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ABUTILON (Flowering Maple) This genus of the mallow family are extremely heat tolerant. Great for your container or in the ground, flowering non-stop all summer until a killing frost. Full sun, evenly moist soil and weekly fertilization. Some can be overwintered as house plants.
NEW! 'Biltmore Ballgown' A spectacular heirloom variety, featuring yellow blooms with bold crimson veining. Bell shaped flowers resemble an evening ball gown that dance below dark green leaves.
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AGASTACHE (Hyssop) Simply some of the best plants we grow. Colorful spikes are displayed all summer long above aromatic foliage. These die-hards handle heat and drought conditions so well they hardly break a sweat. Tubular florets are loved by hummingbirds and butterflies. Technically perennials, but tender enough that we offer them here with our annuals. Full sun, average to dry soil.
NEW! 'Acupulo Deluxe Red' Crimson red flowers, beautifully scented, more compact, reaching 8 to 12" in height when in bloom.
NEW! 'Apricot Sunrise' Produces an endless display of soft orange to soft golden yellow tubular flowers in spikes from summer and into fall above the fragrant foliage. H 2-3'
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NEW! ALOCASIA portodora (Upright Elephant Ears) One of the largest elephant ears, the rich green leaf dimensions will easily reach 3 x 6 feet on 6 foot stems. Great for pond sides in shady sheltered areas. Avoid over watering, surface dryness is best while still maintaining moist soil. Fertilize sparingly.
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ALSTROEMERIA (Peruvian Lily) These flowers which resemble miniature lilies are a must for your containers or in garden beds, in full to partial sun locations. All summer bloomer, also makes a long lasting cut flowers.
NEW! 'Colorita Fabiana' Large flowers, pale butter yellow with garnet markings, continuously blooms from early spring till early winter. Compact plants, H 12-15"
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ALTERNANTHERA An unusual and striking foliage plant with narrow, small colorful leaves. Great companions to bold colors your mixed containers. Easy to grow in full sun or part shade.
NEW! brasiliana 'Purple Prince' Plant this compact Alternanthera with ruby-red to burgundy-maroon leaves and stems from spring through fall, in your best hanging baskets, tall flowerpots, tubs, and annual beds. A heat-lover. H 10-16", spread <2'.
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ANGELONIA augustifolia Being native to Mexico and the West Indies this is a sun and heat-loving plant. Abundant spikes of small, orchid-like flowers are produced over neat clumps of narrow leaves. Easy to care for, this is a no-brainer.
NEW! super series The super series is perfect for long season color. Each classic, whimsical flower spire will be 16-20" tall atop well branched vigorous plants. Makes an outstanding cut flower as well. Available in Blue, Pink and White. H 30-40"
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ANIGOZANTHOS (Kangaroo Paws) Native to southwestern Australia, these unique blooms look similar to a kangaroo paw. Great cut flowers. Likes full sun and well drained soil.
NEW! 'Big Roo Red' Tall growing green strap like leaves and tubular velvety red blooms. 30-36"
NEW! 'Big Roo Yellow' This vigorous variety features golden yellow flowers perched atop complimentary crimson stems. H 4-6'
NEW! kanga series Mid sized fuzzy flowers. Available in Burgundy, Pink and Yellow. H 18-24"
NEW! viridis 'Phar Lap' A small green kangaroo paw with grassy narrow leaves to 1 foot tall and 18 inch stems bearing bright green slightly-curved flowers with reflexed lobes and iridescent bluish hairs.
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NEW! ANISODONTEA 'Elegant Princess' (Cape Mallow) Cup-shaped, hibiscus-like, pink-lavender flowers, on tall, bushy, robust plants with silvery leaves. Mixes well with others to add height to a container. Heat tolerant, no deadheading necessary. H 18-24"
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BEGONIA A popular bedding plant prized for its beautiful flowers and leaves, its wide variety of color and ability to thrive easily. Here at Andrews you will find begonias in some of our hanging baskets, they do very well in shade and part shade. It is important to grow them in a good soil with plenty of good drainage, and a low Ph.
NEW! 'Anna Feile' Angel wing leaves on upright growing canes with large clusters of salmon-pink flowers. Nice height element for containers. H 2-3'
NEW! 'Canary Wings' Canary Wings has bright foliage that changes from yellow to bright chartreuse, with abundant ruby-red flowers, throughout the season on a plant that continues to perform all Summer long. H 12-18"
NEW! 'Citra' Always in bloom with vibrant, semi-double flowers. These unusual flowers are lemon-gold, edged in Chinese red. Super trailing. H 32"/20"
NEW! 'Coco Enchanted Evening' Large, single, shrimp pink flowers resemble hibiscus blossoms, appearing in clusters on a large, upright plant with dark cocoa brown foliage. It is impressive in mixed shade containers, as a houseplant or in garden beds. Keeps blooming, even during the winter indoors. H 2' tall.
