H 10-12"
'Brocade Fire' Unique bicolor foliage with a nonstop display of semi-double orange flowers. Holds its foliage color and brilliant blooms throughout the hot summers.
bullseye series Unique dark chocolate foliage, edged in light green, creating a nice contrast to the large 4 to 5" flowers on multiple stems. Available in Cherry and Light pink.
'Contrast' Green leaves generously edged in cream and sandwiched in between is a broad band of red, with small bright red flowers. 10-18"
'Crystal Palace Gem' Bright yellow leaves have splashes of dark green and provide a striking contrast to the bright magenta-orange flowers. Heirloom
'Frank Headley' A dwarf, compact, showy plant that is in constant bloom with single, salmon flowers. Clean white edged green foliage.
'Gitterati Ice Queen' The stunning bright white and green foliage is a standout on its own. The bright red blooms are the icing on the cake, or geranium, in this case. Spreading habit.
'Indian Dunes' Rounded chartreuse leaves with deep rust central markings and hot fuschia red flowers.
NEW! 'Mrs. Peters' Mrs. Peters' bears single, bright-pink flowers amidst its green and cream variegated leaves on mounding plants that remain shorter than 14 inches.
'Persian Queen' Single magenta flowers above bright lime-green foliage. Striking color combination.
sidoedes A unique clump growing Geranium packed with small, felted grey leaves. Deep maroon flower clusters are held on fine stems.
'Vancouver Centennial' Decorative foliage is lobed and pointed, marked with burgundy against an almost chartreuse background. This fantastic contrast is highlighted by bright orange-red flowers. 12-14"
NEW! 'Wilhelm Langguth' Intense red flowers appear over green foliage splashed with cream, lovely variegation. Grows to 12".
ivy series (Peltatum) Cascading plants with glossy, ruffled, ivy shaped leaves. Loose clusters of colorful flowers bloom amongst the foliage. Wonderful in planters.
grand idols series A waterfall of color! Early bloomers with an abundance of mini flowers clusters. Available in Dark Red and Pink. 12-18"
royal series Heat tolerant, vigorous ivies that have self-cleaning single flowers. A spreading habit and maintenance-free flowers make this series ideal for beds and containers. Offered in Blue, Burgundy, Dark Red, Lavender, Light Pink, Salmon, Scarlet Red and White/Red Eye.
scented geraniums Totally undemanding plants that thrive on neglect. All they need is a sunny spot and an occasional watering and they will reward you with fragrance and flowers all season. Certain to turn any brown thumbs to green. Delightful in the herb garden, pots, or as houseplants.
'Attar of Roses' Upright habit, with large rose scented leaves. 24"
'Citronella' Deeply cut foliage with a powerful lemon scent. 18-22"
'Lady Plymouth' Deeply cut rose scented leaves with a soft sage green edged in yellow coloring. Delicate lavender pink flowers. 14-20"
'Spearmint' Very large, soft, fuzzy leaves with a fresh minty scent. Pale lavender flowers. A vigorous grower.
zonal Traditional bedding Geraniums with good garden performance. Large, double blooms. Available in apple blossom, purple, shocking pink, dark red, salmon, strawberry, and white.
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NEW! 'golden joy' This new cultivar from Wiel Linnsen of Holland offers improvements over other golden junipers. For one, its yellow is brighter than other available options and it maintains the brilliant color throughout the year. In addition, it is easy to grow and has a classic spreading and compact form. It grows more slowly, too, so it will stay beautiful and maintain a manageable size for years.
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GOMPHRENA Globe Amaranth has long been treasured in everlasting arrangements with its papery, clover-like blooms. Likes well-drained, even dry soil and full sun.
'Fireworks' Intense, hot pink flowers carried on tall, scaffolding stems. 36-48"
NEW! globosa 'Cosmic Flare' An all summer, shockingly beautiful ‘Cosmic Flare’ will brighten up any border or container with its spectacular chartreuse foliage and magenta blooms. H 15-24" x 20-24".
las vegas series This new series provides bright colors, excitement and heat tolerance. Available in Purple and Pink. 20"Hx20"W.
'Qis Red' Bright and bold shade of red. 24-26"
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GRANDIFLORA Tall elegant plants that bloom repeatedly during the season, they generally feature clustered blossoms with stems which are slightly shorter than those of hybrid tea roses. Zone 5-9
'Annas Promise' Anna’s Promise was named after Downton Abby’s head housemaid, Anna Bates, and shows off blooms with a pink blush and copper reverse with a strong grapefruit and apple scent. Blooms throughout the season. Modern bush, 5-6'X4'. 2013
NEW! 'Easy Elegance Sweet Fragrance' Buds of coral and orange with a deep yellow base swirl open to full, fragrant, apricot blossoms. Blooms mature to salmon-pink, adding interest with the range of colors. Long stems are perfect for cutting. Disease resistant. Own root. H 2-4' x 2-3'. 1991
'Queen Elizabeth' Pink, moderately fragrant, large 3-4" ruffled flowers, in small clusters. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Tall, bushy and thornless (mostly), 5-10'X 2-3'. 1954
'Strike It Rich' Elegant buds of deep, golden yellow swirled with ruby red on long stems. Long lived flowers retain their color. Strong sweet spice fragrance. 5-6'.
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GRASSES Ornamental Grasses have become increasingly popular in gardens. They are grown for their showy foliage and are generally very low maintenance.
CALAMAGROSTIS Stoloniferous plants that thrive in damp, fertile, even heavy soils. Zone 5-9.
acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' (Feather Reed Grass) Erect tufts of lax foliage. Loose pinkish inflorescences in July, persisting into fall turning to golden wheat. Full sun and moist, rich soil. An interesting addition to fresh and dried floral arrangements. H 2-4'.
brachytricha (Korean Feather Reed Grass) Tawny pink blooms, which fade to silver. The plumes remain open and feathery even when dry. One of the new flowering grasses that are happy in shade. Upright arching form in sun, slightly more lax in shade. Will tolerate a wide range of soils. Sept-Nov. 4-5'
CAREX Not true grasses, sedges generally have inconspicuous flowers, but their foliage provides great color for your garden. Organic rich, moist soil. Zone 5-9
elata 'Bowles Golden' An eye-catching sedge with bright golden-yellow leaves with thin green margins. Taller than most other sedges. An excellent choice as a highlight plant for shade or a water garden. 2-3'
morrowii 'Ice Dance' A fantastic ground cover for a shady spot. Compact, slow spreading clump of shiny green and white variegated foliage, drought tolerant. Part to full shade. 12"
FESTUCA glauca (Blue Fescue) A low-growing, semi-evergreen, clump-forming ornamental grass noted for its glaucous, finely-textured, blue-gray foliage. Foliage forms a dome-shaped, porcupine-like tuft of erect to arching, needle-like blades. Low water needs.
NEW! 'Blue Whiskers' Intense, powder blue foliage. Color stays bright throughout the season without browning. H 9-12", Zone 4-9.
'Elijah Blue' Outstanding, icy blue coloration to this clumping ornamental grass holds up even through the heat of summer. Buff colored flowers create eye-catching contrast. Mounds, H 8-12", Zone 4-11.
HAKONECHLOA macra 'Aureola' Bright yellow leaves with narrow green stripes, beautiful cascading form perfect for softening the edge of pathways or as an accent in combination containers. One of the few grasses that will thrive in shady sites. H 1-2', Zone 5-9
HELICTOTRICHON sempervirens (Blue Oat Grass) Bright steel blue leaves that tend to widen as they mature. Great addition to rock gardens, Full sun, H 18-24". Zone 4-8
MISCANTHUS sinensis Substantial grasses that need room to grow. They enjoy full sun and a wide range of soils. Plumes add winter interest to your garden. Zone 5-9
'Adagio' Delicately textured, narrow green blades with a perfect arching habit. Plumes are tinted with red. 2-3' foliage, 4-5' Influorescent.
'Autumn Anthem' Selected for its heavy flower production and perfect habit. Dense clump of dark green leaves with a narrow, white midrib. Feathery, creamy blooms. H 5-5.5'.
