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NEW! sikokianum Best known of the Japanese cobra liiies, with white golfball spadix inside a purple spathe. Mid-spring bloom. Needs good winter drainage. 12-20"
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coccineum 'Robinsons Red' (Painted Daisy) Deep fuschia pink with gold eyes. Attractive mounds of finely divided foliage sport showy daisies on wiry stems. June to early July, 2'
corybosum Masses of small white daisies, clustered on tall slender stems. Mid-June to July, 24"-30"
x. superbum (Shasta Daisy) Leucanthemum superbum (Shasta Daisies).
'Aglaia' Frilly, double, white blooms with cream centers. June-July, 24-30"
'Banana Cream' Lemon yellow flowers aging to buttery yellow as they mature. June-Aug., 15"-18"
'Becky' Large flowered variety with strong stems. July-Oct., 24-36"
'Brightside' An improvement of Becky with large white flowers and disease resistant foliage. July-Oct. 30"
NEW! 'Daisy May' Easy, fast growing, earlier bloom time selection, showcasing clean 2 1/2-3" white flowers. Early summer, 12-24"
'Highland White Dream' A wonderful tall cultivar noted for its large semi-double,4-5" blooms with drooping white rays and yellow centers. Late June-August, 24-30"
NEW! 'Razzle Dazzle' Wildly arranged creamy white fringed petals create an interesting twist on the traditional shasta daisy. June-August. 16-18"
'Snowcap' An outstanding dwarf cultivar, perfect for edging. Summer, 10-12"
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ACHILLEA millefolium (Yarrow) The attractive foliage and durable flowers of the Yarrows make them an indispensable plant for summer gardens. These sun lovers are undemanding, resistant to drought, and intolerant of heavy, wet soils. They also make excellent flowers for cutting and drying. Zone 4-9
NEW! firefly series These plants differ from other Yarrow due to their taller nature without compromising beautiful habits and sturdiness. Available in 'Amethyst' with lavender pink blooms that age to a lighter pink and 'Sunshine', bright yellow blooms, both with deep green foliage. 18-22" tall, up to 36" spread.
'Little Moonshine' Bright, golden-yellow flower clusters. Similar to 'Moonshine' but more compact. Gray-green foliage and very early-blooming. H 12-14"
'Pomegrante' Rich velvety red flowers over compact foliage. 2'
NEW! 'Terracotta' A multicolored bloomer which emerges a bright peach color then ages to the earthy tones of a clay pot. Pronounced silver-green foliage. Height 30-36"
x 'Moon Dust' This sport of 'Moonshine' is about half the size with the same silvery foliage and lighter yellow flowers. H 12-14".
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NEW! ALOCASIA portodora (Upright Elephant Ears) One of the largest elephant ears, the rich green leaf dimensions will easily reach 3 x 6 feet on 6 foot stems. Great for pond sides in shady sheltered areas. Avoid over watering, surface dryness is best while still maintaining moist soil. Fertilize sparingly.
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ANEMONE (Windflower) A large genus consisting of the Fall blooming Japanese Anemones and the Spring bloomers that are native to North America. All have mounds of lovely foliage. All prefer rich, moist, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Most prefer to be shaded from the midday sun. Zone 5-8.
sylvestris (Snowdrop) Large pure white fragrant flowers are held well above lush foliage in spring. Nice when paired with bulbs. Flowers fade to form attractive cottony seed heads. Spring bloomer. H 12-15"
tomentosa 'Robustissima' Single mauve-pink flowers. July-August, H 3'.
x. 'Fall in Love Sweetly' When other plants in your garden are fading, FALL IN LOVE™ 'Sweetly' is just getting started, producing rich, semi-double, rose pink flowers. H 20-26"
x. 'Fantasy Pocahontas' This beautiful, compact gem is a "must see for yourself". Produces double pink blooms from July to September that are on sturdy stems. H 12-18".
x. 'Honorine Jobert' Single white flowers on long, sturdy stems. Late summer. H 3'.
NEW! x. 'Whirlwind' A lovely Japanese Anemone which displays pure white, semi-double blossoms in late Summer-Fall. H 3-4'.
x. 'Wild Swan' Multi-award winning, the elegant 3” snow-white flowers are accented with a lilac blue wash on the reverse and flowers are produced from June to November. H 18".
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NEW! 'blue star' This immensely popular juniper, discovered in Holland as a witch's broom on 'Meyeri' and introduced in 1964, deserves its reputation as a winning garden selection. It has sharp, blue, densely arranged needles, filling short branches that suggest the tips on a many-point star, and a useable form that slowly spreads becoming broader than tall.
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CLIMBING While no rose is a true climber, these produce long canes which can be trained on fences, trellises, and walls. We offer only repeat-blooming varieties that flower on both old and new wood. Zone 5-9, unless otherwise noted.
NEW! 'Above All' Large clusters of old-fashioned, cupped, 3.5-4" blooms of stunning salmon-orange blend, bourne on distinctively tall canes. 14'. Blooms late Spring to Fall. Fruity fragrance. Zone 4-10. 2015
NEW! 'Autumn Sunset' A blend of rich apricot and golden yellow fringed, semi-double blooms. A profuse bloomer, strong fragrance and disease resistant. 8-12' x 6', 1988
NEW! 'Brite Eyes' Another breakthrough rose from Will Radler, the breeder of The Knock Out® Rose. The single-petaled, salmon-pink color will add color and fragrance to your landscape. It will grow no taller than 8', making this rose a perfect addition for small gardens. Black spot resistant. 2006
'Climbing Iceberg' A long-lived, flower-happy climbing rose, bearing sprays of medium-sized, white flowers. Very continuous flowering. Light, sweet fragrance. Vigorous, bushy growth. Requires less light than most climbers. H 12', Zone 4-9. 1968
'Don Juan' Large, double blooms with velvety red rose petals. Intensely fragrant flowers appear single or in clusters with a lovely tea shape. Profusely blooms in early spring, and moderately, thereafter. Orange hips appear in the fall adding extra interest and food for the birds. Needs lots of room. 8-13', 1958.
'New Dawn' One of the most popular climbers! Medium sized, silvery blush-pink flowers, are produced in attractive clusters. Sweet, fruity fragrance. Shade tolerant, 10-15 ft., Zone 4-10, 1930
'Skys The Limit' This rose is hardierand more disease resistant than most other yellow climbing roses. It bears heavy, repeat flushes of large 3 1/2" buttery blossoms with a fruity fragrance. 10'-12'. 2007
'Zephirine Drouhin' (Antique) A climbing Bourbon that may be the most consistently blooming, large flowered climbing rose, with the added benefit that it is thorn-less. The 4" blooms (petals 16) are deep rose-pink, fragrant, and produced in great quantities on a continual blooming bush. H 10-12' x 6', 1868.
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COLOCASIA ESCULENTA (Elephant Ears) Add a punch of tropical lushness to your containers, beds or water gardens with these enormous and very dramatic foliage plants. They require lots of moisture and are happy in up to 12" of water, preferring partial shade. 3-5'
‘BLACK MAGIC’ Dusty, purple-black 2' leaves in a giant clump. A bold display. 5-6'
‘ILLUSTRIS’ Dark green-black leaves with silvery veins. Very vigorous.3-4'
COLOCASIA esculenta 'Jet Black Wonder' Very large exotic looking leaves of the deepest burgundy black. Big, bold leaves easily grow 2' wide x 3' long.