NEW! 'Coco Enchanted Sunrise' Large, salmon-orange blooms contrast beautifully with the dark chocolate leaves and lime-green veins. Elegant in mixed shade containers or garden beds. It is also a fabulous houseplant and even blooms during the winter. H 2'.
NEW! 'Daystar Hot Coral' This lushly beautiful, trailing begonia has large hot coral flowers on continuous display, with the dark and patterned foliage. Good for hanging baskets. Trailing, 24"
NEW! 'Daystar Yellow' This lushly beautiful, trailing begonia has large yellow flowers on continuous display, with the dark and patterned foliage. Good for hanging baskets. Trailing, 24"
NEW! dierna (Angel Wing) One of the taller growing forms, it can easily reach 18-24” tall in a season. Long and handsome foliage reaches up to 6” long with pink flowers that appear all season.
NEW! 'Holiday Snowflake' A medium, mounding plant with lush, snowflake-shaped foliage. Leaves are a shiny sterling silver with a mint green center. Showy pink to salmon flowers in abundance. H 17".
NEW! 'Ina May' Very attractive large, dark green serrated leaves with persistent pink flowers. H 15-18".
NEW! 'Louis Burks' A beautiful angel wing type having white speckled foliage and glowing salmon-pink blooms. H to 36"
NEW! 'Nautilus Exotic' Deeply swirled leaves, in each lilac- pink, magenta and silver swirl about for a most unique show. This compact grower forms a tight plant. H 12" x 27" W.
NEW! 'Nautilus Lilac' Violet-rose and ruby-purple foliage outlined with a glossy black rim. The leaves are swirled and curled. H 15" x 20" W.
NEW! 'Red Kiss' The leaf is bright metallic red with a large black area in the center and a black edge around the leaf.
NEW! 'Shadow King Lava Red' An all cherry red leaf with dark burgundy venation, great for a shady area needing a “pop”.
NEW! 'Shadow King White' A wonderful selection with light silver, almost white leaves with just a dusting of green along the veins. A unique and useful foliage accent plant.
NEW! 'Spitfire' Silvery green, center of leaf flushed iridescent purplish pink, with a dull pink border along the leaf margins. Very exotic.
NEW! 'T Rex Ruby Slippers' Deep ruby red leaves are super glossy with a saucy, little black stripe on the mid rib.
NEW! 'Spectre Silver' Broad, maple-shaped leaves of glowing mint green and silver-white. It is vigorous and well branched and forms an impressive 10 inch basket. The flowers are red-pink and are long lasting, pendant, and showy. Easy to grow. H 16".
NEW! 'Top Hat White' This new robust variety produces a perpetual supply of huge (8"+) single white flowers combined, green leaves and an upright and tight mounding habit. Appealing in beds, mass planting, containers and mixed combinations. H 16-20" X 20-24" W
NEW! betulia series The series boasts an extra long flowering season of vibrant flower colors. Excellent branching and a high tolerance to pests and diseases, including low mildew susceptibility. Available as 'Candy Pink', 'Bright Pink' and 'Red'.
NEW! mistral series Brightly colored flowers on a semi-trailing habit are excellent for mixed containers or baskets in shade to part sun. Offered in Dark-Red, Orange, Pink and Yellow. H 10-12" x 14-16" W
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CALADIUM bicolor Native to the rain forests of South America, these tuberous tropical plants are grown for their fantastically colored leaves. Caladiums will dazzle any shade container or garden with their large, pointed, arrow-shaped, multicolored leaves. We offer many varieties in shades of green, cream, white, rose and red.
NEW! 'White Christmas' Silvery-white leaves have deep green edging and veins, creating an elegant statement both in the day and night garden. H 18-22"
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CALENDULA officinalis (Pot Marigold) These cool weather annuals delight you with edible flowers to brighten up salads and desserts. Nice cut flowers also. Full sun. 12"
NEW! 'Lady Godiva Orange' Large, colorful, orange, fully double flowers with great heat tolerance. Continuous bloom or rebloomer. Deadheading not necessary. H 10-16"
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CANNA Big, tropical plants with bold flowers and richly colored foliage. These definitely make a statement and add a sense of lushness to your garden. They need lots of water, sun, and heat. They work well in containers. Dig up the rhizomes in the fall, store, and replant in spring.