'Dixieland' Dwarf form of 'Variegatus', with arching green and white striped blades. Lovely showy pink plumes appear in late summer. Good container choice. 4-5'
'Gracillimus' (Maiden Grass) One of the oldest and perhaps the best known Miscanthus cultivar, valued for its fine textured foliage and gracefully rounded overall form. In late September it sends up airy panicles of copper-red flower heads and a little later the foliage turns a lovely golden yellow. 4-5'
'Huron Sunrise' The most profusely blooming Miscanthus. The green leaves have a narrow white midrib and form an upright vase-like clump. In late summer, large coppery seed heads turn into fluffy creamy tan panicles. In fall, the foliage turns colorful shades of red, orange, burgundy and gold. 5-6'
'Little Zebra' Narrow blades have strong horizontal gold banding. In August, plumes appear in a lovely reddish-purple color. 3-4'
'Morning Light' Narrow leaves have a band of clear white on the leaf margins. A late bloomer. Flower plumes emerge bronze-red, then turn cream as they age. Has a beautiful refined look. 4-5'
'Oktoberfest' Improved 'Graziella", better fall color and early blooming. Forms a narrow upright tower of wide leaves that develop purple and red highlights in late summer. Flowers turn burgundy to creamy tan as they age. 6-7'
'Strictus' (Porcupine Grass) Best known for the horizontal yellow bands on its foliage, erect growth habit and upright foliage. Reddish fan-shaped seed heads emerge in September and turn reddish wheat in the fall. Great specimen plant. 6'
PANICUM virgatum (Switch Grass) Switch grasses are a highly versatile and adaptable plant. A hardy, deep rooted rhizomatous grass that does well in full sun and dry or moist conditions. Zones 4-9
'Cheyenne Sky' (Red Switch Grass) Upright clumps of stiff, metallic blue foliage produces beautiful airy panicles in the late summer. This is a petite variety forming a tight vase-shaped clump of blue-green foliage turning wine-red in early summer. 3'
'Northwind' Bluish-green foliage forms a compact, narrow, erect, tall clump of foliage which is topped in late summer by finely-textured, yellow flower panicles. A real standout in the garden. 6'
PENNISETUM alopecuroides (Fountain Grass) These grasses are characterized by a fountain of bottle brush flower spikes flowing up and out of neat, rounded cascading mounds of foliage. They prefer full sun and well drained soil. Zone 5-9
'Burgundy Bunny' (Mini Fountain Grass) Fiery red highlights! The snazzy, red accents appear in June and by September 50% of the foliage is eye-catching red. Compact habit. H 12-16"x16".
'Desert Plains' Large mound of finely textured, green leaves that develop red tips beginning in mid-summer. 5" long bottlebrush flower spikes appear in fall. Excellent for cutting, fresh or dried.. 4' x 5'
'Hameln' A medium-tall form of this species. Narrow, graceful arching leaves. Rose-colored foxtail seed heads. August-Fall, 24"
NEW! SCHIZACHYRIUM scoparium 'Blue Paradise' A cinch to grow, striking silvery blue stems maintain their upright columnar habit all season. In early fall, tiny seed heads emerge on the top half of the stems as this lovely grass develops into a deep wine-purple color. Tolerates heat and humidity well. H 36-42" , Zone 3-9
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GRASSES Ornamental Grasses have been gaining popularity with each passing year, understandably so. They make wonderful statements in any garden with their strong linear shape and their inflorescence gracefully swaying in the breeze. Sun
NEW! ARUNDO donax 'Peppermint Stick' (Giant Reed Grass) With its striking, green and white variegation, this grass will certainly stand out in the garden. Use for screening or as a specimen where a large drought-tolerant plant is needed. Plants spread through underground rhizomes forming large clumps. H 8-10'
CAREX 'Frosted Curls' Finely textured grass with light green edged in darker green. Its pendant, cascading habit has a softening effect. H 10-14", Prefers moist conditions.
CYPERUS Native to the tropical and temperate regions of the world, these sedges are aquatic plants that grow in still or slow moving water. Great as a focal component in water gardens or ornamental containers. Part sun to sun.
'Baby tut' 'Baby Tut' is a smaller version of 'King Tut'. A water garden friendly-grass that can be planted in the landscape or mixed containers, as well. 18-24"
'King Tut' This dwarf form of Giant Papyrus has pendulous greenish leaves and greenish flower spikelets atop tall upright stems. An exotic looking beauty. 48-72"
'Prince Tut' A nice compact form, about half the height of King Tut, but with the same large poms on the ends of the stems. 30-48"
ISOLEPSIS cernus 'Live Wire' Fiber-optic Grass has a dense mop-like tuft of fine green foliage that is tipped by tiny flowers. Looks poignant as the sole specimen in an elevated pot where its graceful, pendulous form can be displayed.
JUNCUS Juncus rushes have leaves which are either thin or round and contain a spongy pith. There are many species, the following ornamental rushes are well suited for annual beds and mixed containers, with there unusual and different, stiff upright foliage.
effusus 'Big Twister' Wow! Deep green cylindrical foliage twirls in bold, upright spirals, creating a modern look. Height 18-24"
fuseables 'Twisted Arrows' A combination of straight 'Blue Arrows' and 'Curly'(effusus spiralis) Juncus creating a species with a blue-green color contrast, along with an arresting plant habit of straight and twisted. Recommended for mixed and single containers. H 18-36", spread 12-18".
inflexus 'Blue Arrows' Linear blue foliage and strong vertical habit makes this a reliable accent in container plantings. This low maintenance rush tolerates full sun and drought, yet can be used as a pond plant. 3'
LAGURUS ovatus 'Bunny Tails' Perfectly named because the cream colored 2" oblong flower heads are as fluffy as a bunnny's tail. Excellent for containers, borders and dried flower arrangements. H 20".
MELINIS nerviglumis 'Savannah' (Ornamental Ruby Grass) This variety has showy pink, feathery 'flowers' above the slender blue-green foliage in the summer and fall, yet stays attractive into the winter months. Clumps of Ruby Grass are very dense, mounded and absolutely stunning when in 'flower'. H 18-24"
PENNISETUM Annual grasses are much underused garden plants. Amidst flowering bedding plants, they make unique accents with their feathery wands and flowing foliage. Heat and drought tolerant.
glaucum (Ornamental Millet) Upright mounds of decorative, wide blades with showy wand-like flowering spikes arriving in the summer.
'Jade Princess' Upright fountains of chartreuse-lime foliage all summer, topped by burgundy wands. 3-4'
'Jester' A millet with beautiful foliage changes as season progresses from lemon green to bronze purple. 3-4'
setaceum (Fountain Grass) Fountain Grass produces arching, feathery inflorescence in a lovely greenish purple which age to a golden brown in Fall. A loosely gathered circle of narrow blades forms a graceful mound. 2-3'
advena A hybrid of fountain grass which bears slightly wider, arching blades
'Cherry Sparkler' Yet another spectacular 'Rubrum' sport! Pink blush overtakes the white and green striped leaves as light levels increase. Red/burgundy plumes. Height 2'
'Fireworks' 'Rubrum' with a flair! A variegated purple fountain grass with mid-veins of burgundy and hot pink margins. Simply fabulous!
'Rubrum' (Purple Fountain Grass) Deep burgundy foliage is topped by dramatic purple-red plumes all summer. 3-4'
'Skyrocket' Bright green and pristine white foliage with plumes. A morphological sport of 'Fireworks'. 20-30"
NEW! x 'Regal Princess' Similar to 'Princess', with improved purple color and enhanced disease resistance. The blades grow ever-deeper purple in the heat of the summer and will not fade. H 3' X 3-4'
NEW! x. 'First Knight' The newest noble boasts the deepest, darkest, blackest purple of them all. A sword thrust of very upright leaves in center, arching around the edges. Hail! H 48-54"
STIPA tenuissima aka nassella ten. 'Pony Tails' Mexican Feather Grass is a very fine textured grass which forms a wispy fountain bordered by creamy silver inflorescence. A cool season grower which maintains its beauty all summer. Lovely swaying in a breeze. May over-winter. Prefers dry conditions. 18-24"
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HELIOTROPE heliotropium arborescens Large, dense clusters of deep purple blossoms rise above dark green, deeply ridged, purple tinged foliage. The blossoms have a sweet vanilla aroma and are a nice cut flower. Plenty of fertilizer and water will produce luscious growth and large flowers all summer. Attracts butterflies. Sun
NEW! 'Alba' Large umbels of pure white flowers. Tremendously fragrant! H 12-18"
'Fragrant Delight' An immensely fragrant, vegetatively propagated variety. Deep purple blooms. 12"
'Marine' Giant umbels of deep purple flowers. 12-18"
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HELLEBORUS (Lenten Rose) Woodland plants which produce clumps of glossy leaves, and thick, leafy clusters of cup shaped flowers. Earliest perennial to bloom, often blooming during snow-melt. Prefers part shade and moist, organic, neutral-alkaline soil. Zone 4-9
NEW! honeymoon series A new series with single flowers and brilliant colors. H 18-24"
NEW! 'New York Night' Shades of deep purple-black, jet black and purple grey all punctuated with frilly, creamy glowing stamens.