NEW! 'Mojito' Large spearmint green leaves mottled and splashed with hints of black. An eye catcher. 2-3'
'Red Stem' Large deep green leaves with a bright red stems create showy tropical clumps in your favorite pot. 3-5'
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DAVID AUSTINS ENGLISH ROSES After fifty years of intensive breeding, David Austin's English Roses combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the repeat-flowering of modern roses. They are very easy to grow, healthy and reliable. English Roses may be grown as magnificent, shapely shrubs or trained as short climbers. Zone 5-9
NEW! 'Golden Celebration' Magnificent, cupped, golden yellow blooms. Very strong fragrance of delicious tea with hints of wine and strawberry. An award-winning variety. Repeat Flowering. 4.5x4.5'. 1992
NEW! 'Heathcliff' 'Heathcliff' has large, fully double flowers of rosette shape. The color is a true deep crimson. Intensely fragrant. Upright, bushy habit. H 3.5' x 3'W. 2012
NEW! 'Lady Emma Hamilton' Glorious blooms of tangerine-orange and yellow. A strong, deliciously fruity fragrance. Repeat Flowering. 3.5x3', 2004.
'Lady of Shalott' The buds are a rich orange-red changing to salmon pink on the upper side with a golden-yellow reverse. Forms a large, bushy shrub with slightly arching stems. 4'X3.5'. Zone 5-10
'Olivia Rose Austin' Pink flowers that have a strong fragrance with fruity hints. 3.5' x 3'. Very disease resistant. Named after David Austin's granddaughter.
NEW! 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' A magnificent rose with large, deeply cupped blooms of warm, glowing pink. Repeat flowering. Highly Fragrant. H 5'X 3', 2007
NEW! 'Tamora' Rich 3" cupped, fully double blooms on a short, bushy upright, continual blooming plant. Mr. Austins smallest apricot blooming rose. Great for a small garden or container. One of the earlier varieties. 3'x 3'. 1983.
NEW! 'The Pilgrim' (climbing) One of the most beautiful English Climbing Roses. The color is a pure shade of yellow, petals paling toward the edges. The double, 4", flowers are produced freely, repeating well. Highly fragrant. A short climber, will grow up to 8', or maintained as a shorter shrub. 5'x 3.5'. 1991. IDEAL FOR SHADE
NEW! 'Winchester Cathedral' Winchester Cathedral is a large, double white rose with a subtle shading of buff, contrasts well with dark. Very Fragrant. Modern bush, 4'X4'. Zone 4-10. 1988
NEW! 'Young Lycidas' Magnificent, purple-magenta blooms of classic Old Rose beauty. Extremely fragrant combining tea and old rose with hints of cedar wood. Healthy, bushy growth. H 4.5' x 4'. 2008
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NEW! DENDRANTHEMA (Hardy Garden Mum) A vigorous cold hardy perennial. They like full sun and well-drained soil. Much more drought tolerant than standard florist mums. A more natural, less formal look for the fall flower border. Zones 5-9
'Bolero' Bolero' is an abundant bloomer with 3.5 inch wide, deep gold, daisy-like flowers that appear on tight, mounded plants. H 1-2'
'Cambodian Queen' Exceptionally large lavender-pink daisy flowers cover this vigorous mum from September to frost. H 2'
'Sheffield Pink' Single daisy-like apricot pink flowers with golden yellow centers cover this plant with a profuse bloom from late summer to frost. H 2-3'
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ECHINACEA (Coneflower) Coneflowers are native North American wild flowers with lance shaped leaves and daisy-like flowers. An excellent cut flower and butterfly attractant. Prefers full to half day sun and well-drained soil. Mid to late summer blooms. Jacqui has gone coneflower crazy- you might think it is her favorite perennial! Zone 4-8, unless otherwise noted.
'Cheyenne Spirit' A delightful mix of brilliant hues of orange, bright red, golden yellow, and white surrounding a large brown cone. Each plant blooms one color, so plant in groups for a multi-color explosion. Sold in packs of 6 to assure color assortment. H 22-30"
'Cleopatra' Named after the brillant yellow Cleopatra Butterfly, the blossoms of this fantastic new coneflower mimics its namesake. This compact selection has single to semi-double flowers. 15-18"
'Double Scoop Cranberry' Fully double flowers with a cranberry red centers, sturdy stems and compact plants. Flowers have subtle color changes as they mature. H 20-26"
eye catcher series These single flowering varieties come in bold colors, better basal branching compared to older genetics, and are fairly compact. H 16-18", Zone 5-8.
'Atomic Orange' Large, 4½", attractive, vibrant tangerine orange flowers with a dark cone.
'Canary' Large, 5" golden yellow flowers with overlapping petals and golden yellow cones. Flowers mature to soft yellow.
'Fatal Attraction' Sturdy black stems hold intense pink flowers. Unique flower has a double row of petals that make it quite an eye-catcher!! H 26", Zone 3-8
'Golden Skipper' Lots of bright, lemon-yellow flowers on compact, sturdy plants. Named after a common butterfly of the same color. H 15-18"
'Green Twister' Green Twister’ has lemon-lime petals that transition to a light pink or carmine red near the center cone. H 2-3'
'Hot Papaya' This selection has sizzling hot red-orange double petals with falling tails from a pom-pom center. Lush green foliage with sturdy maroon-colored stems. Great variety!! H 30-36"
'Julia' This cultivar is exactly the same shade of deep tangerine-pumpkin orange as its namesake, the butterfly Dryas julia. The nonstop single summer blooms make this one a sure winner! H 15-18"
'Magnus Superior' Deep rose, non-drooping flowers on sturdy stems. Rounded, bronze discs. A quintessential cultivar. 3-4', Zone 3-8
'Orange Skipper' A compact, sturdy plant that supports single, neon-tangerine orange blooms. Also named after a common butterfly of the same color. H 15-18", Blooms June-September. Zone 5-9.
'Pow Wow White' Pure white, 3-4" flowers with a golden yellow cone have wide, overlapping, reflexed petals. They are produced prolifically on stiff, well-branched stems over many weeks. 18-24", Zone 3-8
'Pow Wow Wild Berry' AAS Winner. Unique, 3-4" intense rose flowers with dark rose centers. Very floriferous! 16-24"
sombrero series This very well branched, compact series of coneflower is extremely hardy with bright, vivid, rich colors and a high bud count. Very fragrant! Blooms late spring until late summer. Zone 4-8
NEW! 'Adobe Orange' A wonderful bright, pumpkin orange. H 24-26"
'Baja Burgundy' Compact, sturdy plants with rich, burgundy pink blooms. H 18-20".
'Flamenco Orange' Large and plentiful rich, deep orange blooms. Very stunning! H 22-24"
'Hot Coral' Many large flowers that are a coral orange color that is so bright it looks almost flourescent. A must in your garden. H 22-24".
'Lemon Yellow' Very floriferous in bright lemon-yellow: will brighten your garden and works well in containers, also. H 18-24"
'Salsa-Red' Large spicy-red flowers on a well branched, sturdy plant. H 22-24"
'Sangrita' Sangrita is stunning, with pointed, scarlet-red petals, burgundy eye and burgundy-red flower stems. H 22-24".
'Virgin' Large, full and fragrant flowers are pure white with a green cone and a double row of horizontaly held ray petals. Upright habit, no staking required. Impressive! 2-3', Zone 3-8
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NEW! ECHINOPS bannaticus 'Blue Glow' (Globe Thistle) Toothed, prickly thistle-like leaves and spiny, intensely dark blue globe shaped flowers. The gorgeous flowers are excellent for cutting and drying. Needs good drainage to survive the winter. Prefers full sun and dry, well-drained soil. July-mid August. H 3', Zone 3-8
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FLORIBUNDA Floribunda roses are ideal for borders or containers. With a cluster of flowers topping each stem, Floribunda roses provide an almost constant show of color, and bloom more freely than hybrid teas and grandifloras. Zone 5-9
'Brillant Pink Iceberg' Long pointed buds open to rich cerise-pink petals with creamy accents. A mild honey fragrance. This shrub blooms continously and heavily over the season. Very disease resistant. Modern bush, 3-5'. 2001.