NEW! 'Black Night' Named for its stunning deep red/black foliage. Paired with its shocking, blood-red blooms, this Canna will shine in any part of the garden. H 48-60".
NEW! 'Cannova Mango' Orange-pink blooms on dark green foliage. H 3-4'
NEW! 'Ermine' Large, rounded green leaves with beautiful creamy white flowers. 'Ermine' is the whitest flowering canna available. 4-5'
NEW! 'Freckle Face' Growing to about 4’ in one season and having mid green leaves. Blooms are large, salmon colored, speckled and freckled with dark red.
NEW! 'Intrigue' Dark almost black foliage with coral flowers. H 5-6'
NEW! 'Louis Cottin' Deep foliage with yellow to salmon flowers. H 3-4'
NEW! 'Lucifer' Extra large flowers are boldly marked in bright red with yellow edges, giving Lucifer's full blooms the look of flames atop tropical green foliage. H 24-36".
NEW! 'Pink Futurity' Adore this dwarf pink canna for so many reasons and uses in the garden! Pink blooms sit atop greenish burgundy leaves in mid-summer. H 32".
NEW! 'Primrose Yellow' Pale green foliage and delicate primrose-yellow flowers, lightly spotted pink. Compact and neat, growing only up to 48".
NEW! 'Richard Wallace' Bright, bold yellow with an orange speckled heart. A manageable, medium height, with traditional green foliage. H 48".
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NEW! CINERARIA AKA PERICALLIS senetti series A wonderfully fragrant relative to the daisy, an early bloomer, this hybrid has better branching, larger blooms and more tolerance to fluctuations in temperatures. Sun to part sun, 10-16" tall and 8-12" spread. Available in 'Blue Bicolor', 'Magenta Bicolor' and 'Super Blue'.
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COLEUS (aka Solenostemon) Brightly colored foliage plants to brighten partial shade. Great accent plants in the ground or in mixed containers. Most of these varieties can go in full sun or full shade or anywhere in between.
NEW! 'Big Red Judy' Big, bold, dark reddish burgundy foliage dappled with orange. 3'
NEW! 'Electric Slide' With a strong, canary-yellow background, shocking red veins and a ruffled emerald edge, naturally neat and compact. Trailing, 23" x 36" W. Part to full shade.
NEW! 'Fishnet Stockings' Wide, bright green leaves with sharply contrasting deep purple veining. Unusual and dramatic, this coleus is always a favorite! H 14-22"
NEW! 'Flying Carpet Shocker' A bright, lime-gold background with a showy red center. H 24" x 28" W. Mounds, spreads and trails. Part-full shade.
NEW! 'Great Falls Angel' New trailing coleus. Minute, heart-shaped leaves have magenta centers highlighted with green trim. Shade and heat tolerant. H. 6-10" x 12-18" W.
NEW! 'Japanese Giant' A very large and upright coleus. Large red and purple leaves have a bright green center. Sunshine will bring out yellow and pink highlights that make this large coleus glow! Sun tolerant. H 48"
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COLOCASIA esculenta (Elephant Ears) Add a punch of tropical lushness to your containers, beds or water gardens with these enormous and very dramatic foliage plants. They require lots of moisture and are happy in 12" of water, preferring partial shade. 3-5'
NEW! 'Black Ruffles' 'Black Ruffles' is a selection form 'Black Magic' with ruffled leaves. The ruffled edges give this selection an elegant look. H 4-5'.
NEW! 'Black Coral' Elegant glossy dark foliage with blue veins held on dark stems. H 36-48"
NEW! 'Tropical Storm' A compact, but fast clumper that grows to 30" tall, composed of purple-black foliage which is adorned in summer with a prominent central creamy white streak.
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CORDYLINE Long sword-shaped leaves, exceptional plant to use for height and texture in container plantings. Sun to part shade. Bring indoors to overwinter.
NEW! 'Red Star' Deep red Burgundy red sword-like leaves offer great texture and color.
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COSMOS Old-fashioned bloomers create airy stands of cheerful flowers. Ideal for butterfly gardens and cottage gardens. Thrives in poor, infertile soil. Over fertilizing results in lots of foliage but few flowers. Full sun.
NEW! 'Cosmic Mix' Offered in a mix of bright orange, rich red and yellow colors, these plants are stocky, well branched and are loaded with double flowers. H 12"
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CUPHEA (Firecracker Plant) Very heat tolerant plants, originating from South America, which form bushy mounds smothered in dainty colorful flowers. Once a customer discovers that these plants bloom non stop in hot weather even with a little neglect, they are always back for more the next season. Full to part sun.