NEW! 'Paris in Pink' Single light pink to medium pink flowers with a small green center.
'Rio Carnival' A vigorous grower that produces numerous single yellow flowers with heavy burgundy speckling in early spring.
NEW! 'Spanish Flare' 'Spanish Flare' bears 3", single light yellow flowers with maroon red flares. A novel color pattern for Lenten Rose.
wedding party series This series is bred for vigor, showy floral displays with large numbers of double blossoms, and rich flower color. H 18-24"
'Blushing Bridesmaid' This plant has stunning bicolored, double white blooms with wine pink veining and picotee edging.
NEW! 'Confetti Cake' 'Confetti Cake' has 2½-3" double white flowers with burgundy speckling concentrated toward the center of the petals.
'Dark and Handsome' Vigorous grower that produces numerous double near-black to black-purple flowers in early spring.
'Maid of Honor' Large number of vibrant 2.5-3” dark-pink, double flowers.
NEW! 'True Love' True love in shades of rich wine, outlined with darker margins has glowing golden centers.
'Wedding Bells' Clear-white, double-flowered hellebore.
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HEMEROCALLIS (Daylily) Very hardy garden flower with long, grass-like foliage and trumpet shaped flowers, reminiscent of a lily. Blooms last just one day but are produced abundantly during a long blooming season. Early bloomers (E) begin in late June, mid-season bloomers (M) in mid-July, and late bloomers (L) in August. Tetraploid varieties (TET) have more chromosomes, are stronger and offer an array of color and sizes. Re-bloomers(RB) and ever-bloomers(EB) flowers all summer long. Zone 3-9
'Apricot Sparkles' Perhaps one of the most prolific daylilies of all time! 3" apricot colored flowers with glistening sparkles. Begins flowering in late June and continues reblooming until a hard frost. E, RB 14-18"
'Desert Flame' The flaming red-orange flowers are a standout in the garden. This is a taller daylily with nice foliage and sturdy, well-branched and budded scapes. M-RE-D-TET. H 36", spread 18-24"
'Earlybird Cardinal' This is the first red, very early blooming, daylily. Starts in mid-June and blooms throughout the summer. Watermelon red flowers 4" wide, pie crust edge and chartreuse throat. 21"
'Fragrant Returns' Similar to Happy Returns with a strong sweet fragrance, early, 4" very fragrant light lemon flowers, lightly ruffled, very extended bloom for evening show, destined to be one of the best. H 18"
'Hyperion' Canary-yellow flowers are carried in profusion above vigorous clumps of grasslike foliage. Although 'Hyperion' has been around since 1925, it remains unsurpassed in its color class. Fragrant flowers, July- August. H 40"
'Passionate Returns' Profuse blooming, 4" rosy-red, ruffled flowers just above 17" high foliage. It forms tons of buds on multiple branched scapes, blooming continuously from mid-summer to fall.
'Primal Scream' This spectacular daylily screams for attention when in bloom! Enormous, 7.5-8.5" glimmering, tangerine-orange blossoms have narrow, twisted, ruffled petals. Blooms early July. H 34"
'Purple D-oro' Red-purple 2 3/4" flowers, with yellow throats subtly veined with purple. With all the ever blooming power of Stella. EB 16"
'Red Hot Returns' First red, continuous blooming daylily. 5" cherry red blossoms have a bright yellow halo, apple green throat and ruffled petals. Blooms all summer and into fall. 24-28"
'Stella D-Oro' Ever-blooming with gold flowers. Award Winner, EB 18-24"
'Stephanie Returns' Unique colored: bicolor blend of peachy pink, ruffled petals with a thin purple eye, a dazzling yellow throat, and deep rose-purple sepals. Nearly continuous bloom. RE. 14-16"
'Sunday Gloves' Delicious frosting-white blossoms with pale lemon yellow eye. Fragrant. 5 1/4 “ flowers stay open 16 hours. E-M, RB. 16"
NEW! 'When My Sweetheart Returns' Soft peachy yellow blossoms with a large, rose pink eye, lemon throat, and romantically ruffled petals are produced on short scapes. A truly everblooming daylily!!! 14-16", mid-season
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HEUCHERA (Coral Bells) Loose clusters of bell-shaped flowers are borne on wiry stems over low mounds of striking, rounded foliage. Coral Bells are useful in cottage gardens, cut flower gardens, and butterfly gardens. Crosses are the Villosa Hybrids, which are tolerant to heat and humidity. Full sun to part shade and moist, well-drained, organic rich soil. Early summer. Zone 4-8
x. 'Autumn Leaves' Mid-sized leaves of red in the spring, taupe in summer, and ruby red in fall, put on a show in any season. H 16-18", Part Shade
x. 'Berry Timeless' Unbelievable flower production! Light pink flowers age to deep red, produced on tight wands on 18-20" scapes. Plant blooms and reblooms continuously from early summer to frost. Foliage is lightly silvered, mint green in a compact, dense clump. H 18-20". Part Shade, Full Shade, Full Sun.
x. 'Black Taffeta' Larger than 'Obsidian' with dark glossy black foliage and ruffled edges. White flowers in late spring offer a nice contrast. H 12-15", Part Shade, Full Sun.
NEW! x. 'Cajun Fire' This plant changes colors with the seasons: red in spring, black in summer, and maroon in fall. They are always attractive, having clean foliage in rounded mounds. White flowers on dark stems hover just above the foliage. Full Sun to part shade. H 9" X 14" W.
NEW! x. 'Fire Chief' Mid-sized leaves of glowing wine red make a nice medium sized mound, topped with bicolor pink and white blooms on dark red stems. Blooms continuously spring, summer and fall. H 9" x 18" W, Part sun to shade.
x. 'Galaxy' Large, leathery foliage, heavily variegated with spots of color on a very dark background. Leaves emerge bright red than turn darker as they age. The variegation, however, gets lighter colored and more noticeable as the season progresses. H 9-14", Part Shade, Full Sun
x. 'Grape Soda' Grape Soda has rose-pink spring leaves. During the warmer months the leaves go from light purple to deep silvery purple. A long lasting pinkish, purple flower make this a dual purpose plant. H 8-10". Part Shade, Full Shade, Full Sun.
x. 'Green Spice' A top-seller around the world and great in the shade! Its dark gray-edged silver leaves with red venation are smoother and brighter, bigger, and better. Exceptional fall color, which we label as "pumpkin, neon orange." H 9"/28". Part Shade, Full Shade.
x. 'Lime Marmalade' A tasty lime foliage sport of 'Marmalade'. Super vigorous and full of frills with ruffled lime colored leaves. H 10" and 24" spread. Part Shade, Full Shade.
x. 'Marmalade' 'Marmalade' stands out with its rich, shiny, maple-shaped foliage ranging in color from amber to deep sienna. Check out its hot pink undersides! Part Shade, Full Sun. H 10", spread 18".
x. 'Midnight Ruffles' Large, very shiny, red-brown to almost black leaves, showing purple backs and very small flowers. H 13". Part Shade, Full Shade, Full Sun.