'Burgundy Iceberg' Bred for hardiness and exceptional disease-resistance, this prolific bloomer has deep wine-purple blossoms. A compact variety that makes a perfect specimen in the smaller garden. Honey fragrance. Modern bush, 4'. 2003
'Ebb Tide' Dusky deep purple buds with a swirling center open into very double, old fashioned 3 1/2" flowers. So intensely clove scented that you could lose your balance while enjoying it. Repeat bloomer. H 4' x 4'. 2004
NEW! 'Iceberg' Large, semi-double, 4-6" blooms of pure white, virtually thornless stems. Voted by the World Federation of Rose Societies as one of the world's most favorite roses. Very hardy and fragrant. Modern shrub, 5'. 1958
'Julia Child' Personally chosen by the award winning chef herself, this rose combines old fashioned style with a delicious licorice fragrance. It features fully petaled butter-gold flowers, and a rounded, compact habit. 3-4', Zone 4-9, 2004.
'Sexy Rexy' Just about the most profuse blooming rose. Clusters and sprays jam-packed with perfect, camilla-like pink 3 1/2" blooms. This is a fabulous continual blooming compact bush, very vigorous. H 3' x 2.5', 1987.
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NEW! 'golden joy' This new cultivar from Wiel Linnsen of Holland offers improvements over other golden junipers. For one, its yellow is brighter than other available options and it maintains the brilliant color throughout the year. In addition, it is easy to grow and has a classic spreading and compact form. It grows more slowly, too, so it will stay beautiful and maintain a manageable size for years.
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GRANDIFLORA Tall elegant plants that bloom repeatedly during the season, they generally feature clustered blossoms with stems which are slightly shorter than those of hybrid tea roses. Zone 5-9
'Queen Elizabeth' Pink, moderately fragrant, large 3-4" ruffled flowers, in small clusters. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Tall, bushy and thornless (mostly), 5-10'X 2-3'. 1954
NEW! 'Radiant Perfume' Boldest Yellow Rose with Intoxicating Citrus Fragrance! Long-stem blooms perfect for gardens and bouquets! A combination of dazzling color on long-stemmed blooms and irresistible lemon scent. H 5-6', Zone 4-8, 2005
'Strike It Rich' Elegant 5" buds of deep, golden yellow swirled with ruby red on long stems. Long lived flowers retain their color, blooming continually. Strong fragrance. H 5-6', 2007
NEW! 'Twilight Zone' Old Rose style, with an unusual, deep amethyst color on velvety, fully double blossoms. Strong fragrance of clove and citrus scent. Blooming in flushes all summer. Modern bush, 4'X3'. Zone 5-9. 2013
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GRASSES Ornamental Grasses have become increasingly popular in gardens. They are grown for their showy foliage and are generally very low maintenance.
CALAMAGROSTIS Stoloniferous plants that thrive in damp, fertile, even heavy soils. Zone 5-9.
acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' (Feather Reed Grass) Erect tufts of lax foliage. Loose pinkish inflorescences in July, persisting into fall turning to golden wheat. Full sun and moist, rich soil. An interesting addition to fresh and dried floral arrangements. H 2-4'.
brachytricha (Korean Feather Reed Grass) Tawny pink blooms, which fade to silver. The plumes remain open and feathery even when dry. One of the new flowering grasses that are happy in shade. Upright arching form in sun, slightly more lax in shade. Will tolerate a wide range of soils. Sept-Nov. 4-5'
CAREX Not true grasses, sedges generally have inconspicuous flowers, but their foliage provides great color for your garden. Organic rich, moist soil. Zone 5-9
elata 'Bowles Golden' An eye-catching sedge with bright golden-yellow leaves with thin green margins. Taller than most other sedges. An excellent choice as a highlight plant for shade or a water garden. 2-3'
FESTUCA glauca 'Elijah Blue' (Blue Fescue) A low-growing, semi-evergreen, clump-forming grass with finely-textured, blue-gray foliage with arching, needle-like blades. Low water needs. H 8-12", Zone 4-11
HAKONECHLOA macra 'Aureola' Bright yellow leaves with narrow green stripes, beautiful cascading form perfect for softening the edge of pathways or as an accent in combination containers. One of the few grasses that will thrive in shady sites. H 12-14", Zone 5-9
HELICTOTRICHON sempervirens (Blue Oat Grass) Bright steel blue leaves that tend to widen as they mature. Great addition to rock gardens, Full sun, H 18-24". Zone 4-8
MISCANTHUS sinensis Substantial grasses that need room to grow. They enjoy full sun and a wide range of soils. Plumes add winter interest to your garden. Zone 5-9
'Adagio' Delicately textured, narrow green blades with a perfect arching habit. Plumes are tinted with red. 2-3' foliage, 4-5' Influorescent.
'Autumn Anthem' Selected for its heavy flower production and perfect habit. Dense clump of dark green leaves with a narrow, white midrib. Feathery, creamy blooms. H 5-5.5'.
NEW! 'Bandwidth' Broad, bright gold bands span rich green blades. Bandwidth forms full, compact stands that reach a height of 2-3 feet.
'Dixieland' Dwarf form of 'Variegatus', with arching green and white striped blades. Lovely showy pink plumes appear in late summer. Good container choice. 4-5'
'Gracillimus' (Maiden Grass) One of the oldest and perhaps the best known Miscanthus cultivar, valued for its fine textured foliage and gracefully rounded overall form. In late September it sends up airy panicles of copper-red flower heads and a little later the foliage turns a lovely golden yellow. 4-5'
'Huron Sunrise' The most profusely blooming Miscanthus. The green leaves have a narrow white midrib and form an upright vase-like clump. In late summer, large coppery seed heads turn into fluffy creamy tan panicles. In fall, the foliage turns colorful shades of red, orange, burgundy and gold. 5-6'
'Morning Light' Narrow leaves have a band of clear white on the leaf margins. A late bloomer. Flower plumes emerge bronze-red, then turn cream as they age. Has a beautiful refined look. 4-5'
'Oktoberfest' Improved 'Graziella", better fall color and early blooming. Forms a narrow upright tower of wide leaves that develop purple and red highlights in late summer. Flowers turn burgundy to creamy tan as they age. 6-7'
'Strictus' (Porcupine Grass) Best known for the horizontal yellow bands on its foliage, erect growth habit and upright foliage. Reddish fan-shaped seed heads emerge in September and turn reddish wheat in the fall. Great specimen plant. 6'
PANICUM virgatum (Switch Grass) Switch grasses are a highly versatile and adaptable plant. A hardy, deep rooted rhizomatous grass that does well in full sun and dry or moist conditions. Zones 4-9
'Cheyenne Sky' (Red Switch Grass) Upright clumps of stiff, metallic blue foliage produces beautiful airy panicles in the late summer. This is a petite variety forming a tight vase-shaped clump of blue-green foliage turning wine-red in early summer. 3'
'Northwind' Bluish-green foliage forms a compact, narrow, erect, tall clump of foliage which is topped in late summer by finely-textured, yellow flower panicles. A real standout in the garden. 6'
PENNISETUM alopecuroides (Fountain Grass) These grasses are characterized by a fountain of bottle brush flower spikes flowing up and out of neat, rounded cascading mounds of foliage. They prefer full sun and well drained soil. Zone 5-9
'Burgundy Bunny' (Mini Fountain Grass) Fiery red highlights! The snazzy, red accents appear in June and by September 50% of the foliage is eye-catching red. Compact habit. H 12-16"x16".
