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ACHILLEA millefolium (Yarrow) This plant differs from other Yarrow due to their taller nature without compromising beautiful habits and sturdiness.Zone 4-9
NEW! firefly series These plants differ from other Yarrow due to their taller nature without compromising beautiful habits and sturdiness. Available in 'Amethyst' with lavender pink blooms that age to a lighter pink and 'Sunshine', bright yellow blooms, both with deep green foliage. 18-22" tall, up to 36" spread.
NEW! 'Terracotta' A multicolored bloomer which emerges a bright peach color then ages to the earthy tones of a clay pot. Pronounced silver-green foliage. Height 30-36"
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ANEMONE (Windflower) A large genus consisting of the Fall blooming Japanese Anemones and the Spring bloomers that are native to North America. All have mounds of lovely foliage. All prefer rich, moist, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Most prefer to be shaded from the midday sun. Zone 5-8.
NEW! fantasy series These beautiful, compact gems are a "must see for yourself". 'Pocahontas', produces double pink blooms, 'Jasmine', single pink flowers and 'Red Riding Hood', rosy-red blooms from July to September that are on tough, sturdy stems. H 12-18".
NEW! x. 'Whirlwind' A lovely Japanese Anemone which displays pure white, semi-double blossoms in late Summer-Fall. H 3-4'.
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NEW! ASTRANTIA major 'Star of Beauty' (Masterwort) Charming cottage garden plants that make excellent, long lasting cut flowers. White with magenta tipped pincushion flowers surrounded by a ruff of greenish-pink bracts. Height 20 to 30", Prefers partial shade and rich moist soil. Long flowering season.
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NEW! BLETILLA 'Brigantes' (Hardy Ground Orchid) A vigorous plant producing 28" tall pleated green foliage. Towering above the foliage are the 40" tall flower stalks, adorned with lovely light lavender flowers. Sun to part sun. Zone 6
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NEW! CENTAUREA montana (Mountain Bluets) An old fashioned favorite with feathery, true blue, thistle-like flowers and a heavenly sweet scent. Never bothered by pest or disease! Prefers full sun and dry alkaline soil. H 12-16", Zone 3-9
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COREOPSIS (Tickseed) Well known perennials with pinnately lobed foliage absolutely covered with bright daisies. Tickseed is easy to grow and have a long bloom time. Ideal for the low-maintenance garden. Attracts butterflies. Prefers full sun and average to poor, well-drained soil. Most zone 5-9.
NEW! 'Big Bang Full Moon' An extremely floriferous, very long blooming selection that is a dynamo in the landscape. Bright canary yellow, 2-3" flowers are carried on well-branched stems for several months. Tickseed. H 18-24".
NEW! 'Enchanted Eve' Finely sculpted golden-yellow flowers with ‘pinked’ edges splashed with red-orange.
NEW! 'Starlight' Large, sterile, white flowers with a burgundy eye are produced all season, eye expands in cooler weather. Naturally compact.
NEW! x. 'Limoncello Golden' Single golden yellow flowers. Blooms from Spring through Summer. Upright, semi-mounding habit. H 12-18"
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DIANTHUS A large genus including carnations, pinks, and Sweet Williams. Great for massing in perennial borders and for cut flowers. Prefer full sun and alkaline well-drained soil. Add lime yearly. Zone 5-9, unless otherwise noted.