NEW! x. 'Northern Exposure - Red' Dark red to burgundy round leaves on a dense, medium size mound. This showy garden plant was bred from hardy species and looks good longer in the season than other Heuchera. Great rust resistance and longevity. H 14" x 20" W. Full shade, part shade, full sun.
x. 'Obsidian' Superb smooth chocolate and wine foliage with contrasting white flowers in June-July. H 1', Part Shade, Full Sun.
x. 'Paris' 'Paris' is the best of the reblooming heucheras. This free flowering cultivar produces an abundance of large, deep rose-pink flowers on 14" scapes, beginning late spring. A single stem can bloom for up to 2 months. Foliage is green with bright silver overlays. H 10-18". Part Shade.
x. 'Peach Flambe' Bright peach colored leaves that literally glow in spring, summer and fall, turning to rosy-plum in the winter. The color progression provides multi-seasonal interest as a great color companion to spring yellows, summer blues and fall oranges. H 1', Part Shade, Full Shade.
x. 'Rave On' One of the heaviest spring bloomers, producing masses of pink flowers, on 20" stems, above highly silvered foliage with green veins and red undersides. Forms tidy mounds. H 8", Part Shade, Full Sun.
x. 'Red Lightning' Electrifying dark red veins spark over huge gold leaves and white flowers. Color holds well throughout the season. H 11"/18". Part Shade, Full Shade.
x. 'Southern Comfort' Huge cinnamon-peach leaves! Creamy white flowers erupt in late summer. Foliage color changes from cinnamon peach to burnished copper to amber. Full sun to part shade. H 14-21".
NEW! x. 'Topaz Jazz' New leaves open peach-amber, change to amber, then to tan, and finally to yellow amber. Lovely at every season. Short maroon flower spikes with white flowers. H 9" X 12" W. Part shade to full shade.
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HEUCHERELLA A group of hybrids between Heuchera and Tiarella, combining the characteristics of both parents making them pleasing additions to the front border. They tolerate sun, but prefers afternoon shade. Darker varieties perform well in full sun. Moist, fertile soil. Zone 4-9
x. 'Brass Lantern' Maple-shaped leaves ranging in color from golden orange to red. More shade will bring out more contrast in the foliage. White flowers. H 20", spread 24". Part Shade, Full Sun.
x. 'Dayglow Pink' Fantastic flower color! Numerous dazzling pink flowers 'glow' in the garden. Leaves are cut with a chocolate inlay. Excellent for dry shade conditions. H 7", flower 16", spread 14". Part Shade, Full Sun.
NEW! x. 'Onyx' True black, glossy, deeply cut leaves. Loves heat and humidity, shy to bloom – always stays neat and clean. H 10" x 16" W. Part to full shade, full sun.
x. 'Plum Cascade' The first purple Heucherella, and it’s trailing! ‘Plum Cascade’ has lobed, purple silver leaves. Small, light pink flowers appear all summer on short stems. Very elegant with EXCELLENT vigor. H 9"/32"/12". Part Shade, Full Shade.
NEW! x. 'Redstone Falls' (Trailing) This is the first trailing Heucherella. Mounding and sending out trailing stems and spreading low. Warm autumnal tones interweave throughout the foliage. The broadly lobed leaves with dark veins change color with the seasons. Sun or shade. H 10-12" x 36" W.
NEW! x. 'Solar Eclipse' Leaves of red brown bordered in lime green combined with such a beautiful habit and broadly scalloped leaf edges. Forms a vigorous mound of dense crowns. H 10-16". Part Shade, Full Shade, Full Sun.
NEW! x. 'Sunrise Falls' Trailing with large, yellow, maple-shaped leaves and red veins. Fall leaves have dramatic red tints. The stems will trail 2 feet in a container making a wonderful hanging basket or a super groundcover. H 7" x 30" W. Part to full shade, full sun.
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HIBISCUS A tropical plant, having large, showy variously colored flowers. They like indirect sunlight and good drainage, important because they do not like wet feet! Hibiscus will live a long time if you overwinter them indoors.
'Mahogany Splendor' A thriller in containers adding some awesome color and dramatic height. Resembling a mini Japanese maple, this 4-5' tall plant sends up a lovely mahogany screen of maple shape serrated deep burgundy leaves.
rosa sinensis Native to tropical Asia and are among the showiest of flowering shrubs.
NEW! 'Cajun City Slicker' Abundant, 6-6.5" blooms, colors from light pink, purple to red. H 3-5'
'Spin the Bottle' A carnival pinwheel of gorgeous reds, oranges and pinks radiating out to ruffled yellow edges. H 3-5'
NEW! tiliaceus 'Variegata - Tricolor' Grown mostly for its fab foliage, will grow to 3-4 feet in one season and form a nice sized shrub. The glossy 6–8 inch oval leaves are generously splashed with green, white, pink and deep red. New growth is a deep delicious burgundy.
trionum 'Simply Love Superior' This variety has pale yellow flowers with maroon centers. Bushy habit and continous bloom all summer. Marvelously heat tolerant and does well even in poor soils.
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HIBISCUS Very showy, shrubby plants bearing huge blooms. We are offering some compact forms which can be used in gardens. Tropical plants which love the heat, and don’t awaken from their winter slumbers until late spring. Full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. Mid to late summer. Zone 5-9.
NEW! 'Mars Madness' Huge 6-8", magenta flowers and dark olive green leaves have copper highlights, with the newest leaves emerging coppery purple. A later blooming Hibiscus and will extend the color of your late summer/early fall garden.
NEW! 'Midnight Marvel' Huge 8 to 9" flowers of pure red glow against the richest purple foliage in the genus. Maple shaped leaves reach nearly a foot long. 4' tall and wide.
NEW! 'Starry Starry Night' This variety produces a mound of very dark foliage, which serves as a dramatic backdrop for its eye-catching blooms. The soft pink flowers are quite large, up to 8 in. across, and have contrasting red eyes. H 3.5" to 4'.
summerific series 'Berry Awesome' 7 to 8" lavender pink flowers with a red eye and contrasting deep green foliage. Covered with flowers from late summer into fall. 4'
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HOSTA (Plantain Lily) Grown for its lovely and varied mound-forming foliage. Most bloom in June or July. Exceptions are noted. Heights are given for foliage rather than blooms. Hostas benefit from morning sun to encourage flowering and proper leaf color. Variegated varieties and yellow or gold-leaved hostas need some sun to fully develop their color. Green and blue hostas lose some of their intensity with too much sun. Hosta grows best in average to fertile soil, but will survive in poor soils. Zone 3-9
'Abiqua Drinking Gourd' Birds have been known to drink from 3" deep cups formed by the deep blue, heavily puckered leaves. White bell-shaped flowers in mid-summer. 16" x 40"
'Afterglow' Large, green, heart shaped leaves with incredibly arresting, wide, yellow margins. Forms an upright mound with pale lavender flowers. 24" x 36"
NEW! 'August Moon' Large, heart-shaped leaves are bright gold to chartreuse depending on the amount of sun exposure. They are corrugated, wavy, and of good substance making them slug resistant. Tolerates full sun which will intensify the gold color of the leaves. H 20" x 24" W.
NEW! 'Autumn Frost' The leaves emerge frosty blue with a bright yellow margin that lightens to creamy white during the summer. It forms a medium sized mound topped with light lavender flowers in mid to late summer. H 12" x 12-16" W.
'Blue Angel' Huge blue leaves with a heavy texture and many near white hyacinth-like flowers in midsummer. Probably the largest blue hosta known. 3'h x 4'w
'Blue Ivory' A new blue Hosta with terrific sun tolerance and a compact, elegant form. The leaves, widely edged in creamy yellow, really accentuate the rich aquamarine tones at the center. Lavender blooms. 16"hx30"w
'Blue Mouse Ears' Adorable small hosta with thick, heart-shaped blue-green to grey-green leaves. Lavender flowers. 8".
NEW! 'Brother Stefan' A large sized hosta, thick, heavily corrugated and puckered leaves are green with a brilliant gold center. In spring, the margin may have a waxy coating making it appear more blue, and the center may be more chartreuse. Forms a wide, tall clump, making it the perfect focal point for a shade garden. 2017 Hosta of the Year. H 22" x 36" W.
NEW! 'Cool as a Cucumber' This gorgeous large hosta forms a cascading clump of green and white variegated foliage. Its foliage is notably upright in youth, but quickly develops into a gracefully arching mound. The long, tapered, pointed leaves have bright green margins which jet towards the clear white center. H 28" x 40" W.
'Curly Fries' Leaves are long and lance-shaped, very wavy, chartreuse green in spring changing to a unique shade of yellow in the summer. Lavender flowers bloom in summer. H 6" x 16". Leaf Size: 8" x 2".
NEW! 'Dancing Queen' An exceptionally large, bright yellow Hosta with scalloped leaves and pale lavender flowers in August. 18"h x 28" w.