'Desert Plains' Large mound of finely textured, green leaves that develop red tips beginning in mid-summer. 5" long bottlebrush flower spikes appear in fall. Excellent for cutting, fresh or dried.. 4' x 5'
'Hameln' A medium-tall form of this species. Narrow, graceful arching leaves. Rose-colored foxtail seed heads. August-Fall, 24"
SCHIZACHYRIUM scoparium 'Blue Heaven' Beautiful, bright steel blue color with purple highlights. In fall it turns to burgundy red with purple and violet highlights. Tolerates heat and humidity well. H 42-54", Zone 3-9
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HEMEROCALLIS (Daylily) Very hardy garden flower with long, grass-like foliage and trumpet shaped flowers, reminiscent of a lily. Blooms last just one day but are produced abundantly during a long blooming season. Early bloomers (E) begin in late June, mid-season bloomers (M) in mid-July, and late bloomers (L) in August. Tetraploid varieties (TET) have more chromosomes, are stronger and offer an array of color and sizes. Re-bloomers(RB) and ever-bloomers(EB) flowers all summer long. Zone 3-9
'Apricot Sparkles' Perhaps one of the most prolific daylilies of all time! 3" apricot colored flowers with glistening sparkles. Begins flowering in late June and continues reblooming until a hard frost. E, RB 14-18"
NEW! 'Blackthorn' Very light creamy yellow, 4 1/2 to 5", blossoms with a hint of peach, display a prominent wine purple eye and matching picotee edge half way up the attractively ruffled petals. Height 26", M-TET-RB.
'Earlybird Cardinal' This is the first red, very early blooming, daylily. Starts in mid-June and blooms throughout the summer. Watermelon red flowers 4" wide, pie crust edge and chartreuse throat. 21"
'Fragrant Returns' Similar to Happy Returns with a strong sweet fragrance, early, 4" very fragrant light lemon flowers, lightly ruffled, very extended bloom for evening show, destined to be one of the best. H 18"
'Hyperion' Canary-yellow flowers are carried in profusion above vigorous clumps of grasslike foliage. Although 'Hyperion' has been around since 1925, it remains unsurpassed in its color class. Fragrant flowers, July- August. H 40"
'Lavender Blue Baby' 5½", incredibly recurved lavender purple petals have a pronounced lavender blue eye. The two colors complement each other beautifully, and they practically glow in the sun. Fragrant! H 28", M-L-RB
'Primal Scream' This spectacular daylily screams for attention when in bloom! Enormous, 7.5-8.5" glimmering, tangerine-orange blossoms have narrow, twisted, ruffled petals. Blooms early July. H 34"
'Purple D Oro' Red-purple 2 3/4" flowers, with yellow throats subtly veined with purple. With all the ever blooming power of Stella. EB 16"
'Red Hot Returns' First red, continuous blooming daylily. 5" cherry red blossoms have a bright yellow halo, apple green throat and ruffled petals. Blooms all summer and into fall. 24-28"
'Romantic Returns' With a striking deep rose-pink color, the flowers of ‘Romantic Returns’ are remarkably large, at 5”, for a re-blooming daylily. The ruffled petals add delicate sophistication to a plant that is easy to grow. H 25", E-M-RB
'Stella D-Oro' Ever-blooming with gold flowers. Award Winner, EB 18-24"
'Stephanie Returns' Unique colored: bicolor blend of peachy pink, ruffled petals with a thin purple eye, a dazzling yellow throat, and deep rose-purple sepals. Nearly continuous bloom. RE. 14-16"
NEW! 'Storm Shelter' Fragrant, 5”, mauve colored blossoms with an enormous deep eggplant purple eye and matching edge. Many buds for continuous bloom or rebloom for many weeks in midsummer and fall. Height 24", TET-RB
'Sunday Gloves' Delicious frosting-white blossoms with pale lemon yellow eye. Fragrant. 5 1/4 “ flowers stay open 16 hours. E-M, RB. 16"
'When My Sweetheart Returns' Soft peachy yellow blossoms with a large, rose pink eye, lemon throat, and romantically ruffled petals are produced on short scapes. A truly everblooming daylily!!! 14-16", mid-season
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HOSTA (Plantain Lily) Grown for its lovely and varied mound-forming foliage. Most bloom in June or July. Exceptions are noted. Heights are given for foliage rather than blooms. Hostas benefit from morning sun to encourage flowering and proper leaf color. Variegated varieties and yellow or gold-leaved hostas need some sun to fully develop their color. Green and blue hostas lose some of their intensity with too much sun. Hosta grows best in average to fertile soil, but will survive in poor soils. Zone 3-9
'Abiqua Drinking Gourd' Birds have been known to drink from 3" deep cups formed by the deep blue, heavily puckered leaves. White bell-shaped flowers in mid-summer. 16" x 40"
'Afterglow' Large, green, heart shaped leaves with incredibly arresting, wide, yellow margins. Forms an upright mound with pale lavender flowers. 24" x 36"
NEW! 'Age of Gold' With golden yellow leaves, this is the perfect specimen for making a statement in the shade with its upright spreading habit and large smooth leaves. White flowers in midsummer. Matures to 25" tall X 58" spread. Shade to part shade.
'Autumn Frost' The leaves emerge frosty blue with a bright yellow margin that lightens to creamy white during the summer. It forms a medium sized mound topped with light lavender flowers in mid to late summer. H 12" x 12-16" W.
'Blue Angel' Huge blue leaves with a heavy texture and many near white hyacinth-like flowers in midsummer. Probably the largest blue hosta known. 3'h x 4'w
'Blue Ivory' A new blue Hosta with terrific sun tolerance and a compact, elegant form. The leaves, widely edged in creamy yellow, really accentuate the rich aquamarine tones at the center. Lavender blooms. 16"hx30"w
'Blue Mouse Ears' Adorable small hosta with thick, heart-shaped blue-green to grey-green leaves. Lavender flowers. 8".
NEW! 'Blueberry Muffin' A medium sized mound of large, blue, rounded leaves that are puckered in unusual patterns. Late in the season, the foliage transitions to green. Attractive light mauve speckles appear on the petioles, lavender flowers. Matures at 14" H X 36" spread.
'Cool as a Cucumber' This gorgeous large hosta forms a cascading clump of green and white variegated foliage. Its foliage is notably upright in youth, but quickly develops into a gracefully arching mound. The long, tapered, pointed leaves have bright green margins which jet towards the clear white center. H 28" x 40" W.
'Curly Fries' Leaves are long and lance-shaped, very wavy, chartreuse green in spring changing to a unique shade of yellow in the summer. Lavender flowers bloom in summer. H 6" x 16". Leaf Size: 8" x 2".
'Dancing Queen' An exceptionally large, bright yellow Hosta with scalloped leaves and pale lavender flowers in August. 18"h x 28" w.
'Diamond Lake' Heart-shaped, thick and heavily corrugated blue leaves have wavy margins. The large size of this plant also translates to large leaves: they can get up to 9 inches wide by 11 inches long. H 17" x 45" W.
'Earth Angel' Superb new sport of ‘Blue Angel’, with variegated blue-green leaves edged in wide, creamy-white margins. Pale lavender flowers in early summer. H 30".
'Empress Wu' The largest known hosta available! This massive plant forms a gigantic mound of huge, thick, dark green leaves topped with pale reddish violet flowers. It will make a fantastic statement in your shade garden! H 36 to 48" x 60-72" W.
'Etched Glass' Very wide, dark green margins contrast with a bright, brilliant yellow margin, with a light green pattern in the center. Very large and fragrant, white flowers in late summer. Matures at H 36" x 36" W.