NEW! scent first series 'Coral Reef' has double coral-pink petals with elegant white picotee edges. 'Coconut Surprise' has crisp white frilly blooms with a deep red center. Both with grey-blue foliage and a delightful spicy fragrance. H 6-8"
NEW! x. 'Vivid Bright Lights' Absolutely vivid and bright! A stellar rebloomer, this small but mighty charmer delivers high-impact bright pink color late spring to fall. Fragrant flowers with deeply serrated petals shine against bluish-gray foliage mounds. H 8"
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DIGITALIS (Foxglove) A cottage garden favorite. Tall spires of unusual blossoms create a showy display. Cutting encourages side shoots. Prefers partial shade and decent soil. Blooms June-July, Zone 4-8
NEW! x. 'Arctic Fox Rose' 'Arctic Fox Rose' produces rose-pink flowers, with maroon purple inside the blooms yearly, instead of biennially, like other foxgloves. Blooms late spring to late summer. H 18-24", very winter hardy, Zone 5-9
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NEW! ECHINOPS bannaticus 'Blue Glow' (Globe Thistle) Toothed, prickly thistle-like leaves and spiny, intensely dark blue globe shaped flowers. The gorgeous flowers are excellent for cutting and drying. Needs good drainage to survive the winter. Prefers full sun and dry, well-drained soil. July-mid August. H 3', Zone 3-8
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GERANIUM (Cranesbill) With lovely flowers and delicately cut foliage, perennial geraniums make excellent border plants. Varied in heights, some can be incorporated into rock gardens. Cut back taller varieties after first bloom to encourage rebloom. All provide nectar for butterflies. Full sun to partial shade and moist, well-drained soil. Most will tolerate a variety of conditions.
NEW! 'Laura' Long lasting, weather resistant, double white flowers are produced from June onwards on upright stems with serrated leaves. Mounding, H 24", Zone 4
NEW! 'Max Frei' ‘Max Frei’ is noted for its compact growth habit and reddish-purple flowers. Flowers bloom in late spring. Foliage often turns attractive shades of red in autumn. Mounding, H 4-9", spread 12-24". Zone 3
NEW! x. 'Daily Blue' Mid sized mounds of deeply cut foliage with long lasting violet-purple flowers with a lighter center. H 12-20", Zone 4
NEW! x. 'Dragon Heart' Near black centers with dark rays on each petal of these long-blooming, 2” magenta flowers. The large-leafed foliage forms a wide clump, but also reaches out with a few stems to frolic around its neighbors. H 24", Zone 5
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GEUM (Avens) Rosettes of handsome, hairy foliage bear colorful saucer shaped flowers on long stems. Best shaded from the midday sun. Cut back hard for a rebloom. Full sun to part shade and moist, well-drained soil. Zone 5-8
NEW! x. 'Tempo Rose' A new favorite! This early bloomer produces a plethora of dark, rose-pink flowers on short, dark stems. This easy to grow plant has a long bloom time allowing pollinators to enjoy this gem for months. H 8-21", Zone 5
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GRASSES Ornamental Grasses have become increasingly popular in gardens. They are grown for their showy foliage and are generally very low maintenance.
NEW! 'Bandwidth' Broad, bright gold bands span rich green blades. Bandwidth forms full, compact stands that reach a height of 2-3 feet.
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HEMEROCALLIS (Daylily) Very hardy garden flower with long, grass-like foliage and trumpet shaped flowers, reminiscent of a lily. Blooms last just one day but are produced abundantly during a long blooming season. Early bloomers (E) begin in late June, mid-season bloomers (M) in mid-July, and late bloomers (L) in August. Tetraploid varieties (TET) have more chromosomes, are stronger and offer an array of color and sizes. Re-bloomers(RB) and ever-bloomers(EB) flowers all summer long. Zone 3-9
NEW! 'Blackthorn' Very light creamy yellow, 4 1/2 to 5", blossoms with a hint of peach, display a prominent wine purple eye and matching picotee edge half way up the attractively ruffled petals. Height 26", M-TET-RB.
NEW! 'Storm Shelter' Fragrant, 5”, mauve colored blossoms with an enormous deep eggplant purple eye and matching edge. Many buds for continuous bloom or rebloom for many weeks in midsummer and fall. Height 24", TET-RB
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HIBISCUS Very showy, shrubby plants bearing huge blooms. We are offering some compact forms which can be used in gardens. Tropical plants which love the heat, and don’t awaken from their winter slumbers until late spring. Full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. Mid to late summer. Zone 5-9.