NEW! 'Flamenco Samba' (Bat faced cuphea) Large, rich, burgundy flowers bloom continuously throughout the season. Deadheading not necessary. H 12-20"
NEW! laevis (Twinkle Pink) Hot pink tubes flare to purple and white, blooms continually throughout the season. H 18"
NEW! ramosissima 'Fairy Dust' Add a little magic to mixed combos with this dainty cuphea. An airy cloud of delicate, pink flowers fill the voids in mixed containers and garden plantings. Heat and drought tolerant. H 10-16"
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DAHLIA pinnata Large, brilliantly colored blooms overlook a mound of leathery green leaves. A good bedding plant for a very sunny location. Attracts butterflies.
NEW! 'Dahlightful Crushed Crimson' Dissected, chocolate foliage and velvety burgundy-crimson semi-double flowers. Continuous blooms all summer. Heat tolerant and excellent mildew tolerance. H 24-36"
NEW! dinner plate varieties Fully double, huge sized flowers. Truly as big as a dinner plate! All very floriferous varieties that produce color from early summer into fall.
NEW! 'Fernleaf Inspiration' Beautiful, 7" lavender flowers with bluish tones at the edges. Sturdy stems. H 36-40".
NEW! 'Kelvin Floodgate' If you like yellow, you'll love the classic, butter-colored flowers that arrive dinner plate-sized, at up to 10" across. H 36-40".
NEW! 'Manhatten Island' 8" red flowers changing yellow towards the center. Sturdy stems. H 34"
NEW! 'Myrtles Folly' Narrow twisted petals of peach, pink and yellow. Huge, 8", long lasting flowers. H 36"
NEW! 'Summer Sunset' This Dahlia boasts flowers 6–9" across with masses of vibrant orange petals lightly touched with yellow. H 3-4'
NEW! 'Vancouver' Purple flowers, 8", with a lighter center. H 36".
NEW! karma series More lovely colors of Dahlias, each growing 2-3 feet tall. 'Corona', a blend of salmon, yellow and bronze cactus-type blooms and 'Fuchsiana', fuchsia pink, waterlily form. Long vase life. New for 2018, 'Chocolate', deep burgundy chocolate blooms, 'Prospero', pale pink with deep pink center and dark foliage, 'Serena', white blooms and 'Sunlady', a bright yellow.
NEW! 'Worton Blue Streak' These 4" bluish lavender blossoms are as close to blue as any dahlia on the market. Semi-cactus. H 3-4'
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DIANTHUS barbatus (Sweet William) Technically a biennial, this classic, old-fashioned cottage garden plant is great in annual borders. Extra strong and long stems for cutting gardens Should reseed. Nice cut flower. Deadhead to prolong blooming. Sun, well-drained soil. 2-3'
NEW! 'Jolt Pink Magic' Three inch white flowers magically deepen into darker shades of pink as they mature, making a beautiful spray of color. Plants are all-season performers that tolerate all sorts of weather. H 16-20"
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NEW! EUCOMIS (Pineapple Lily) This fragrant South African native has tropical-looking, fleshy leaves with flower spikes that appear to be miniature “pineapples” at the top of each stem. Full sun preferred, it is perfectly normal for leaves to "wilt" a bit during the hot midday, but don't worry, they perk up again the next morning.
NEW! 'Freckles' This dwarf pineapple lily has it all – a vigorously clumping habit, spotted leaves, wavy margins, and attractive rose red flowers. H 8-10"
NEW! 'Sparkling Burgundy' Dark burgundy leaves that slowly change to olive green, and then revert back dramatically as the flowers fade. The flowers form on 20-30" stalks bearing bottle-brush-like wands of tight, smokey pink florets.
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FERNS Fabulous foliage components integral to your gardens or containers; within this selection of ferns you’ll find the addition you need: either lacy, delicate, small, bold, or large. All can be overwintered as house plants. They need lots of humidity, indirect light and should never dry out.
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GERANIUMS pelargonium Long standing favorite annuals with a plethora of uses. Full to part sun, average soil.
NEW! 'Mrs. Peters' Mrs. Peters' bears single, bright-pink flowers amidst its green and cream variegated leaves on mounding plants that remain shorter than 14 inches.
NEW! 'Wilhelm Langguth' Intense red flowers appear over green foliage splashed with cream, lovely variegation. Grows to 12".