'Halcyon' Mid-sized blue hosta with frosty blue-green and pointed leaves. Heavy substance foliage and is slug resistant. Pale blue-violet flowers. 18-28" H x 30" W.
'Hudson Bay' Wide, bright blue margins and apple green jetting contrast nicely with the creamy white center all season. Heavy substance leaves, white flowers. 24" H x 26" W
'Humpback Whale' Forms an immense dome-shaped mound of blue-green heart-shaped leaves that have an unusual hump in the mid-leaf which points the tip of the leaf downward. White bell-shaped flowers. 36"N x 48" W.
'Island Breeze' The leaves have a bright yellow center in spring, turning chartreuse in summer, with a darker edge. The petioles are bright red with some of the red color coming up into the base of each leaf. Lavender flowers on red scapes. H: 24" x 14" Leaf Size: 6.5" x 4.5"
'Liberty' This hosta has buttery-yellow leaves with rich green hearts, making for a unique and lovely look! Lavender flowers. 24"h x 36" w. Hosta of the year for 2012!!!
'Loyalist' One of the best white centered hostas. Heavily substance leaves have deep green margins and nearly pure white centers that will not melt out. Lavender flowers. Large size H 30-36", 16" wide.
'Maui Buttercups' An outstanding yellow hosta with 5" round, puckered leaves that are deeply cupped and corrugated. Flared violet flowers. Good slug resistance. 10"h x 14"w
'Mighty Mouse' Mouse ear-shaped leaves in bluish green with a creamy yellow edge. Lavender flowers in early summer. 8"h x 12" w
'Mini Skirt' This petite hosta forms a miniature mound of very wavy, thick, blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins in spring. In summer, the center turns more green and the edge lightens to creamy white. Pale lavender flowers. H 5" x 7" W.
'Munchkin Fire' This vigorous new yellow miniature hosta is the perfect size for troughs and the ever-popular fairy gardens. Short and narrow leaves hold their bright yellow color all season long. Lavender flowers appear above the petite habit in midsummer. H 5-7" x 20" W.
'Neptune' Unique blue hosta forms a cascading clump of narrow wedge-shaped leaves with heavily rippled edges. Arching lavender flowers in late summer. 24"h x 32"-39"W
'Patriot' Green with wide white margins, wonderful form. Lavender flowers. 15-18"h x 24-30"w
'Pauls Glory' Leaves are blue-green with a chartreuse center in spring. By summer they turn darker green and centers brighten to gold. Pale lavender flowers. 25" x 40"
NEW! 'Pocket Full of Sunshine' This cute, small hosta grows quickly to form a compact clump of thick, distinctly cupped leaves that are yellow with broad, deep green margins at maturity. The centers of the leaves are chartreuse in spring and brighten as the season progresses. Light lavender flowers, matures at 9" H X 19" spread.
'Prairie Sky' One of the bluest hostas available, retaining its showy color all season. Lightly cupped leaves of thick substance. Pale lavender flowers. 14"H x 24" W.
'Rainforest Sunrise' This premium hosta variety's leaves emerge light green, then quickly develop dark green margins and a radiant gold center as they mature. The thick leaves become lightly cupped and heavily puckered. 8" h x 18" w.
NEW! 'Seducer' This showy hosta has large, dark green leaves with a slightly ruffled, gold margin and a trace of white between the center and margin. Requires summer heat to develop full gold coloration. Near-white flowers. Matures at 26" H X 36" spread.
'Stained Glass' A sport of ‘Guacamole’ exhibiting same rapid growth rate but displays variegation earlier and maintains brilliant gold throughout the season. Prominent veins throughout the leaf gives it a “stained glass” effect. Fragrant flowers. Light shade to 3/4 sun, 15" h x 30" w
'Sun Mouse' Bright yellow rounded leaves make a 6 inch tall mound. A relative of 'Blue Mouse Ears'. Lavender flowers in midsummer. Part shade to full shade.
'Vulcan' This vigorous selection has creamy-white leaves with dark green margins. Golden-yellow streaks occur along the interior margins where the white and green overlap. Lavender flowers; mid-late summer; 22"h x 36" w.
'Waterslide' 'Waterslide' has wavy, ruffled leaves with heavy substance. The blue, rippled leaves look like water splashing in the shade garden, and hold their blue color well into the summer season. Lavender flowers appear on scapes in late summer. H 14" x 17" W
'Whee' Extremely ruffled, cream colored margins extend from the tip of each green leaf all the way down the petiole to the crown. The leaves of this medium sized hosta are of excellent substance, making them slug resistant in the landscape. H 11-18" x 24" W. Light lavender flowers.
'Wishing Well' A SUN TOLERANT BLUE. This large hosta is prized for holding its beautiful blue color long into the season, even when planted in 2/3 day of sun. Its huge leaves emerge slowly, exhibiting a unique cupped, rippled, corrugated texture. H 23" x 38"
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HYBRID TEAS Hybrid Teas Roses are tall, elegant plants producing the classic long-stem rose with individual blossoms and flower repeatedly during the season. Hybrid Tea Roses are a Cultivar Group of roses, created by cross-breeding two different types of roses.
'Peace' Said to be the most popular rose of the 20th Century. 'Peace' has very fragrant, double, 6" flowers of a light yellow to cream color, slightly flushed at the petal edges with crimson-pink. A vigorous, strong bush. Continually blooming. 4'X3'. 1945.
NEW! 'Tiffany' Pretty and powerfully perfumed Tiffany grows perfect shaped, pink flowers which have a yellow base. Tiffany is an upright grower that can be 4'-5' tall. Multiple award winner. Repeat bloomer. 1954
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IRIS A large genus of plants with long, blade-like foliage and showy flowers excellent for cutting. With a wide range of color, bloom times, and cultural requirements, there are Iris for every garden.
cristata (Dwarf Crested Iris) A spreading native wildflower, 3.5" flowers. They works well in naturalized or woodland gardens. Full to part shade. Humus rich, well-drained soil. Spring, Zone 5-8
'Powder Blue Giant' Large flowers are a powder blue with golden crests accented by deep blue. H 6-8".
'Tennessee White' Vigorous spreader and prolific bloomer with white flowers with yellow crests. H 8-10".
ensata (Japanese Iris) Japanese Iris have huge, flouncy flowers that bloom in July, later than Bearded or Siberian Iris. Ideally suited to a pond edge, but do well in any moist, acidic, humus-rich soil. Sun to part shade. Zone 4-9
'Eileens Dream' Graceful large dark maroon double flowers that are dramatically splashed with yellow signals. H 32-36".
'Lady in Waiting' Near-white, lightly ruffled, double flowers with brushed lavender edges. The resulting flowers have a flat, open form. Signals are marked as small, simple yellow blotches. H 2-3'
'Picotee Wonder' With white and lavender blue flowers that are 5-6" across, this Japanese iris blooms a bit later than the others in this group, extending the flowering season. H 30-40"
'Pink Lady' This summer blooming Iris has clear pink petals and a yellow throat. H 32-36"
'Temple Bells' Beautiful dark purple flowers with yellow accents. H 3-4'
'Variegata' A strikingly beautiful, deer-resistant iris with creamy white-and-green, vertically striped, broad foliage. In late spring, each clump is topped with attractive, pale lavender-blue flowers. H 24-36".