'Earth Angel' Superb new sport of ‘Blue Angel’, with variegated blue-green leaves edged in wide, creamy-white margins. Pale lavender flowers in early summer. H 30".
NEW! 'Fantabulous' 22" high leaves are dark green with wide irregular margins of ivory white. Foliage is thick, satiny and heart shaped with long points. Purple striped lavender flowers. Forms a showy clump, that appears to be flowing from the center because of its rippled margins. H 22" x 40" W.
'Fragrant Blue' A superb medium sized hosta, with a 12" wide clump of smooth textured, powdery, chalky blue, heart-shaped leaves. A rapid grower that continues sending up new leaves throughout the season. Slightly fragrant white blooms. Slug resistant. H 20"
NEW! 'Fried Bananas' This sport of H. 'Guacamole' is one of the fastest-growing gold-leaved hostas, and certainly the most fragrant. The 30" wide clumps are adorned with shiny chartreuse golden foliage (brightest in sun). In August, the clumps are topped with 3' tall scapes of large and very fragrant, near-white flowers. H 24" x 48" W.
'Halcyon' Mid-sized blue hosta with frosty blue-green and pointed leaves. Heavy substance foliage and is slug resistant. Pale blue-violet flowers. 18-28" H x 30" W.
'Hudson Bay' Wide, bright blue margins and apple green jetting contrast nicely with the creamy white center all season. Heavy substance leaves, white flowers. 24" H x 26" W
'Humpback Whale' Forms an immense dome-shaped mound of blue-green heart-shaped leaves that have an unusual hump in the mid-leaf which points the tip of the leaf downward. White bell-shaped flowers. 36"N x 48" W.
'Island Breeze' The leaves have a bright yellow center in spring, turning chartreuse in summer, with a darker edge. The petioles are bright red with some of the red color coming up into the base of each leaf. Lavender flowers on red scapes. H: 24" x 14" Leaf Size: 6.5" x 4.5"
'Liberty' This hosta has buttery-yellow leaves with rich green hearts, making for a unique and lovely look! Lavender flowers. 24"h x 36" w. Hosta of the year for 2012!!!
'Loyalist' One of the best white centered hostas. Heavily substance leaves have deep green margins and nearly pure white centers that will not melt out. Lavender flowers. Large size H 30-36", 16" wide.
'Maui Buttercups' An outstanding yellow hosta with 5" round, puckered leaves that are deeply cupped and corrugated. Flared violet flowers. Good slug resistance. 10"h x 14"w
'Mighty Mouse' Mouse ear-shaped leaves in bluish green with a creamy yellow edge. Lavender flowers in early summer. 8"h x 12" w
NEW! 'Mini Skirt' This petite hosta forms a miniature mound of very wavy, thick, blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins in spring. In summer, the center turns more green and the edge lightens to creamy white. Pale lavender flowers. H 5" x 7" W.
NEW! 'Munchkin Fire' This vigorous new yellow miniature hosta is the perfect size for troughs and the ever-popular fairy gardens. Short and narrow leaves hold their bright yellow color all season long. Lavender flowers appear above the petite habit in midsummer. H 5-7" x 20" W.
NEW! 'Neptune' Unique blue hosta forms a cascading clump of narrow wedge-shaped leaves with heavily rippled edges. Arching lavender flowers in late summer. 24"h x 32"-39"W
'Patriot' Green with wide white margins, wonderful form. Lavender flowers. 15-18"h x 24-30"w
'Pauls Glory' Leaves are blue-green with a chartreuse center in spring. By summer they turn darker green and centers brighten to gold. Pale lavender flowers. 25" x 40"
'Prairie Sky' One of the bluest hostas available, retaining its showy color all season. Lightly cupped leaves of thick substance. Pale lavender flowers. 14"H x 24" W.
'Rainforest Sunrise' This premium hosta variety's leaves emerge light green, then quickly develop dark green margins and a radiant gold center as they mature. The thick leaves become lightly cupped and heavily puckered. 8" h x 18" w.
'Stained Glass' A sport of ‘Guacamole’ exhibiting same rapid growth rate but displays variegation earlier and maintains brilliant gold throughout the season. Prominent veins throughout the leaf gives it a “stained glass” effect. Fragrant flowers. Light shade to 3/4 sun, 15" h x 30" w
'Sum and Substance' Large, chartreuse, wavy leaves are extremely pest resistant.sun. Fragrant lavender flowers. Strong grower. 36"h x48"
'Victory' Huge, variegated, very large dark green leaves have a wide creamy-yellow border and are held upright. Topped with lavender flowers. H 36" and more.
NEW! 'Vulcan' This vigorous selection has creamy-white leaves with dark green margins. Golden-yellow streaks occur along the interior margins where the white and green overlap. Lavender flowers; mid-late summer; 22"h x 36" w.
NEW! 'Whee' Extremely ruffled, cream colored margins extend from the tip of each green leaf all the way down the petiole to the crown. The leaves of this medium sized hosta are of excellent substance, making them slug resistant in the landscape. H 11-18" x 24" W. Light lavender flowers.
'Wishing Well' A SUN TOLERANT BLUE. This large hosta is prized for holding its beautiful blue color long into the season, even when planted in 2/3 day of sun. Its huge leaves emerge slowly, exhibiting a unique cupped, rippled, corrugated texture. H 23" x 38"
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HYBRID TEAS Hybrid Teas Roses are tall, elegant plants producing the classic long-stem rose with individual blossoms and flower repeatedly during the season. Hybrid Tea Roses are a Cultivar Group of roses, created by cross-breeding two different types of roses.
NEW! 'Peace' Said to be the most popular rose of the 20th Century. 'Peace' has very fragrant, double, 6" flowers of a light yellow to cream color, slightly flushed at the petal edges with crimson-pink. A vigorous, strong bush. Continually blooming. 4'X3'. 1945.
'Sedona' Large coral blend blossoms with a strong pear scent. Early Spring blooms to 5 inch in size. Modern bush, 5'. Zone 5-9. 2010
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NEW! HYPOESTES phyllostachya 'Hippo Rose' (Polka Dot Plant) Stunning bi color foliage with shades of bright pink and green, features larger leaves and more vigor. Full sun to full shade and adaptable as a houseplant. The upright habit allow this plant to be used as a thriller/filler in combinations. H 16-22" X 14" W
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NEW! IBERIS sempervivium 'Snowsation' (Candytuft) A bright spot in the early Spring garden. Evergreen, mound-forming foliage bears clusters of the largest white flowers of any Iberis. Valuable as a ground cover in rock and wall gardens. Drought and salt tolerant, deer resistant, thrives in poor soil. Full sun. H 6-12", Zone 3-10.
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NEW! ILEX From the whole host of Ilex species, we have chosen these few cultivars for their small, dense evergreen foliage and unusual habits. These dwarf, ornamental plants make great companions for other plants, where they punctuate garden scenes with their fine texture and tight forms. Give plants well-drained soil, rich in humus and grow in sun to partial shade.
NEW! crenata 'Sky Pencil' A tall, slender, female holly with a distinctive, upright habit, Ilex crenata ‘Sky Pencil’ makes an attractive structural feature in perennial garden or container, or it makes an unusual, slow-growing hedge. Dark green, glossy leaves are small and rounded. From Japan, by way of the U.S. National Arboretum, this selection should be about 5′ tall and less than 1′ wide in 10 years, but it can achieve 10′ in time. Garden Size: 10’H x 3’W 6-10″/year Narrow Upright Zone 5
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IRIS A large genus of plants with long, blade-like foliage and showy flowers excellent for cutting. With a wide range of color, bloom times, and cultural requirements, there are Iris for every garden.
cristata (Dwarf Crested Iris) A spreading native wildflower, 3.5" flowers. They works well in naturalized or woodland gardens. Full to part shade. Humus rich, well-drained soil. Spring, Zone 5-8
'Powder Blue Giant' Large flowers are a powder blue with golden crests accented by deep blue. 6-10".
NEW! 'Tennessee White' Vigorous spreader and prolific bloomer with white flowers with yellow crests. H 8-10".
ensata (Japanese Iris) Japanese Iris have huge, flouncy flowers that bloom in July, later than Bearded or Siberian Iris. Ideally suited to a pond edge, but do well in any moist, acidic, humus-rich soil. Sun to part shade. Zone 4-9
NEW! 'Eileens Dream' Graceful large dark maroon double flowers that are dramatically splashed with yellow signals. H 32-36".