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GOMPHRENA Globe Amaranth has long been treasured in everlasting arrangements with its papery, clover-like blooms. Likes well-drained, even dry soil and full sun.
NEW! globosa 'Cosmic Flare' An all summer, shockingly beautiful ‘Cosmic Flare’ will brighten up any border or container with its spectacular chartreuse foliage and magenta blooms. H 15-24" x 20-24".
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GRASSES Ornamental Grasses have been gaining popularity with each passing year, understandably so. They make wonderful statements in any garden with their strong linear shape and their inflorescence gracefully swaying in the breeze. Sun
NEW! ARUNDO donax 'Peppermint Stick' (Giant Reed Grass) With its striking, green and white variegation, this grass will certainly stand out in the garden. Use for screening or as a specimen where a large drought-tolerant plant is needed. Plants spread through underground rhizomes forming large clumps. H 8-10'
NEW! x 'Regal Princess' Similar to 'Princess', with improved purple color and enhanced disease resistance. The blades grow ever-deeper purple in the heat of the summer and will not fade. H 3' X 3-4'
NEW! x. 'First Knight' The newest noble boasts the deepest, darkest, blackest purple of them all. A sword thrust of very upright leaves in center, arching around the edges. Hail! H 48-54"
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HELIOTROPE heliotropium arborescens Large, dense clusters of deep purple blossoms rise above dark green, deeply ridged, purple tinged foliage. The blossoms have a sweet vanilla aroma and are a nice cut flower. Plenty of fertilizer and water will produce luscious growth and large flowers all summer. Attracts butterflies. Sun
NEW! 'Alba' Large umbels of pure white flowers. Tremendously fragrant! H 12-18"
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HIBISCUS A tropical plant, having large, showy variously colored flowers. They like indirect sunlight and good drainage, important because they do not like wet feet! Hibiscus will live a long time if you overwinter them indoors.
NEW! 'Cajun City Slicker' Abundant, 6-6.5" blooms, colors from light pink, purple to red. H 3-5'
NEW! tiliaceus 'Variegata - Tricolor' Grown mostly for its fab foliage, will grow to 3-4 feet in one season and form a nice sized shrub. The glossy 6–8 inch oval leaves are generously splashed with green, white, pink and deep red. New growth is a deep delicious burgundy.
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NEW! HYPOESTES phyllostachya 'Hippo Rose' (Polka Dot Plant) Stunning bi color foliage with shades of bright pink and green, features larger leaves and more vigor. Full sun to full shade and adaptable as a houseplant. The upright habit allow this plant to be used as a thriller/filler in combinations. H 16-22" X 14" W
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NEW! KALE ORNAMENTAL brassica oleracea 'Nagoya Mix' Rich full color, lacy leaves. Nagoya Mix adds sensational color to the fall and winter garden. "Flower" colors intensify as temperatures drop. Quite often overlooked. These kales are really showy for several seasons of color.
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LANTANA Heat loving plants with clusters of brilliantly colored florets, irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds. Full sun.
NEW! bloomify series Offered in 'Rose', rose-pink and yellow flowers and 'Red', a blend of rose, peach and yellow hues. Sterile varieties, no more deadheading seed pods. Perfect plant to carry you through the summer months in color.
NEW! montevidensis 'Weeping white' A continuous bloomer, producing small, white flower head clusters. Low, naturally spreading.
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NEW! LAVANDULA stoechas (Spanish Lavender) This early-blooming compact shrub bears intriguing pine-cone-shaped flowers that have dark-purple bracts, or “rabbit ears.” Bloom appears from late spring to summer. Full sun. This species is a tender perennial and will only over winter in zones 7 and above.
NEW! 'Bandera Purple' An abundance of spikes with dark purple flowers, and lighter purple flags, that practically cover the entire plant. Holds dense, mounded habit without falling open, perfect for pots. H 10-12"
NEW! 'Madrid Purple' 'Madrid Purple' will reach a height of 18-24” with large flowers from May to August. Foliage is aromatic and can be used for culinary purposes. This species is a tender perennial will only over winter in zones 7 and above.
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MARGUERITE DAISY argyranthemum frutescens Cheerful daisies smother compact shrubby plants with long, narrow, finely divided foliage. Most bloom best in cool weather. Full to part sun, average soil.
