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CLEMATIS Mostly climbers, many with large showy flowers. Will grow up trellises, arbors, shrubs, etc. Best to mulch or plant around the base of clematis, keeping the roots cool. Plant the base 2-3" below soil level to deter Clematis Wilt. The climbing varieties fall into 3 general categories/ pruning groups. 1,2 or 3 (sometimes A,B or C). TYPE 1, Blooms the earliest in Spring and sets their buds on old wood. TYPE 2, Can bloom on old and new wood, generally starts flowering in late Spring. TYPE 3, Blooms only on new wood. Flowering in summer or later. FOR PRUNING RECOMMENDATIONS, we offer a detailed handout. Please ask at the cashier desk. FS-full sun, PS-part sun/shade, S- shade. Zone 4-9, unless otherwise noted.
alpina 'Stolwijk Gold' Nodding, rich blue flowers provide a stunning contrast on bright gold foliage. An outstanding display! May-June, 6-8', FS-PS, Pruning group: A
montana 'Freda' Cherry-pink, 2" flowers with yellow anthers. Very deep bronze foliage. May-June, H16', FS-PS, Pruning Group: A
paniculata Very fragrant flowers in late summer. Vigorous plants that will grow to 30' over time or it can be cut to the ground in spring and still flower on robust foliage. Full sun to mostly shady.
species Clusters of small, dainty, fragrant, white flowers. Very vigorous. Aug.-Sept. 20'-30', Heirloom, Pruning group; A, B, or C.
'Sweet Summer Love' Vibrant shades of lush cranberry/violet in hundreds of starry blossoms. A Sweet Autumn Clematis in a new color and blooms earlier (August). Cherry-vanilla fragrance. Tall 12', Pruning Group:C
NEW! texensis 'Princess Diana' Striking, deep reddish pink, 2", tulip-shaped flowers with cream and maroon stamens bloom continuously from summer into early autumn. H 6-8', PS-S, Pruning Group:3
vitacella These hybrids are prized for their hardiness, vigor, reliability and flower power. Most are also wilt resistant. Flower best if pruned almost to the ground in spring. June-September F-PS, Planting Group:C.
'Avante Garde' This easy and vigorous clematis sports red and pink flowers all through summer in a two-tone display of beautiful button blossoms. H 8-12'.
'Betty Corning' A charming, fragrant, nodding flower with four petals of light blue. The 2" deep flowers have recurving tips to the petals. June-Sept, 5-6', Heirloom.
'Polish Spirit' Saucer-shaped, velvety, rich violet-purple, 3" flowers, with lighter central bars. Blooming from midsummer to early fall. H 10-15'
'Venosa Violacea' 4-5" flowers of white background with purple veins throughout, turning all purple on the edges. Blooms July, August and September. H 8-10'. Tolerates shade well.
x. 'Cardinal Wyszynski' Magnificent, very free flowering with large, 6-8" glowing crimson flowers, highlighted by a central cluster of dark anthers. Very vigorous climber. June-September; FS, 8-12', Pruning Group:B
x. 'Comtesse de Bouchard' Velvety, 4-6", rose-pink flowers with yellow stamens. June-Sept. H 6-8', F-PS, Pruning Group:C
x. 'Crystal Fountain' 6", semi-double, lilac-blue flowers. Plants are compact and free-flowering with two distinct flushes, one in late spring and again in late summer. FS-PS, 6', Pruning Group:B
x. 'Diamantina' 'Diamantina' has many 4-6" blue/purple fully double flowers on each stem, each lasts up to 4 weeks. Repeats flowering throughout the summer. Great choice for containers. H 7', Late Spring- Early Fall, FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Dianas Delight' Diana’s Delight has beautiful, rich blue colored flowers with light and dark tones and a creamy yellow center. H 6', blooms June through early September. FS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Dr. Ruppel' Large, single, rose-red with carmine bar, 6-8" flowers in May, June and September. H 6-9', FS/PS, Zone 4,PGB1.
NEW! x. 'Empress' This prolific, compact climber offers large, double flowers in shades of pink over a long season, from late Spring to early Fall. H 6-8', PS-FS, Pruning Group;2
x. 'Fleuri' Compact and richly colored! Masses of 5" deep purple flowers with a central stripe in deeper tones of magenta. Blooms May-August, 3-4', FS-PS, Pruning Group:C
x. 'Gillian Blades' Beautiful ruffly flowers open with a hint of pale blue and mature to a pure white. Blooms in late spring and again in late summer. Its compact habit makes it a great choice for patio containers. H 7-8', FS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Giselle' Dusky pink, 5" flowers with a thin dark pink margin on the petals, dark pink center. Very free flowering from May-September. Compact habit, H 4-5'. FS-PS, Pruning Group:B.
x. 'Guernsey Cream' Large 5" flowers open a very light yellow with green bars in the center. After a day or two the flowers fade to a creamy- white. This subtle shade of white shows best against a dark background. A vigorous variety that blooms well in partial shade beginning in late May-July. Climb to 6-8'. Pruning Group;B
NEW! x. 'Henri' One of the oldest and still best white hybrids available. Large 6-8" single, creamy-white flowers with dark stamens. Vigorous climber. H 8-12'. June-Sept., Group 2
x. 'Jackmani' Profuse bloomer with dark purple, 4-6" flowers. June-August. H 12-10', FS-PS, Pruning Group:C
x. 'Josephine' This double clematis is a wonderful blending of cream to creamy green to pinkish mauve with striping. Each flower is a striking display, with its unusual coloration and shape. H 6-8', June-Sept., FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Nelly Moser' A 100 year old favorite. Pastel mauve-pink petals with carmine bar on these 7-9" flowers. May, June, and September bloom. H 8-12', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Niobe' Velvety, ruby-red with ivory stamens. June-Sept. H 6-8', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
NEW! x. 'Nubia' This deep red beauty is especially nice since it blooms well along the stems as well as the tips. Compact habit and great rebloom with 5-6" flowers, blooms Spring and Summer. PS-FS, H 4-6', Pruning group; 2.
x. 'Piilu' Unusual flowering with double pink flowers produced in the spring and single pink later in the summer. One of the heaviest blooming varieties with flowers produced from the bottom of the stems to the top all season long. Compact growing to 6’. Spring-Fall. FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Rebecca' Very large flowers are a stunning magenta red with creamy yellow anthers. Free flowering, exceptionally beautiful red variety. May-June; H 6-8', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Sapphire Indigo' (Dwarf Clematis) This unique clematis stays true to name with long lasting dark purple blooms that fade to deep blue. It has stunning dark purple to black anthers. It is a continuous bloomer June - September. Growing to a height of 4' it is a good choice for containers. It can be grown in partial shade. No pruning! 3'X3'
x. 'Vancouver Deb Dahl' Deep lavender-blue flowers reaching 7-9 inches across. This is the color and flower size that gives Clematis the title “Queen of Vines". May-June-Sept., H 6-9', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Vancouver Morning Mist' The largest flower at 12 inches across! Light lavender pink fades to white. Medium height, 6-8'. FS-PS & bright shade, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Vancouver Mystic Gem' Pink flowers edged in white with red stamens in the center. Medium height, 6-8'. FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
x. 'Vancouver Plum Gorgeous' Velvety-plum colored flowers that fade to purple-blue in summer. The flowers are solid plum with no bar. Blooms June-September. H 6-8', FS-PS, Pruning Group:B
NEW! x. 'Vancouver Sea Breeze' Soft lavender (6-8") flowers are abundant late spring into fall. The wavy lavender petals sometimes display a rosy tone. PS-FS, H 5-8', Pruning Group;2
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