NEW! 'Evening Rose' An excellent combination of hot pink flowers and near black foliage. 8 " puckered flowers cover the round, dense habit top to bottom. H 4'
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HOSTA (Plantain Lily) Grown for its lovely and varied mound-forming foliage. Most bloom in June or July. Exceptions are noted. Heights are given for foliage rather than blooms. Hostas benefit from morning sun to encourage flowering and proper leaf color. Variegated varieties and yellow or gold-leaved hostas need some sun to fully develop their color. Green and blue hostas lose some of their intensity with too much sun. Hosta grows best in average to fertile soil, but will survive in poor soils. Zone 3-9
NEW! 'Age of Gold' Golden yellow leaves with an upright spreading habit and large smooth leaves. White flowers in midsummer. Matures to 25" tall X 58" spread. Shade to part shade.
NEW! 'Blueberry Muffin' A medium sized mound of large, blue, rounded leaves that are puckered in unusual patterns. Late in the season, the foliage transitions to green. Lavender flowers. Matures at 14" H X 36" spread.
NEW! 'Hans' Corrugated, puckered and folded leaves with ruffling at the base are blue-green with a showy white center. Flower lavender, medium H 20-22" X 32" spread.
NEW! 'Pocket Full of Sunshine' This cute, small hosta grows quickly to form a compact clump of thick, distinctly cupped leaves that are yellow with broad, deep green margins at maturity. Part shade/shade. Lavender flowers, matures at 9" H X 19" spread.
NEW! 'Seducer' This showy hosta has large, dark green leaves with a slightly ruffled, gold margin and a trace of white between the center and margin. Requires summer heat to develop full gold coloration. Near-white flowers. Part shade/shade. Matures at 26" H X 36" spread.
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IRIS A large genus of plants with long, blade-like foliage and showy flowers excellent for cutting. With a wide range of color, bloom times, and cultural requirements, there are Iris for every garden.
NEW! 'Happy Returns' This Iris features repeat blooming flowers of violet blue with yellow blaze. Its blossoms first appear in late spring then again in summer. H 30-34"
NEW! 'Miss Apple' Best red variety! Miss Apple features bold magenta standards atop deep red falls enhanced by golden accents. Plus, this beautiful iris has a lovely sweet fragrance. H 30"
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MONARDA didyma (Beebalm Wild Bergamot) A spreading plant with aromatic foliage often used in teas. Unusual whorls of flowers make excellent cuts. Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Needs to be divided regularly and the soil replenished. Beebalms are susceptible to mildew and dry soils exaggerate that susceptibility. Full sun and rich, moist soil. July. Zone 4-8
NEW! 'Fireball' This shorter variety bursts with deep scarlet blooms in summer until early fall. The clumping aromatic foliage is mildew tolerant. H 16-20"
NEW! 'Pardon My Cerise' A perfect size for smaller spaces; its stature has no impact on its flower power - the cherry-pink flowers rest right above the foliage and are the same size as in taller selections. Good resistance to powdery mildew. H 14-18", 10-12" spread.
NEW! 'Sugar Buzz Grape Gumball' In midsummer, 'Grape Gumball' forms a solid dome of vibrant magenta, 2-2½” flowers on strong, well-branched stems. It boasts above average resistance to powdery mildew. H 20-24"
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PAEONIA Peonies are easy to grow, long-lived and hardy plants. Plant so that the root crown is 1 to 2 inches below the soil, no more. Peonies prefer full sun to part shade and slightly acid, well-drained soil enriched with manure.