NEW! grandessa series Boasting larger blooms than other marguerite daisies, 'Pink Halo' features large, bright pink blooms with a yellow halo around a dark center, and 'Red' features bright red blooms with a yellow halo around a dark center. Large mounded form covered in blooms. Grows 18-24"
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MARIGOLDS tagetes Cheerful, bright flowers which bloom profusely all summer, and a tough, vigorous nature are the attributes which have made Marigolds one of the most popular bedding plants of all time. Full to part sun, average soil.
NEW! 'French Vanilla' The first hybrid white marigold. A real creamy white , double flowered with long lasting, odorless blooms up to 3" across. H 16-18"
NEW! 'Lady First' A nice medium-sized plant, 20 inches tall, covered with sunny yellow, fully double flowers 3 1/2 inches across.
NEW! 'Fireball' This first "true red" marigold with color changing under different weather conditions. Tons of fiery-bronze flowers one day to a dark golden-ember the next as the flowers mature. 10-12" high.
NEW! 'Strawberry Blonde' A rush of bicolor pastel pink, rose and yellow blooms. Blooms actually change color. When warmer, blooms are yellow-pinks; when cooler: pink-plum tones kick in. Mounded, 8-10" plants.
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NEW! MEDINILLA myriantha (Malaysian Grapes) The flowers start light pink and darken to purple. The blooms last for months! This is an easy to grow shade or house plant. *The berries are NOT edible.* Long lasting blooms resemble a grape cluster. It is an epiphyte in nature, so it needs a porous soil. H 2-4'
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NEW! MELIANTHUS major 'Honey Flower' (Honey Bush) Since it will probably not flower in our climate we get to enjoy its fabulous gray green, deeply serrated, foliage. Stunning when used in mixed borders or containers. 2-3' in one year. Full sun to part shade.
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NEMESIA fruticans Small, airy, snapdragon-like flowers dangle above glossy green foliage. Full sun to part sun, average soil.
NEW! 'Nesia Dark Blue' Fragrant, dark blue blooms with yellow eyes. Large blooms and mounded habit are ideal for containers and garden beds. H 12-14"
NEW! 'SunGlo Yellow Bicolor' First saturated yellow & plum bicolor flowers. Large flowers with heartwarming sunshine yellow lower petals, contrast well with the saturated plum upper petals. Highly scented.
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OSTEOSPERMUM A cool weather annual with showy, daisy-like flowers. Plants flower in spring and fall, but dislike summer’s extreme heat. Will give their best performance if deadheaded regularly. Always a favorite here at Andrew’s. Full to part sun, average soil. 6-10"
NEW! '4-D Berry White' Flowers stay open all the time! Lovely double row of white petals with purple tips and a rosy-lavender center. H 8-12"
NEW! '4-D Purple' Masses of violet-purple daisy-like flowers that have an interesting deep purple crested center.Flowers stay open all day and all night. H 8-12"
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PETUNIA Blooming in almost any color imaginable, Petunias deserve a place in everyone’s garden. They are long blooming, versatile plants that look nice in both containers and in borders. Full to part sun.
NEW! 'Evening Scentsation Blue' True blue All-America Selections winner has a fragrance that gets more alluring as the sun sets, filling your summer evenings with a heavenly hyacinth scent and notes of rose and honey. Brilliant indigo 2" blooms that billow from baskets or patio containers, and are dramatic when planted en masse.
NEW! 'Good n Plenty Orange' Producing a bouquet of orange-salmon flowers with a tight and uniform habit. H 8-12"
NEW! 'Daybreak Charm' Vibrant sunshine yellow and watermelon pink flowers are eye-catching and unique. 8-12"
NEW! 'Headliner Raspberry Swirl' Dramatic color and early flowering makes this trailing, mounding petunia exciting! H 10-16" X 20-30" W
NEW! 'Honey' Beautiful blooms with a mix of soft oranges, yellows, and pinks. Slightly mounded habit, and used as both a filler and a spiller in containers. 8-12"
NEW! 'Phantom' Velvety almost black petals, with a striking yellow star center. 8-12"
NEW! 'Really Red' The bold, REALLY red flowers are large and numerous. Blooms all season. 8-12"
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NEW! PHLOX '21st Century Mix' Compact plants producing clusters of a brightly colored mixture of blue, crimson, scarlet, salmon and white, flowering throughout the summer. Exceptional vigor, weather tolerance and flower from spring to fall! H 12"
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NEW! PHORMIUM tenax 'Purple Mountain' (New Zealand Flax) Graceful dark purple blades. Leaves widen with age and feature an electric blue tinge on the undersides, make a bold upright statement. These evergreen, tender perennials are native to New Zealand and related to Agave and Yucca. No pests bother with its tough foliage. Over winter indoors. Sun to shade, Most grow 2-3' in the first year and another foot or more to reach their mature height.