germanica (Bearded Iris) Bearded Iris are loved for their large showy flowers and 2" wide leaves that are tinged in blue. Most bloom early to mid June, some varieties have a late summer rebloom. Average to infertile soil. Zone 3-9
'Fall Fiesta' A bi-color tall bearded iris with ruffled amber-tan falls topped with creamy yellow standards. Blooms in mid to late season. H 32-36"
'Happenstance' This multiple award winner produces baby pink flowers with coral beards and lightly ruffled, laced petals. Well-branched stems ensure a multitude of these vibrant pink blooms. Mid-season. 37"
mini-germanica These varieties produce Bearded iris but in miniature. Perfect for rock gardens, front of borders or in patio planters. Zone 3-9
'Eramosa Skies' Bright peachy pink with a large prominent fuchsia spot on the falls and bright coral beards. Blooms mid to late season. H 12"
NEW! 'Smart' Blooms very early in the season with red-violet blooms with dark purple accents. H 14"
'Savannah Sunset' Intense orange flowers that bloom extensively. H 32-38"
sibirica (Siberian Iris) Siberian Iris form elegant, upright blades of green foliage and an abundance of flowers in mid-late June, just after Bearded Iris and just before Japanese Iris. Each variety flowers for a couple of weeks. They are not fussy but prefer slightly acid to neutral soil, moist and humus rich. Full sun to part shade. Zone 3-9
'Butter and Sugar' White flowers above yellow falls. 28"
'Currier' Large purplish/ red falls, white wire rim and yellow base. Purplish standards. H 33"
'I See Stars' Unusual-looking Siberian iris is sure to be a star in the garden. Its 5½" flowers have six medium to dark blue flat petals with a clear white signal area netted in blue. H 26-30"
'Kita-No-Seiza' Brighten those problem spots with this graceful Siberian Iris. Butterflies are attracted to its blue-violet flowers, which are veined with white. 24-28"
'Peacock Ginger Twist' Layers of color – lavender standards, ginger falls, speckles all over and pearly pale gold styles. H 24-28"
'Peacock Painted Women' Stunning reddish falls, yellow signals at the base. Lavender and soft blue standards. H 24-26".
'Peacock Uncorked' 'Uncorked' has unique flowers in shades of golden yellow, sky blue, and purple-black with detailed veining. H 24-28"
'Swans in Flight' Beautiful variety with large white flowers and slender spiky leaves which add wonderful texture to the landscape. H 32".
'Welcome Return' 'Welcome Return' features repeat blooming flowers of violet blue with yellow blaze. Its blossoms first appear in late spring then again in summer. H 30-34".
'Yellow Tail' A beautiful semi-double Iris with white inner petals. Strong grower! Mid-Late bloom. H 28"
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NEW! JUNIPERUS X PFITZERIANA GOLDEN JOY Spreading Zone 4 Dwarf Yellow. This new cultivar from Wiel Linnsen of Holland offers improvements over other golden junipers. For one, its yellow is brighter than other available options and it maintains the brilliant color throughout the year. In addition, it is easy to grow and has a classic spreading and compact form. It grows more slowly, too, so it will stay beautiful and maintain a manageable size for years
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NEW! KNAUTIA (pincushion plant) Multitudes of pincushion flowers are produced tirelessly all summer long. A cute little cut flower. Politely self-sows. Prefers full sun to part shade and well drained soil. Mid June to August.
macedonica 'red knight' Double pincushion flowers of deep crimson over deeply divided lacy green leaves. A strong performer, carefree as long as you avoid clay soils. Flowers dry well. 22"
NEW! 'melton pastels' Pink, wine red, salmon, and light blue pastels colors. Long flower stems. June-Sept. 2-5'
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LANDSCAPE Landscape Roses are selected from a variety of classes, based on their ease of care. Landscape Roses are disease-resistant, require little pruning, grow quickly to fill a space and provide a long seasonal show of color. Most Landscape Roses are grown on their own root. Zone 4-9
'Carefree Sunshine' Carefree Roses have outstandingly disease-resistance. Clear yellow, single blooms appear in abundant clusters form spring to fall. Continual Bloom, 4x4, 2001
polyanthas 'The Fairy' One of the easiest roses to grow, this old-fashioned charmer produces sprays of small, double-pink flowers through first frost. Compact, bushy, 2 1/2'X4'. Zone 5-10. 1932
rugosa 'Linda Campbell' Features fragrant, bright red, semi-double blooms (to 3" across) in clusters of 5-15 blooms. Flowers in June and throughout the summer with an excellent repeat. Nearly thornless, good for hips. H 6' x 6-8', 1991
NEW! rugosa 'Therese Bugnet' An extremely hardy and disease resistant shrub. Beautiful, loosely double, rich pink flowers of Old Rose character. Good, strong fragrance. Attractive hips. H 5-6'x 4-6' W, Zone 2, 1950
NEW! rugosa 'Topaz Jewel' A wonderful Rugosa that blooms butter-yellow, then ages to cream. Very fragrant with hips in the Fall. 2-5' x up to 7', Zone 4-8. 1987
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NEW! LATHYRUS vernus (Spring Vetching) Deep pink to purple flowers emerge in early spring before the foliage. A clump forming pea that is happiest in rich soil that doesn't dry out. 1-1.5', Zone 3-7
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NEW! 'limeglow' Not your typical juniper! This amazing selection boasts feathery foliage in electric chartreuse, a color that makes a striking contrast to other greens in the garden. Its spreading, vase form and juvenile foliage lend a cheery presence in almost any garden, including one with hot, dry conditions. The yellow sport from 'Youngstown' is reported to hold its bright color and to resist sunburn. Selected by Larry Hatch with North Carolina State University
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NEW! 'miniature' More durable, adaptable and dense than the popular 'Compressa', this improved selection sports the same compact, bluish-green foliage and upright habit. It differs, though, in its broader pyramidal shape and its better tolerance to wind, cold and reflected sun. Try this reliable, vertical accent that is well suited for containers and a range of styles, from elegant to casual.
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MONARDA didyma (Beebalm Wild Bergamot) A spreading plant with aromatic foliage often used in teas. Unusual whorls of flowers make excellent cuts. Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Needs to be divided regularly and the soil replenished. Beebalms are susceptible to mildew and dry soils exaggerate that susceptibility. Full sun and rich, moist soil. July. Zone 4-8
NEW! 'Fireball' This shorter variety bursts with deep scarlet blooms in summer until early fall. The clumping aromatic foliage is mildew tolerant. H 16-20"
'Jacob Cline' Most mildew resistant red variety. H 3-4'
NEW! 'Pardon My Cerise' A perfect size for smaller spaces; its stature has no impact on its flower power - the cherry-pink flowers rest right above the foliage and are the same size as in taller selections. Good resistance to powdery mildew. H 14-18", 10-12" spread.
'Purple Lace' Very compact plant with purple-pink flowers. Blooms well even as a young plant. Good mildew resistance. H 12-16"
sugar buzz series Well suited for the middle of the flower border. These vigorous cultivars have mildew resistant foliage that won't overrun the garden. H 20-24", spread 16-24".
'Blue Moon' This compact hybrid is covered in lavender-blue blossoms mid- to late summer.
'Bubblegum Blast' Hot pink flowers.
'Cherry Pops' A solid dome of cherry red, 2-2.5" flowers on strong, well-branched stems. Aromatic dark green foliage.
NEW! 'Grape Gumball' Vibrant magenta, 2-2 1/2" flowers.
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PAEONIA Peonies are easy to grow, long-lived and hardy plants. Plant so that the root crown is 1 to 2 inches below the soil, no more. Peonies prefer full sun to part shade and slightly acid, well-drained soil enriched with manure.
intersectional aka itoh Created by crossing herbaceous and woody tree peonies. They offer the best qualities of both including large flowers in unique colors, robust herbaceous foliage, strong weather resistant stems, longer bloom time, extreme winter hardiness, and increased vigor. They will spend their first year getting established, and will not be floriferous, but the bud count should increase each year. Yields up to 50 blooms per year when mature. Displays flowers well on upright to slightly arching stems. Flowers late spring. Most are fragrant. Zone 4-8.