'Lion King' White flower petals with a ruffled grape-purple edge that dance in the breeze. Vigorous growing with large flowers. 3-4'.
'Momogasumi' Pastel pink flowers with a golden heart. Late blooming. 30-48"
'Variegata' A strikingly beautiful, deer-resistant iris with creamy white-and-green, vertically striped, broad foliage. In late spring, each clump is topped with attractive, pale lavender-blue flowers. H 24-36".
germanica (Bearded Iris) Bearded Iris are loved for their large showy flowers and 2" wide leaves that are tinged in blue. Most bloom early to mid June, some varieties have a late summer rebloom. Average to infertile soil. Zone 3-9
'Happenstance' This multiple award winner produces baby pink flowers with coral beards and lightly ruffled, laced petals. Well-branched stems ensure a multitude of these vibrant pink blooms. Mid-season. 37"
'Savannah Sunset' Intense orange flowers that bloom extensively. 36-48"
NEW! 'Slovak Prince' Iris 'Slovak Prince' has an amazing combination of colors with its white standards that have a lavender blush and a fine gold rim, sitting above grape-purple falls with white veining. The slightly fragrant blooms grow 33" tall.
mini germanica These varieties produce Bearded iris but in miniature. Perfect for rock gardens, front of borders or in patio planters. Zone 3-9
'Eramosa Skies' Bright peachy pink with a large prominent fuchsia spot on the falls and bright coral beards. Blooms mid to late season. H 11"
NEW! 'Jive' Rich golden apricot with a large raspberry burgundy spot and red beards. Bright and ruffled!
sibirica (Siberian Iris) Siberian Iris form elegant, upright blades of green foliage and an abundance of flowers in mid-late June, just after Bearded Iris and just before Japanese Iris. Each variety flowers for a couple of weeks. They are not fussy but prefer slightly acid to neutral soil, moist and humus rich. Full sun to part shade. Zone 3-9
'Butter and Sugar' White flowers above yellow falls. 28"
'Contrast In Styles' This showy selection of 3-5" flowers is named for its incredible contrasting color patterns and complex combinations of rich wine purple, blue, yellow and white. 28-34"
'Kita-No-Seiza' Brighten those problem spots with this graceful Siberian Iris. Butterflies are attracted to its blue-violet flowers, which are veined with white. 24-28"
NEW! 'Painted Women' Stunning reddish falls, yellow signals at the base. Lavender and soft blue standards. H 24-26".
NEW! 'Swans in Flight' Beautiful variety with large white flowers and slender spiky leaves which add wonderful texture to the landscape. H 32".
NEW! 'Welcome Return' 'Welcome Return' features repeat blooming flowers of violet blue with yellow blaze. Its blossoms first appear in late spring then again in summer. H 30-34".
'Yellow Tail' A beautiful semi-double Iris with white inner petals. Strong grower! Mid-Late bloom. H 28"
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JEFFERSONIA (Twin Leaf) Jeffersonia is a somewhat uncommon spring woodland wildflower. It is usually found in limestone soils in rich damp woods. Clump forming. Full to dapple shade. H 10-12", Zone 3-8.
diphylla (Twin Leaf) White flowers in May followed by interesting pipe-shaped seed pods over large twin butterfly-wing-shaped dusty blue-green leaves. Forms exceptional clumps and is useful both as a specimen plant and planted en masse. Eastern U.S. native.
NEW! dubia (Asian Twin Leaf) Older plants can have up to fifty upward facing blue to lavender blue blooms that can be seen from hundreds of feet away. One of the earliest to bloom in the spring as the flowers appear before the foliage. Native to Japan, China and Korea.
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NEW! JUNIPERUS Native ranges of juniper span much of the northern hemisphere, from the Arctic to China, tropical Africa and the mountains of Central America. This could explain the versatility and variety of the genus, which is among the most useful of conifers. Diverse growth habits and colorful seasonal foliage guarantee that there is a juniper suitable for nearly every landscape situation. Most are extremely cold hardy and resist pollution. We offer selections chosen for striking colors, superior habits and interesting shapes. These adaptable plants enjoy well-drained soil and full sun.
NEW! chinensis 'Shimpaku' This versatile, vase-shaped Juniperus chinensis ‘Shimpaku’ develops upright, fountain-like branches that are covered in robust, green, awl-shaped foliage. Appreciated by bonsai enthusiasts for an irregular form and exposed, peeling bark, it also makes an interesting addition to container arrangements and garden beds. Garden Size: 3’H x 6’W Dwarf: 3-6″/year Spreading Zone 4
NEW! communis 'Compressa' Resembling an elegant, tapered candle with silvery, blue-green foliage, Juniperus communis ‘Compressa’ makes a superior, vertical accent, especially in containers, the rock garden and other small spaces. Its dense, vertical branches grow very slowly and stay in perfect scale with other choice rockery plants. Garden Size: 3’H x 1’W Dwarf: 2-4″/year Narrow Upright Zone 4 Bluish Green
NEW! horizontalis 'Gold Strike' The spreading, vivid yellow foliage of Juniperus horizontalis ‘Gold Strike’ creates a bright, cheery spot in the garden throughout the year. In spring, brilliant new growth freshens up the chartreuse interior foliage and continues the sparkling display through fall, when the look gradually softens with coral tones. The low, somewhat mounded, seedling selection from J.h. ‘Mother Lode’ performs best grown in moist, well-drained soil and protected from scorching sun. Garden Size: 6″H x 3’W Dwarf: 2-4″/year Prostrate Zone 3 Yellow
NEW! horizontalis 'Mother Lode' Juniperus horizontalis ‘Mother Lode’ has bright, golden yellow foliage in spring and summer which transitions to rich, burgundy plum undertones during the winter giving this extremely flat, ground-hugging juniper long-term garden interest. Discovered at Iseli Nursery in 1982 as a sport on J. h. ‘Wiltoni’, it performs admirably in full or partial sun. Let it cascade over a bank, define a mound, or cover ground planted in masses. Use with other colorful plants for an exciting statement in the garden. Garden Size: 6″H x 4’W Dwarf: 3-5″/year Prostrate Zone 3 Yellow
NEW! x pfitzeriana 'Golden Joy' uniperus x pfitzeriana ‘Golden Joy’ is new cultivar from Wiel Linnsen of Holland that offers improvements over other golden junipers. For one, its yellow is brighter than other available options and it maintains the brilliant color throughout the year. In addition, it is easy to grow and has a classic spreading and compact form. It grows more slowly, too, so it will stay beautiful and maintain a manageable size for years. Garden Size: 3’H x 6’W Dwarf: 3-6″/year
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NEW! JUNIPERUS X PFITZERIANA GOLDEN JOY Spreading Zone 4 Dwarf Yellow. This new cultivar from Wiel Linnsen of Holland offers improvements over other golden junipers. For one, its yellow is brighter than other available options and it maintains the brilliant color throughout the year. In addition, it is easy to grow and has a classic spreading and compact form. It grows more slowly, too, so it will stay beautiful and maintain a manageable size for years
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NEW! KALE ORNAMENTAL brassica oleracea 'Nagoya Mix' Rich full color, lacy leaves. Nagoya Mix adds sensational color to the fall and winter garden. "Flower" colors intensify as temperatures drop. Quite often overlooked. These kales are really showy for several seasons of color.
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KIRENGESHOMA (Yellow Waxbells) An elegant, shrub-like plant with erect, purple stems sporting large, maple-like leaves. Large, waxy, yellow flowers above the top of the foliage in late summer. Part to full shade. Moist, rich soil. Zone 4-8.
koreana Mounds of large toothed maple shaped leaves. Bell shaped soft yellow flowers in pendulous clusters atop upright 3-4' stems. Blooms late summer through fall. Perfect in woodland settings. Foliage 3' Flowers 4'
NEW! palmata Waxy bell-shaped flowers that nod from the uppermost leaf axils in September. H 3-4'.