NEW! 'Dr. Alexander Fleming' Named for the discoverer of penicillin, the Doctor bears a heavy crop of 8″, almost spherical, perfumed blossoms of rose pink. Midseason. H 30"
NEW! 'Edens Perfume' One of the most fragrant peonies available! Double, large flowers, 6-7" across with frilly pink petals. A compact grower with strong stems perfect for cutting. Mid-season (early summer). 30"
NEW! 'Inspecteur Lavergne' Large, fully double, rich-red, fragrant flowers with pale edges. Mid-late season. 32"
NEW! 'Jacorma' Huge, delicate, double rose-pink blooms provide a fragrant display in early spring. Famous for its easy care, disease resistance and fragrance! 36"
NEW! 'Jan van Leeuwen' Single pure white, cup-shaped blossoms with yellow centers, having a nice sweet fragrance. Late season. 30"
NEW! 'Lady Alexander Duff' An award-winning heirloom peony introduced in 1902. Deep pink buds open into large, soft pink flowers with ruffled, lightly fringed petals. Great, old-fashioned peony fragrance. H 36"
NEW! 'Madame Calot' Creamy white flowers flushed with blush pink and darker pink outer petals. Fragrant flowers on sturdy stems. H 32"
NEW! 'Paul M. Wild' Fully double, ruby-red, velvety flowers hold their color well. A great cut flower variety. Fragrant, mid-season bloomer. H 38"
NEW! 'Peter Brand' Deep ruby-red, fully double, 6" blooms mature into a purple hue, while the lobed, green foliage takes on darker tints in the fall. Robust enough to rarely require staking. Heirloom. H 34-36"
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PENSTEMON (Beard Tongue) A large genus with great variety. Foliage is narrow and flowers are trumpet-shaped. Loved by hummingbirds and butterflies. Full to part sun and well-drained light or sandy soil. Blooming June-July.
NEW! digitalis 'Dakota Burgundy' Glossy, purple black leaves on a very hardy perennial. The lovely lavender to violet flowers produced in June are adored by hummingbirds. Showy dark seed heads in fall. H 12-14", Zone 3
NEW! pinifolius 'SteppeSun Sunset Glow' (Pineleaf Penstemon) Native and long blooming, this plant resembles a dwarf (to 1 1/2 ft.), cushion-shaped pine with bright, evergreen, needle- like leaves and beautiful, narrow, orange flowers. Hummingbirds love it! Zone 4
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PHLOX A large and variable genus of prolific and showy bloomers. Most prefer a sunny position and rich moist soil. Their long bloom time may be extended by deadheading spent flowers. Mildew has been a problem with Phlox in the past, but new resistant cultivars are available. Proper cultivation can also help keep mildew under control; keep soil moist, plant in a well-ventilated area, keep foliage dry, and divide mature clumps every 3-4 years.
NEW! 'Cover Girl' A new member of the Garden Girls Collection, topped with lavender purple flowers with a white halo, vibrant-colored flowers. These tall phlox shun mildew and rebloom beautifully. H 38-42"
NEW! 'Party Girl' A new member of the Garden Girls Collection having showy, large white flowers with star shaped pink centers. This tall phlox shuns mildew and reblooms beautifully. H 28-32"
NEW! 'Eye Shadow' 'Eye Shadow' forms a mound of foliage that is totally covered in vibrant, rosy purple flowers with a dark purple eye.
NEW! 'North Hills' 'North Hills' is smothered with bright white flowers with a prominent violet eye for several weeks in the spring.
NEW! 'Rocky Road Magenta' Magenta purple flowers have a small, darker eye, with a more compressed growth habit.
NEW! 'Rocky Road Violet Blue' Compressed growth habit, drought tolerant with beautiful violet blue flowers.
NEW! 'Spring White' A showy display of white star shaped flowers.
NEW! x. 'Cloudburst' (Tall Cushion Phlox) A brand new type of Phlox! Dark purple buds open to fragrant lavender purple flowers with bright pink eyes that cover a broad, mounding, billowy habit. Excellent disease resistance. H 28" Zone 4-8
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SALVIA (Garden Sage) Popular garden plants with attractive basal foliage supporting lovely spires of mostly purplish flowers. Provides a fine mass of color in the garden. The flower spikes are useful cut flowers. For many of these varieties, if you keep spent flowers removed the plant will continue to flower in flushes throughout the summer. Full sun to partial shade and average, well-drained soil. Zone 3/4-9
NEW! 'Bumbleberry' 'Bumbleberry' produces dark fuchsia pink flowers on dark wine purple calyxes on a petite habit of attractive deep green foliage. Plant this petite package in the front of your border. H 10-12", Zone 3
NEW! 'Bumbleblue' 'Bumbleblue' is prolific bloomer, producing loads of violet blue flowers on a petite habit of healthy, deep green foliage. This cute sized package is perfect for the front of the border. H 12-14", Zone 3
NEW! verticillata 'Purple Rain' (Whorled Sage) Attractive perennial forming bushy mounds of fuzzy olive green leaves. Whorls of smoky purple flowers atop spires of long arching stems in June- August, H 16-24".