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PHYGELIUS (Cape Fuschia) Native to South Africa, cape fuchsia will add vitality to your plantings with vibrant, showy flowers that bloom for months in summer and fall. Their eye catching funnel shaped flowers are attractive to hummingbirds. Four inch, lance shaped, shiny, dark green leaves give the plant a handsome appearance. Full sun. 18-36"
NEW! 'Moonraker' Pale yellow, four-inch-long flowers dangle all around the stems of this evergreen, fuchsia look-alike.
NEW! 'Salmon Leap' Produces vivid salmon orange flowers in a stunning display from early summer until frost.
NEW! 'Sunshine' Soft-yellow foliage complemented by clusters of tubular flowers, red with yellow throats.
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PORTULACA grandiflora Gloriously colored, papery blooms cover succulent stems and fleshy spike-like leaves. Have a sprawling habit, ideal for edging borders or containers. Thrives in hot, sunny, dry locations.
NEW! colorblast series The ColorBlast series provides the best drought tolerance and vibrant color. Wonderful for both beds and containers. H 4-6" X 8-16" W. Larger flowers available in these great colors, 'Grenadine'(Cherry-Red), 'Limon'(Yellow), 'Mango Mojito'(Orange/yellow), 'Tangerine'(Orange) and 'Watermelon'(Raspberry/Rose/Yellow).
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RUDBECKIA A member of the sunflower family, all are native to North America and many species are cultivated in gardens for their showy yellow or gold flower heads. These tender perennials may overwinter or reseed. Flowering July into October. Pest free. Full sun to light shade.
NEW! 'Sahara Mix' A beautiful mix of soft colors, amber, copper and soft burnt rose are just three of the shades in the staggering mixture. Mostly double flowers and a gorgeous summer plant. H to 24".
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NEW! RUELLIA brittoniana Brittoniana is a tall and stately wildflower from Texas with long, linear leaves and large lavender-blue flowers appearing mid-summer into fall. A handsome plant for the pond edge as it doesn’t mind wet feet. Reseeds freely. Sun to light shade and consistently moist soil. 3-4'
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SALVIA A decorative bedding plant grown for its showy flower spikes flaunting an astonishing array of colors. Upright branching habit. Attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. Full sun and amply moist, average garden soil.
NEW! mirage series Heat-tolerant series features a full range of intense flower colors, for gardens and containers. More compact than most, H 12-14" x 14-16" W. Offered in 'Cherry-Red', 'Hot Pink' and 'Violet'.
NEW! 'Love and Wishes' Deep magenta-purple tubular blossoms contrast handsomely with dark stems. H 3-4' x 3' W.
NEW! x. 'Rockin Deep Purple' Fragrant, intense purple spikes will create a great focal point for mixed containers and as a thriller in the garden. This continuous blooming Salvia is sterile, which means more flowers for you. H 30-40"
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SCAEVOLA aemula (Fan Flower) Low sprawling mounds decorated with large and substantial fan-shaped blooms over dark green, fleshy foliage. Fantastic in hanging baskets, large containers or right in the ground. Quite heat tolerant, yet a heavy drinker. 4-9" height, 18-24" spread. Full to part sun.
NEW! 'Scampi Blue' Blue flowers with green eyes from mid spring to late summer. Thrives in hanging baskets and window boxes. H 6" x 24" W
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NEW! SCUTELLARIA 'Purple Fountain' (Scullcap) Clusters of fuschia pink, 1 1/2", tubular blooms are borne throughout the season on slightly quilted trailing foliage on arching stems. Attracts Hummingbirds. H 6-12" x 12-24" W
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NEW! STREPTOCARPUS ladyslipper series (Cape Primrose) A relative of the African Violet, it is a compact plant with hairy leaves. Can grow up to 12" tall and produce 2" wide trumpet like blooms. Will bloom nearly all year long if you remove the fading flowers before they turn to seeds. Likes medium indirect light, prefer cooler temps, a ideal house plant. Offered in 'Blue Ice', 'Pink Halo' and 'Red-Rose'.
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SUCCULENTS This group of easy to grow, forgiving plants are bound to enchant you with their unusual colors, textures, growing habits, and extraordinary flowers. Succulents prefer smaller pots, as too much root room can deplete their energy with only root growth. Keep them snug and they’ll keep you happy; mixed containers of succulents create magical displays. Grow in full sun and keep on the dry side.