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NEW! KNAUTIA (pincushion plant) Multitudes of pincushion flowers are produced tirelessly all summer long. A cute little cut flower. Politely self-sows. Prefers full sun to part shade and well drained soil. Mid June to August.
macedonica 'red knight' Double pincushion flowers of deep crimson over deeply divided lacy green leaves. A strong performer, carefree as long as you avoid clay soils. Flowers dry well. 22"
NEW! 'melton pastels' Pink, wine red, salmon, and light blue pastels colors. Long flower stems. June-Sept. 2-5'
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KNIPHOFIA hirsata (Torch Lily-Red Hot Poker Plant) Large spikes of tubular flowers blaze above grassy foliage. Buds are richly colored and open from the bottom of the flower spike. Full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. Intolerant of wet heavy soils. Bloom Late July-August. Zone 5-9
'Fire Dance' Dwarf Torch Lily! Coral and yellow flower spikes are produced atop a low-growing, thick clump of narrow, arching, blue-green foliage. 20"
NEW! poco series A short series - Use in front of your border. Massive flower count, blooms summer to frost with large inflorescences and short, grassy leaves. Bee and hummingbird magnets. Offered in Orange and Red. H 14", Zone 4-9.
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LANDSCAPE Landscape Roses are selected from a variety of classes, based on their ease of care. Landscape Roses are disease-resistant, require little pruning, grow quickly to fill a space and provide a long seasonal show of color. Most Landscape Roses are grown on their own root. Zone 4-9
NEW! 'Bonica' This variety bears dainty clusters of small to medium-sized, rose pink flowers, with a light fragrance. If the flowers are not dead-headed they will be followed by a wonderful crop of bright red hips, which last long into the winter. Hardy, repeats well and has little disease. H 4' x 5'. 1981
'Carefree Sunshine' Carefree Roses have outstandingly disease-resistance. Clear yellow, single blooms appear in abundant clusters form spring to fall. Continual Bloom, 4x4, 2001
'Carefree Wonder' This easy to grow rose produces semi-double cupped blooms of china-pink with a creamy white reverse. A disease-resistant compact bush that blooms continually. 4x3', 1990
polyanthas 'The Fairy' One of the easiest roses to grow, this old-fashioned charmer produces sprays of small, double-pink flowers through first frost. Compact, bushy, 2 1/2'X4'. Zone 5-10. 1932
NEW! rugosa 'Linda Campbell' Features fragrant, bright red, semi-double blooms (to 3" across) in clusters of 5-15 blooms. Flowers in June and throughout the summer with an excellent repeat. Nearly thornless, good for hips. H 6' x 6-8', 1991
NEW! rugosa 'Purple Pavement' Large, ruffled blossoms with a purple-red color and strong fragrance. In the fall, the blossoms turn to large hips, and the foliage turns to shades of yellow and maroon. Repeat bloomer. Hardy bush, 3-6'X3-6'. Zone 3. 1986
NEW! 'Sea Foam' A compact shrub that produces a large number of double creamy-white, 2.5", blooms. Many rose growers have also found this variety useful as a ground cover when trimmed properly. H 2-3" x 6'. 1964
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LANTANA Heat loving plants with clusters of brilliantly colored florets, irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds. Full sun.
camara This plant comes in many combinations of red, yellow, and orange flowers in small clusters. Deadheading spent flowers will encourage additional blooming and will prevent the growth of toxic berries.
bandana series Well branched with large blooms and a nice mounding habit. An early blooming variety that will bloom all summer. Offered in 'Cherry Sunrise', 'Peach' and 'Red'. H 12"
NEW! bloomify series Offered in 'Rose', rose-pink and yellow flowers and 'Red', a blend of rose, peach and yellow hues. Sterile varieties, no more deadheading seed pods. Perfect plant to carry you through the summer months in color.
landmark series A nice mounded selection of vividly colored blossoms. Available in 'Citrus', 'Gold', 'Rose Glow', and 'Yellow'. H 15".
'Lucky Lemon Glow' The dark green foliage contrasts beautifully with the bright yellow and white flowers. H 12-16", spread 12-14"
luscious series Brightly colored flower clusters. Available as 'Berry Blend', 'Grape' and 'Marmalade'. New for 2018 'Royal Cosmo', pink-magenta-purple with yellow-orange highlights.
'Samantha' Variegated foliage sports golden blooms. Semi-trailing habit.
NEW! montevidensis 'Weeping white' A continuous bloomer, producing small, white flower head clusters. Low, naturally spreading.
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NEW! LATHYRUS vernus (Spring Vetching) Deep pink to purple flowers emerge in early spring before the foliage. A clump forming pea that is happiest in rich soil that doesn't dry out. 1-1.5', Zone 3-7
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NEW! LAVANDULA stoechas (Spanish Lavender) This early-blooming compact shrub bears intriguing pine-cone-shaped flowers that have dark-purple bracts, or “rabbit ears.” Bloom appears from late spring to summer. Full sun. This species is a tender perennial and will only over winter in zones 7 and above.
NEW! 'Bandera Purple' An abundance of spikes with dark purple flowers, and lighter purple flags, that practically cover the entire plant. Holds dense, mounded habit without falling open, perfect for pots. H 10-12"
NEW! 'Madrid Purple' 'Madrid Purple' will reach a height of 18-24” with large flowers from May to August. Foliage is aromatic and can be used for culinary purposes. This species is a tender perennial will only over winter in zones 7 and above.
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LETTUCE Lettuce is hardy and can be planted as early as the soil can be worked. It is a cool season crop and makes its best growth when temperatures are between 60-65 degrees. Plant every 3 weeks for a continous supply. Careful variety selection is important for hot weather crops.
butterhead-boston-bib Highest eating quality. Large ruffly outer leaves surrounding a soft, folded, and blanched heart.
'Adriana' (green) Heat tolerant, dark green butterhead. Heads are full and dense with good flavor. Good disease resistance and tolerance to bolting and tip burn. 48 days
'Alkindus' (red) Gorgeous butterhead attracts attention with glossy leaves that contrast dynamic red with bright apple green. Performs well in the spring, summer and fall. 45 days
iceberg 'Great Lakes' Adaptable iceberg. Medium sized, glossy green, firm heads. White interior, juicy and mild. 75 days
leaf lettuce types Easiest to grow. The heads of this type do not close tightly, but form an open rosette. You pick as needed for salad without harvesting the whole plant.
'All Star Gourmet' A mix of different colors and interesting textures. Good shelf life. Very popular mix! 28 days
'New Red Fire' (red) Large loose heads are green at the base and dark red at the ruffled edges. Suitable for both cool and warm conditions and retains its crisp fresh flavor throughout the season. 55 days to full size.
NEW! 'Starfighter' (green) Produces high yields of uniform, medium sized heads of dark green, slightly savoyed leafs. Heat tolerant and disease resistant. 52 days
romaine The leaves are thick, crisp and juicy with sweetness unmatched by other lettuce types.
'Red Rosie' (red) Attractive, light red romaine. 'Red Rosie' has an upright habit. The leaves are red more than half way down and then fade to green, creating a unique 'half and half' look. Resistant to downy mildew. 56 Days
'Sparx' (green) High-yielding, upright, dense heads produce long, uniform hearts with good flavor. Heat tolerant. Ideal for spring, summer, or fall harvests. 58 days from germination.
summer crisp Easy to grow, relatively heat tolerant and harvestable from baby to full size.
'Magenta' (red) Shiny slightly puckered, red tinged leaves form a whorled conical head with a crispy heart. Ideal for spring and summer planting with good taste and tolerance to disease. 48 days
NEW! 'Nevada' (green) Bright green leaves with an upright whorl. Resists tipburn, bottom rot and bolting and its great taste stays mild. Heavy heads. Leaves are thick, juicy and flavorful. 48 days
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LIGULARIA A species known for large showy leaves and impressive bright yellow or orange flowers. Substantial plants that are best grown in a bog garden or along a stream or pond. In the heat of day Ligularias will wilt in high light or when stressed for water. Part shade and deep, rich, moist soil. July-August, Zone 3-8.
dentata 'Orthello' 'Othello' is grown as much for its dark colored foliage as for its yellow flowers. New leaves emerge purplish-red, but mature to brownish-green on top and purplish beneath. Blooms July to August. H 2-3'.
NEW! stenocephala 'The Rocket' Stately with handsome clumps of large, robust leaves, and tall spikes of bright yellow flowers. H 4-6'.