NEW! x. 'Blue by You' A hybrid between Salvia nemorosa and Salvia pratensis, it has excellent Winter hardiness and heat tolerance. Sterile hybrid for longer flowering. Re-flushes very easily. Long, bright blue flower spikes. H 20-22", Zone 4
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SEDUM A large genus of succulent plants with clusters of small, starry flowers. Full sun and lean well drained soil a must! Zone 3/4-9
NEW! takesimense 'Atlantis' Small, serrated leaves are dark green with very wide creamy yellow margins, becoming tinged with pink blush tones with cold temperatures late in fall. Low, spreading sedum. H 4-6", Zone 3
NEW! x. 'Rock n Roll Boggie Woggie' Cream colored margins make this plant look bright and yellow all over. Sprinkled with yellow flowers during early to midsummer. A fantastic variegated option for a groundcover. Perfect for rock gardens! H 6-8" X 16-18" spread, Zone 3
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NEW! SPIGELLA marilandica 'Little Redhead' (Indian Pink) An easy to grow, but underused native wildflower that has been voted one of the top ten hummingbird plants in the country. A rhizome clump forming plant which bears many upright tubular bright crimson flowers with yellow throats. In the wild, it is found growing in moist soil at the edge of wooded areas or along streams. Partial shade, H 12-24", Zone 5
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THALICTRUM (Meadow Rue) Fine plants with delicate, columbine-like foliage. Airy sprays of flowers on long stems above the foliage make outstanding cuts. Full to part sun, a cool location, and moisture retentive soil. Summer blooming. Zone 5-9.
NEW! rochebrunianum One of the hardiest Meadow Rues, its lavender petals surrounding a large cluster of bright yellow stamens and blooms freely from midsummer 'til early fall, its small flowers appearing all over wiry, well-branched dark brown stems. H 4-6' tall, Zone 4
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NEW! VERBASCUM (Mullein) Bold rosettes of large, lance-shaped, hairy leaves send up tall spikes of densely packed flower heads. Grow in full to half day sun and average, well-drained soil. June-July. Zone 5-9
NEW! x. 'Dark Eyes' Very short habit with large felted gray leaves in a rosette and cone shaped spikes of large, creamy yellow flowers with large maroon centers. Wonderful in front of a sunny border! H 8-12"
NEW! x. 'Plum Smokey' Short, stocky spikes of rosettes carrying a multitude of 16″ flowering stems above the foliage with numerous, large, smoky-purple flowers. Blooms for months in full sun with good drainage. H 8-16"
NEW! x. 'Sugar Plum' Large, clear plum flowers on numerous spikes, like a bouquet over the ring of foliage. This dwarf reblooms for months in full sun with good drainage. H 8-18"
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VERONICA (Speedwell) A large genera comprised of both upright and prostrate species. Upright flower spikes and linear leaves are common characteristics. Some creeping varieties have rounded blooms. All make exceptional border plants that respond well to deadheading. Loved by butterflies. Full to half day sun and average, well drained soil that does not dry out completely. Avoid hot, dry sites. Zone 4-8
NEW! x. 'Blue Skywalker' ‘Blue Skywalker’ solves the dilemma of limited horizontal space while still providing the much needed height in the garden. Lavender blue flower spikes cover the top half of an incredibly upright habit. H 28-30" x 18" spread
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