'Bartzella' Huge 6-8" semi-double to double, pastel yellow flowers have a small rose-purple flare in the center and a pronounced sweet scent. 30-36"
'Callies Memory' Yellow-cream, semi-double flowers, edged in deeper russet with maroon flares and picotee edge appear mid-season on the mid-sized bush of lush green leaves. H 23-27"
NEW! 'Clouds Of Colour' Soft, sweet, fragrant salmon flowers, blush pink inside, attractive deeply divided foliage. H 30"
'Morning Lilac' The fragrant 'Morning Lilac' produces an abundance of vibrant, 6", fuchsia-purple blooms, all accentuated by darker purple and white stripes. Blooms earlier than most varieties—Form ranges from single to semi-double. H 28"
'Scarlet Heaven' Stunning bright, red, single, really blooms out! These brilliant, showy flowers will not lose their intensity under the full sun. The petals surround a golden center of anthers with red-tipped carpels. H 25-29".
'Scrumdiddlyumptious' Big, showy blooms grow to 6" in diameter and are colored creamy yellow with a pink blush and pink edges. They keep coming for weeks. Mild but pleasant fragrance. H 28"
lactiflora hybrids (Garden Peonies) The delightful common garden peony has been widely grown for over 600 years, with many colors available along with single and double blooms. They bloom late spring - early summer, starting in April and through the months of May and June. Sadly, peonies flower for a relatively short period of time (7-10 days). However, they do not flower all at the same time and are classified with a blooming time, ranging from very early to late season, relative to other peonies. So fill your garden with a variety of cultivars for continuous bloom of up to 6 weeks! Zone 3-7.
'Armani' One of the darkest, reddest peonies ever grown. Fully double satiny red blooms with ruffled petals creating a spectacular look! Blooms late season . 36"
'Big Ben' Big Ben is a large bomb-type peony in shades of deep red with blue undertones. Vigorous, strong and very fragrant. H to 48", Blooms mid-season.
'Celebrity' Gorgeous, fragrant, huge 6" raspberry-pink blooms that contrast wonderfully with white tufted centers. Strong stems, lush green foliage. Blooms mid-late season. H 32".
'Charles Burgess' Fire engine red with a golden center. Absolutely glows on a spring evening. Blooms mid season. 30"
'Charles White' This unique double selection features white outer petals, the smaller inside ones are a creamy, buttery yellow. A fragrant and early bloomer. 36"
'Command Performance' Full, double, fragrant cardinal-red flowers. Has an underglow of red/orange. Thick strong stems. Large flowers up to 8” across. Blooms mid-sesaon. H 32".
'Coral Charm' Abundant, nostalgic, large, cup-shaped flowers emerge as a deep persimmon color and bloom out to elegant, coral-cream colored, semi-double flowers with a slight fragrance as they mature. Blooms early to mid season. H 40"
'Coral Sunset' The fullest of all corals! Ruffled semi-double blooms which range from a soft coral to intense coral with a rose overlay; the centers exhibit a fluff of golden yellow stamens. Mid-Late Spring. 30"
'Do Tell' An exciting cultivar with two rows of rosy-pink petals, speckled darker in the center, surrounding stamens in shades of white to dark pink. Mildly fragrant. Blooms mid-season. H 32"
NEW! 'Dr. Alexander Fleming' Named for the discoverer of penicillin, the Doctor bears a heavy crop of 8″, almost spherical, perfumed blossoms of rose pink. Midseason. H 30"
NEW! 'Edens Perfume' One of the most fragrant peonies available! Double, large flowers, 6-7" across with frilly pink petals. A compact grower with strong stems perfect for cutting. Mid-season (early summer). 30"
'Festiva Maxima' Very large, double white blooms with a red spot. Fragrant. Blooms early season. 34"
'Gardenia' Very floriferous and extremely fragrant, pink buds open into large 8-10" blossoms in creamy white with yellow stamens in late spring and early summer. H 34".
NEW! 'Inspecteur Lavergne' Large, fully double, rich-red, fragrant flowers with pale edges. Mid-late season. 32"
NEW! 'Jacorma' Huge, delicate, double rose-pink blooms provide a fragrant display in early spring. Famous for its easy care, disease resistance and fragrance! 36"
NEW! 'Jan van Leeuwen' Single pure white, cup-shaped blossoms with yellow centers, having a nice sweet fragrance. Late season. 30"
'Krinkled White' This beauty has lovely single, snow white Krinkled petals with yellow stamens. Also performs well in containers. Mid-season. Slightly fragrant. 32"
NEW! 'Madame Calot' Creamy white flowers flushed with blush pink and darker pink outer petals. Fragrant flowers on sturdy stems. H 32"
'Many Happy Returns' Warm red lovely shaped full double flowers. Very floriferous variety, long lasting cut-flowers. Blooms mid-season. H 34".
'Marie Lemoine' Classic (1869) double white large globe shaped, lovely fragrant variety. Dark green foliage. Blooms late season. H 34".
NEW! 'Paul M. Wild' Fully double, ruby-red, velvety flowers hold their color well. A great cut flower variety. Fragrant, mid-season bloomer. H 38"
'Paula Fay' 'Paula Fay' is a semi-double pink, may be bright light red in cooler climates, with textured blossoms and contrasting yellow stamens. Great cut-flower. Fragrant. Very early season blooming. H 35".
NEW! 'Peter Brand' Deep ruby-red, fully double, 6" blooms mature into a purple hue, while the lobed, green foliage takes on darker tints in the fall. Robust enough to rarely require staking. H 34-36"
'Sarah Bernhardt' A classic, very fragrant peony with light pink, double blooms with slightly paler edges. Late. Fragrant. H 36".
'Susie Q' Short candy pink rose shaped flowers. Lighty fragrant. Shorter variety (24"). Does not need staking. Good for pot plant. Blooms mid season.
'The Fawn' The rose pink blooms are quite large with layer upon layer of crepe paper-like petals, the backsides of the guard petals sporting unusual fawn-like dark pink speckles. Fragrant. Blooms mid-season (June). H 34"
'White Cap' A fragrant hybrid having deep raspberry-burgundy guard petals fully filled with ivory and pink stamens. Blooms May-June. H 32"
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NEW! PENSTEMON 'Pentastic Rose' Beautiful, bell-shaped, rose/white blooms are densely packed above the compact, tidy foliage from June to October. Attractive to bees, slug resistant, sun or part shade. H 8-12"
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NEW! PHLOMIS tuberosa Lovely lavender flower spikes held in whorls around flower stems reaching 5' in the air. A garden show piece. July-August. 5'
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PHLOX A large and variable genus of prolific and showy bloomers. Most prefer a sunny position and rich moist soil. Their long bloom time may be extended by deadheading spent flowers. Mildew has been a problem with Phlox in the past, but new resistant cultivars are available. Proper cultivation can also help keep mildew under control; keep soil moist, plant in a well-ventilated area, keep foliage dry, and divide mature clumps every 3-4 years.
divaricata 'Blue Moon' (Woodland Phlox) A delightful spring blooming native for shade that will spread and fill in around bulbs and perennials that are slow to emerge. A wild sweet William, 'Blue Moon' with loose clusters of fragrant dark blue flowers that drive butterflies wild. May. 10-14", Zone 3-8
paniculata Garden Phlox is an old-fashioned favorite because of its large, showy, fragrant flower-heads. We choose only mildew resistant varieties. Prefers full sun and moist, rich soil. Mid-summer to fall bloom. Zone 4-8
'Amethyst Pearl' Beautiful, fragrant, pale violet flowers with white flares near the center, that bloom prolifically all summer, on a compact plant. Good mildew resistance. H 18"
'Blue Paradise' Flowers open a pale blue, darken to deep violet-blue, then get red-violet edges as they age. The color changes with the light-looking more blue or purple depending on time of day. Intriguing. 3-4'
'Bright Eyes' Light pink with bright pink eye. Large flowers over compact plants. July-August. 3'
'David' Large, pure white variety. Totally mildew resistant! A favorite. H 3-4'
flame series New compact, dwarf cultivars that features upright clusters of large, sweetly fragrant blossoms. Highly disease resistant, they are available as 'Flame Purple', rich purple flowers with a small darker eye and 'Flame Red'. 12-20", Mid-summer.