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NEW! LILIUM (Oriental Lily) Oriental Lilies are large, exotic, star-shaped blooms that are deliciously fragrant, superb for cutting. Mid-Season. Full Sun.
NEW! canadensis (Canada Lily) Lilium canadense is a spring blooming native lily, found all along the eastern side of the USA. At home in bright shade or dappled sun woodlands. The 4", nodding flowers, ranging in color from yellow to orange-red with dark spots, are at the top of a stem that also bears whorled leaves. H 2-4', Zone 3-6
NEW! orientale Oriental Lilies are large, exotic, star-shaped blooms that are deliciously fragrant, superb for cutting. Mid-Season. Full Sun. H 32-44", Zone 4-8.
NEW! 'Magic Star' A soft pink with deep pink stripe down each ruffled petal make this a showstopper in the garden! A double flower that can be 3-6" across.
NEW! 'My Wedding' This double oriental lily is crisp white with a hint of pink around the edges has no stamen is also ideal as a cut flower especially for Bridal Bouquets. My Wedding has a beautiful scent. H 32-44".
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NEW! 'limeglow' Not your typical juniper! This amazing selection boasts feathery foliage in electric chartreuse, a color that makes a striking contrast to other greens in the garden. Its spreading, vase form and juvenile foliage lend a cheery presence in almost any garden, including one with hot, dry conditions. The yellow sport from 'Youngstown' is reported to hold its bright color and to resist sunburn. Selected by Larry Hatch with North Carolina State University
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MANDEVILLA Clusters of flared, trumpet shaped, 2-4" flowers appear among the leaves. Leaves are dark green, glossy, oval, 3-8" long. The gorgeous flowers captivate all who grow it. Give this one a hot spot! Blooms June - August. Full sun. 3-5'
'Alice Dupont' Beautiful pink blooms.
NEW! sun parasol giant series The biggest Mandevilla blooms we've ever seen appear in this series. Ultra-vigorous, heavy-blooming sun-lovers. This quick-growing twining vine opens flowers 4 to 6 inches across! Available in 'Apricot', 'Pink' and 'Red Emperor'.
sun parasol series Bred for their exceptionally velvet colors, once established these selections are undemanding and require little care. Excellent vigor, weather tolerance, long bloom cycles and disease resistance. Two lovely varieties, 'Pretty Crimson' and 'Pretty Pink'. H 3-5'
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MARGUERITE DAISY argyranthemum frutescens Cheerful daisies smother compact shrubby plants with long, narrow, finely divided foliage. Most bloom best in cool weather. Full to part sun, average soil.
'Beauty Yellow' This award winning must have, has a long, continuous bloom time that doesn't need deadheading! 16-24"
NEW! grandessa series Boasting larger blooms than other marguerite daisies, 'Pink Halo' features large, bright pink blooms with a yellow halo around a dark center, and 'Red' features bright red blooms with a yellow halo around a dark center. Large mounded form covered in blooms. Grows 18-24"
'White Butterfly' The large daisy flowers are a lovely crisp, clean white flower with a bright yellow eye. They thoroughly cover the plants all summer, no deadheading needed. 18-36"
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MARIGOLDS tagetes Cheerful, bright flowers which bloom profusely all summer, and a tough, vigorous nature are the attributes which have made Marigolds one of the most popular bedding plants of all time. Full to part sun, average soil.
erecta (African) African Marigolds have large, showy, double blooms.
NEW! 'French Vanilla' The first hybrid white marigold. A real creamy white , double flowered with long lasting, odorless blooms up to 3" across. H 16-18"
garden joy series High yielding, disease tolerant, tall plants have firm, 5", ball-shaped flowers. H 14-16". Available in Orange and Yellow.
NEW! 'Lady First' A nice medium-sized plant, 20 inches tall, covered with sunny yellow, fully double flowers 3 1/2 inches across.
patula (French) French Marigolds are bushy, compact plants with good-sized flowers.
'Disco Mix' Early, free flowering plants with large, single blooms. 10-12"
durango series Outstanding performers with 2" flowers. Available in a dark red with yellow undersides or a golden yellow with red tips. 10-12"
NEW! 'Fireball' This first "true red" marigold with color changing under different weather conditions. Tons of fiery-bronze flowers one day to a dark golden-ember the next as the flowers mature. 10-12" high.
'Janie Flame' Golden flame orange blooms on short plants. 8-10"
little hero series Compact plants with double crested blooms. Offered in a mixture of bright colors and solid yellow. 8-10"
safari series Huge, semi-double blooms in tangerine, yellow and a mixture of bright colors. 10-12"
NEW! 'Strawberry Blonde' A rush of bicolor pastel pink, rose and yellow blooms. Blooms actually change color. When warmer, blooms are yellow-pinks; when cooler: pink-plum tones kick in. Mounded, 8-10" plants.
tenuifolia (Signet) The Signet Marigold produces a bushy mound of lacy foliage covered by small, single, flowers all summer. The flowers and foliage have a fresh citrus scent and the blooms are edible, adding color to salads. Available in 'Lemon Gem' (Heirloom), 'Tangerine Gem' and 'Scarlet-Red Gem'. H 9-12"
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NEW! MEDINILLA myriantha (Malaysian Grapes) The flowers start light pink and darken to purple. The blooms last for months! This is an easy to grow shade or house plant. *The berries are NOT edible.* Long lasting blooms resemble a grape cluster. It is an epiphyte in nature, so it needs a porous soil. H 2-4'
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NEW! MELIANTHUS major 'Honey Flower' (Honey Bush) Since it will probably not flower in our climate we get to enjoy its fabulous gray green, deeply serrated, foliage. Stunning when used in mixed borders or containers. 2-3' in one year. Full sun to part shade.
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NEW! MERTENSIA virginica (Virginia Bluebells) A lovely North American native. Nodding, tubular, funnel shaped flowers are borne in spring. Pink buds open to lavender blue flowers. After blooming for several weeks, seeds ripen, and the plant begins to fade, going dormant in early July. Prefers a cool shady spot and moist, well-drained humus soil. Native to the eastern woodlands. April-May. H 18", Zone 3-8.
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NEW! 'miniature' More durable, adaptable and dense than the popular 'Compressa', this improved selection sports the same compact, bluish-green foliage and upright habit. It differs, though, in its broader pyramidal shape and its better tolerance to wind, cold and reflected sun. Try this reliable, vertical accent that is well suited for containers and a range of styles, from elegant to casual.
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MINT mentha An easy to grow perennial with a wide variety of scents and flavors. Many are spreading and invasive, so choose their spot in the garden with care. Use root barriers or grow in containers. All may be used in teas and cooking. Mints prefer full sun to partial shade and rich, moist, well-drained soil. Poor soils will slow the spreading growth of most mints. A potential groundcover for difficult areas, can be mowed regularly. Zone 4
NEW! 'Chocolate' Delightful 'Peppermint Patty' scent! Wonderful flavoring for deserts or to pop in a glass of water. H 18-24"
'Peppermint' A powerful peppermint flavor and aroma. Contains menthol, which is used medically as a digestive aid. H 8-15".
spicata 'Kentucky Colonel' (Spearmint) A larger green leaved variety with extra strong flavor. H 2-3'
villosa 'Mojito Cocktail' This is the true mint used in Mojitos; it's more mild in flavor and scent than some other mints. H 12-18"
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MONARDA didyma (Beebalm Wild Bergamot) A spreading plant with aromatic foliage often used in teas. Unusual whorls of flowers make excellent cuts. Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Needs to be divided regularly and the soil replenished. Beebalms are susceptible to mildew and dry soils exaggerate that susceptibility. Full sun and rich, moist soil. July. Zone 4-8
'Jacob Cline' Most mildew resistant red variety. 3-4'
NEW! 'Petite Delight' Dwarf form with 2" bright lavender-rose blooms. Exceptional mildew resistance. 15" height, 24" spread.
'Purple Lace' Very compact plant with purple-pink flowers. Blooms well even as a young plant. Good mildew resistance. H 12-16"
sugar buzz series Well suited for the middle of the flower border. These vigorous cultivars have mildew resistant foliage that won't overrun the garden.
'Blue Moon' This compact hybrid is covered in lavender-blue blossoms mid- to late summer. H 20"
'Bubblegum Blast' Hot pink flowers. 24"