NEW! ANACAMPSEROS rufescens Olive green, narrow, pointed leaves arranged in a spiraling rosette. In the partial shade the leaves are olive green, while in sunlight the leaves are a dark reddish-brown to purple. Pink flowers. H 3" x 4" W
NEW! perfoliata var. falcata (Propeller Plant) Unique, with oblong, sickle shaped leaves. Velvety gray green. Cinnamon scented bright orange-red flowers in summer. Full sun to part shade. H 12-18"
NEW! EUPHORBIA lactea 'Cristata' (Crested Elkhorn) A unique Euphorbia resembling deep sea coral. Wavy, crested, bizarre looking plants mostly green with an occasional streak of white variegation.
NEW! FURCRAEA foetida 'mediopicta' A thorn less Agave-like plant that makes a bold statement with the widely striped yellow to white and dark green wide arching foliage. An excellent drought tolerant choice for containers on the porch or patio or in lightly shaded gardens, where hardy. Moderately fast growing.
NEW! HAWORTHIA cuspidata (Window Plant) With star-like rosettes, up to 4" across, the leaves are lime green , wedge-shaped, with darker green glassy “windowed” translucent areas near tips. H 2"
NEW! tomentosa (Panda Plant) Long, fuzzy, felt like, oval shaped leaves. Soft gray with chocolate brown margins and tips. H 10-18"
NEW! LEDEBOURIA sociallis (Silver Squill) Silvery grey leaves with dark green splotches grow over succulent bulbs. Underside of leaves and the bulbs are dark purple. H 6"
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SUNFLOWERS helianthus annuus No garden should be without the cheery beauty of a Sunflower. Loved by children and goldfinches. Full sun.
NEW! 'Firecracker' Dwarf plants, loaded with bicolor red and gold flowers. 24-36"
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TORENIA fournieri (Wishbone Flower) A great shade performer! The Wishbone Flower is an exotic looking leafy plant with small, dark green leaves and a plethora of lipped blooms, each with a wishbone-shaped marking. Flowers are reminiscent of snapdragon florets. Low maintenance plants that are self cleaning; that's right, no deadheading! Does best in consistently moist, well-drained soil and partial to full shade.
NEW! 'Catalina Pink' Magenta-hot pink along the outer edges of the petals, light pink inside, have a yellow spot on the lower petals.
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NEW! TRACHELIUM caeruleum 'Lake Michigan Blue' Dense clusters of tiny bluish blooms rise above bushy mounds of long, toothed leaves. A unique plant for the border. A ravishing cut flower, often used as a filler. Can be dried, too! H 30-40"
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TRADESCANTIA Trailing foliage accent plant for sun or shade. Works great in mixed planters, hanging baskets and as a ground cover.
NEW! zebrina 'Purple Striped' Valued for their stripes of white, green, silver, and purple colors in their leaves. They have trailing vines that flow from it's base and are very easy to care for.
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NEW! TRIFOLIUM limerick series Limerick’s trailing and spreading habit plays nicely with other plants and provides a fun, trailing texture in your mixes. Its "shamrock" foliage has bold patterns. Plants grow energetically in sun and shade. H 3-5" x 8-10" spread.
NEW! 'Estelle' Rich burgundy and green shades of clover-like leaves.
NEW! 'Isabella' Plum-purple leaves have small bright green centers. Blooms pink clover flowers.
NEW! 'Jessica' Beautiful dark green foliage with reddish bronze leaf markings.
NEW! 'Lenore' Lighter green with a darker green center.
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VERBENA A large genus of plants with bristly foliage, square stems and dense, flat-topped clusters of small flowers. Will bloom all summer if deadheaded and fertilized regularly. Attracts butterflies. Full sun, average soil.
NEW! 'Blues Light Pink with Eye' Clumps of light pink flowers with a white eye. Ideal for combination planters and garden flower beds. Great powdery mildew resistance. H 10-12" x 12-18" W
NEW! 'Raspberry Sorbet' The large, 3" domed shaped flower heads are comprised of intense red-violet blooms. Mildew and heat resistant, it blooms nonstop all season long starting in spring, going through summers worst heat and humidity then into fall. 6-8" mounds, 24" spread, neat and compact.
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ZINNIA Garden favorites for years both as traditional bedding plants and cut flowers. They come in a sensational array of colors, dwarf forms or tall cultivars, with single or double flowers. Full sun, average soil.
NEW! 'Queen Lime Orange' The flowers have striking coloration, with glowing apricot blooms (2-3"), that feature a blush of lime and bright rose centers. H 40"
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