'Glamour Girl' Large panicles of glowing hot coral pink fragrant flowers on dark stems steal the show at the height of summer. July-August. 32"
'Laura' This 3' plant bears huge panicles of pink-purple flowers with each floret having a distinct white star in the center. Blooms July-Sept. Mildew resistant.
'Peacock White' Bred for its prolific, huge white flowers, tidy, compact size, disease resistance and heat tolerance. An exceptionally long bloomer, you can expect armloads of sweetly scented clusters of pristine white flowers for months. H 18-24"
stolonifera 'Sherwood Purple' The true Creeping Phlox are woodland plants, native to Eastern North America. Plants form a low spreading mound of leathery evergreen leaves. Short upright stems appear in mid-spring, bearing clusters of fragrant deep purple-blue flowers. Ideal for moist, shady to partly shady areas. Partial shade, H 6-12". Zone 3-8
subulata Moss Phlox is a showy groundcover for rock gardens, borders, and banks. Mounds of needle-like foliage are smothered with blossoms in spring. Prefers full to partial sun and well-drained, sandy soil. April-May. 4-6", H 2-9
'Amazing Grace' Masses of white, crimson-centered, star-shaped flowers above evergreen spreading mats of mid-green, needle-like foliage. Spring.
'Emerald Blue' Blue/lavender blooms cover the plant for two to four weeks each spring.
'Emerald Pink' Showy display of hot-pink flowers.
'Eye Candy' Light lavender-pink flowers have a dark wine-purple eye.
NEW! 'Eye Shadow' 'Eye Shadow' forms a mound of foliage that is totally covered in vibrant, rosy purple flowers with a dark purple eye.
NEW! 'North Hills' 'North Hills' is smothered with bright white flowers with a prominent violet eye for several weeks in the spring.
'Purple Beauty' Forms solid canopies of deep purple blooms.
'Red Wings' Low growing mats of needle-like foliage become covered with deep scarlet-red flowers with an even red darker eye. Spring.
NEW! 'Rocky Road Magenta' Magenta purple flowers have a small, darker eye, with a more compressed growth habit.
NEW! 'Rocky Road Violet Blue' Compressed growth habit, drought tolerant with beautiful violet blue flowers.
'Snowflake' Profusion of pure white flowers completely covers the foliage which forms a short, tight, rounded clump.
NEW! 'Spring White' A showy display of white star shaped flowers.
NEW! x. 'Cloudburst' (Tall Cushion Phlox) A brand new type of Phlox! Dark purple buds open to lavender purple flowers with bright pink eyes that cover a broad, mounding, billowy habit. The pleasantly fragrant flowers cover the plant nearly all the way to the ground starting early summer and continue all summer. Excellent disease resistance. H 28", spread 42", Zone 4-8
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NEW! RODGERSIA 'Fireworks' Plumes of deep rose arise over large, leathery, red tinged and veined leaflets. Very distinctive! Summer.36"
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SEDUM A large genus of succulent plants with clusters of small, starry flowers. Full sun and lean well drained soil a must! Zone 3/4-9
DWARF TYPES Spreading low growing succulents which are covered with starry flowers. They also make a great alternative ground cover in full sun, spreading even under the harshest conditions.
rupestre Also known as 'Rocky Stonecrop', vigorous, mat forming evergreen species.
'Angelina' Carpets of screaming gold needle like foliage with tiny yellow flowers in mid- summer. The foliage turns dark yellow and finally orange when the coldest weather arrives. 3-5"
'Chocolate Ball' This unique variety forms a low spreading mound of milk-chocolate, succulent, needle-like leaves that change to dazzling red with the onset of cooler temperatures in fall. Yellow flowers in summer and continue into fall. H 6-8".
sieboldii (October Daphne) Simple low arching stems with round grey leaves. Pink flowers in dense round clusters beginning in September. The foliage dies back in the winter. H 4-8".
sunsparkler series Groundcover type sedums offering colorful foliage with a compact mounded habit and large clusters flowers. Zone 4-9
NEW! 'Dazzleberry' Huge raspberry flower clusters completely engulf the smoky blue-grey, wide mounds of foliage. One of the earliest fall-blooming Sedum varieties. H Short, 4-8"
'Firecracker' Strong and robust, this densely, branched selection puts on a strong show of burgundy red color all season. Vibrant pink flowers are an added bonus in late summer. 6"
NEW! 'Lime Twister' Hot pink blooms in late summer to fall with variegated green and creamy white foliage. H 4"x18"W
'Lime Zinger' Fantastic lime-green leaves edged with bright cherry-red. In the late summer the carpet of colorful foliage is topped with large clusters of soft pink flowers. 6"
NEW! 'Wildfire' Forms a low, compact mound of shiny, cherry-red thumbnail-sized foliage with pink variegated edges. Large rose-pink flowers appear in late summer, lasting for weeks. H 6-8"
takesimense 'Atlantis' Small, serrated leaves are dark green with very wide creamy yellow margins, becoming tinged with pink blush tones with cold temperatures late in fall. Low, spreading sedum. H 4-6"
x. 'Little Miss Sunshine' Prized for its incredibly dark green, glossy foliage, compact size, and tidiness in the landscape. From early to midsummer, tiny clusters of yellow flowers cover the polished habit. H 6-8".
TALL LIVE FOREVER TYPES Clump forming, mostly upright plants which are topped with large clusters of small flowers. Flowers are nice for cutting or leaving on the plant for winter interest. Hardy and low maintenance. Attractive to butterflies.
spectabile 'Autumn Fire' Could this be the Sedum to surpass 'Autumn Joy' in quality and popularity? Thicker, more consistent and nicer looking overall according to the trails. Same rusty red color we love! Resistant to 'sudden sedum collapse' . H 2'
x. 'Class Act' This outstanding selection forms a strong, substantial mound of green succulent foliage topped with large, deep carmine-pink flower clusters that age to russet. H 18-23"
x. 'Mr. Goodbud' Large 5-6 inch clusters of vibrant purple pink flowers on purple red stems top the compact, upright clump of deep green, serrated foliage in late summer. The stems are very strong and relatively short, resisting flopping. 16"
x. 'Night Embers' This late season bloomer can be admired for its strictly upright habit of dark black-purple, semi-glossy succulent leaves and small clusters of light mauve pink flowers. H 24-26".
x. 'Rock n Grow Superstar' Dark turquoise foliage forms a dense, compact, mounded habit. Rosy pink flowers. H 10-12"
x. 'Touchdown Teak' An amazing glossy red-brown to purple-brown leaves, red stems, and a vigorous, upright-but low habit. Rose-red flowers are a summer feature. H 15" x 16" W.
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NEW! TRIFOLIUM repens A perennial ground cover and edger, a fantastic companion to other container plants, gracefully cascading over the edges. Tolerant of extreme heat and cold, hardy plants grow energetically in sun and shade. H 3-5" x 10-14" spread. Zone 4-10
'4 Luck Coco Mint' Burgundy brown with green centers.
'4 Luck Green Glow' Unusual bicolor shades of greens.
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NEW! UVULARIA perfoliata (Bellwort)
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